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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, '08, 2:03 am 

Hey everyone! How's it going? Well, first off for those who don't know what CYOA stands for, it means Create Your Own Adventure. I have been doing this mainly to kill time, improve my writing, and give the reader some interaction.

Next thing on my list to say, I'd like to say that this story has been logged in the fanfiction section for newcomers to PSS or even to those who wish to simply read it again. You can read PSS by clicking here. Included in the logged version are spelling and grammar fixes, minor changes in the story, chapters, and even names for the chapters.

Last thing I'd like to say is simply; Please enjoy my story! Thank-You!

How Things Will Be Done - Updated 09/18/09
1 - I will post a story bit and 5 choices
2 - Vote for 1 choice
3 - According to the majority choice, I shall post a new story bit and 5 more choices
5 - Repeat steps 3 and 4
6 - I will try to update this regularly, if I do not update it, just keep checking back until I do.
7 - In case of a tie. I will leave this up for one more week. If the break is not resolved. I will choose which option I think best.
8 - In case no choice is given within a week, the choice will automatically go to Option E.

Choices To Choose! - Updated 09/18/09
As mentioned above, you will have multiple choices to choose from. Without these, the story could not progress. In order to vote for your choice, simply click the reply button and put the given letter into the reply box. Feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions, etc. within the reply box as well.

The choice you can choose from are listed below:
A - [Choice 1 will be given]
B - [Choice 2 will be given]
C - [Choice 3 will be given]
D - [Choice 4 will be given]
E - Author's Choice [I get to make up the story and disregard option A-D =P]

Just to complicate things, there is also the Multi-Option Choices. I will use these rarely but I feel I should mention this anyway.With these I may give anywhere between 2 and 4 extra options. Format is simply letter[number] (ex. A[1]) They may look simply like this;
A - [Choice 1 will be given]
B - [Choice 2 will be given]
C - [Choice 3 will be given]
D - [ Choice 4 will be given]
-[1](Choice A will be given)
-[2](Choice B will be given)
E - Author's Choice

I know... I complicate things...


8:12am, Nayla. A young man awoke from a dream, sitting up he yawned. "That dream," he said in a small whisper, "What was with it?" A knock came from the door. It was his little sister, "BRROOOTHHHERR! It's time to get up! It's your big day."

That's right, he thought, Today I obtain my hunter's license. It's my big day, I must try my best. Getting up, the young man walked to the cabinet huddled in the corner. Opening it up he grabbed some dark blue cargo shorts, a light grey t-shirt with a blue flame in the center of the chest, a pair of black sandals, and a pair of goggles.

After getting dressed and grabbing some breakfast, he left for Aiedo, the capital of Motavia. It lay west of Nalya, his quiet hometown, about an hours walk if he encountered no biomonsters. Strabbed to his side lay a standard issue Hunters Knife. Long had he practiced with the blade so that this day may one day come. Today is the day he would become a hunter. So he could do good in the world.

8:58am, Motavia Field. He had already been travelling for thiry minutes and nothing has happened. It was quite odd considering the fact that there has been a recent outbreak of biomonsters. Looking around one more time, he saw someone being attacked by a biomonster.

What should he do?

A - Help the person
B - Help the biomonster
C - Point and laugh
D - Walk away, it isn't his problem

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, '08, 2:17 am 
This sounds awesome
I vote A - Help the person

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, '08, 2:40 am 
Lucas wrote:This sounds awesome
I vote A - Help the person

Thanks for the support Lucas. I really appreciate it. If this goes well enough I may eventually start a second one, maybe based either in the future, past, or a completely different world altogether. :)

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, '08, 4:38 am 
It fits here as well as anywhere so... anyway,
A - Help the person

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, '08, 10:41 am 
What a cool idea! :D I've always loved stories with a choice~
Personally, I'd go for choice "A." It just seems right. *nods*

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, '08, 3:26 pm 
He couldn't stand by, he just had to help the person. But how? He didn't think on it much as he charged towards the monster, drawing his Hunters Knife. He thought to many of his classes, his training, everything which got him this far. He lunged his blade towards the creature which now stood before him.

He missed. He had to act fast before something bad happened. Then it hit him to the ground. He felt helpless.

"Leave him alone!" He heard a female voice behind him. That's right, he thought, I'm here to save this person, it shouldn't be the other way around. He dodged the creatures next attack, rolling to the side and into a standing position. I just have to remember my training, he thought to himself.

He had an idea. Not exactly sure if it would work, he would have to try anyway. He moved his Hunters Knife from his left hand to his right. He ran up to the biomonster, he jumped over an arm which flew past him. He swung his blade fast and wildly towards the ground, stabbing into the soft earth beneath the battle. "EARTH!" He cried out.

It worked! The monster stay paralyzed. He turned towards the female and ran, "Get out of here!" Without responding, she ran towards Aeido. That's the direction where I'm going, he thought, Maybe I should escort her?

Should our hero escort the girl?

A - Yes, it's the noble thing to do, besides she might get attacked again
C - No, I'm sure she can handle herself
D - She can find her own way, he's saved her once already, that's good enough

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, '08, 4:30 pm 
I'm in a silly mood, so let's go for B.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, '08, 4:48 pm 
[face=Times New Roman]

Oh boy, this takes me back: "Choose Your Own Adventure" books!

I'm choosing "A", because I'm a sucker for an old-fashioned gentleman. Besides, I have no idea what "BOW CHICA BOW WOW" means. :wink:

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 13, '08, 7:45 am 
I really want to continue on but I need a tie breaker... Oh by the way Srijita... Think of it as the hero looking to get laid...

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 13, '08, 11:15 am 
[face=Times New Roman]Thanks, Trenzer; that puts it in terms I can understand. :)

What was the other new phrase I encountered on this forum recently? “That’s what she said.” Believe it or not, I’d never come across that one in everyday conversation. Apparently I need to brush up on sexual innuendo, but I digress.

“A” does not necessarily preclude “B”, somewhere down the line…

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