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This is a story made here on the forums of Fringes of Algo. It is originally a CYOA (Create Your Own Adventure) which can be found in by clicking here. I started doing this mainly to try to improve my writing, kill time, and give the reader some interaction in the topic.

Chapter One - A Busy Morning

8:12am, Nayla. A young man awoke from a dream, sitting up he yawned. "That dream," he said in a small whisper, "What was with it?" A knock came from the door. It was his little sister, "BRROOOTHHHERR! It's time to get up! It's your big day."

That's right, he thought, Today I obtain my hunter's license. It's my big day, I must try my best. Getting up, the young man walked to the cabinet huddled in the corner. Opening it up he grabbed some dark blue cargo shorts, a light grey t-shirt with a blue flame in the center of the chest, a pair of black sandals, and a pair of goggles.

After getting dressed and grabbing some breakfast, he left for Aiedo, the capital of Motavia. It lay west of Nalya, his quiet hometown, about an hours walk if he encountered no biomonsters. Strapped to his side lay a standard issue Hunters Knife. Long had he practiced with the blade so that this day may one day come. Today is the day he would become a hunter. So he could do good in the world.

8:58am, Motavia Field. He had already been traveling for thirty minutes and nothing has happened. It was quite odd considering the fact that there has been a recent outbreak of biomonsters. Looking around one more time, he saw someone being attacked by a biomonster.

He couldn't stand by, he just had to help the person. But how? He didn't think on it much as he charged towards the monster, drawing his Hunters Knife. He thought to many of his classes, his training, everything which got him this far. He lunged his blade towards the creature which now stood before him.

He missed. He had to act fast before something bad happened. Then it hit him to the ground. He felt helpless.

"Leave him alone!" He heard a female voice behind him. That's right, he thought, I'm here to save this person, it shouldn't be the other way around. He dodged the creatures next attack, rolling to the side and into a standing position. I just have to remember my training, he thought to himself.

He had an idea. Not exactly sure if it would work, he would have to try anyway. He moved his Hunters Knife from his left hand to his right. He ran up to the biomonster, he jumped over an arm which flew past him. He swung his blade fast and wildly towards the ground, stabbing into the soft earth beneath the battle. "EARTH!" He cried out.

It worked! The monster stayed paralyzed. He turned towards the female and ran, "Get out of here!" Without responding, she ran towards Aeido. That's the direction where I'm going, he thought, Maybe I should escort her?

Gathering all his courage, the young man walked up to the girl and asked her, "What brings you out here on Motavian Plains?" She looked at him with a strange look, perhaps it was his sudden curiosity. After debating a brief moment she replied, "My father is sick and I wish to see him." The young man replied, "Does he live in Aiedo?" The girl nodded.

"Well you see, I'm actually going to Aiedo myself and, uh, I was wandering if, if you would like an escort?" He said in a polite yet shy manner. She began observing him, as if she was determining if he was dangerous, like a highway man or monster, or as if she was determining if she would be better off without him. Finally she made a choice, "Fine. It will be safer and faster this way. My name is Amanda, what is your name?"

The young man looked at her, into her green eyes and said, "My name? Well, my name is Sinah, my name is Sinah Advance." the young man said. "Well that sure is a strange name," Amanda replied. Thinking quickly, Sinah said, "Well, my parents are strange people." Amanda stared at Sinah with a questioning look, leaving an awkward silence in the air.

Finally the silence was broken. "Well," Amanda said, "If you are my escort. Start escorting me." Sinah just gave a nod. "What's wrong?"

"Well, you see, um, I've never actually escorted someone before. So, I am not exactly one hundred percent sure of what to do. But if I do recall, in class they say the best way to escort someone is to make sure that they do not get hurt, while getting them to their destination or something like that. Hmm." Amanda looked at Sinah with another questioning look, "Do you always ponder things out loud like that Sinah?"

"Maybe," Sinah paused, "We should get going now, I'm sure the Earth effect wore off by now." Amanda nodded and they went on their way.

9:32am, Aiedo. "Well, we made it Amanda. Aiedo, capital of Motavia." Sinah said with a grin. He was finally here! Today was his day! And he already helped out a cute girl. "Thank you!" Sinah heard a half distant voice. It was Amanda running away waving. He watched her run away giving a half hearted wave.

Sinah looked at his watch, "9:33," He mumbled, "I still have twenty seven minutes left. What should I do?"

Sinah decided to go to the ceremony early. He was too excited to worry about anything else. He tried to walk casually but soon found himself walking really fast, and then jogging. He had a huge grin on his face. It was this day. This day he had dreamed about for the past few years. Everything seemed perfect.

Sinah tripped over something. Landing on his face, he sat up rubbing his head. "What the hell?" Was all he could say. "You know, you really should watch where you are going." Looking up, Sinah saw a man wearing a white dress shirt, blue jeans, dress shoes, and even a tie. His neat cyan hair seemed to wave freely in the light wind. The grin on this mans face was one of a kind, his eyes matched them perfectly. Walking over towards Sinah, the man offered his hand. "Sinah broke into an even wider grin, "Hey Vincent. Aren't you a little over dressed today?"

"Well, what can I say? I like to look good in front of all the ladies," Vincent replied. It was true though, Vincent always tried to look his best. Today he looked more sharp than usual. Sinah always thought that it was because Vincent looked his best that he never had trouble talking to girls. It was the girls who usually wound up tongue-tied from Vincent’s charm. On more than one occasion, a girl had come up to Sinah to ask him if he could introduce them to Vincent. Sinah still remembered the first time a girl asked him to introduce them to his friend. It occurred back when they were but a simple age of thirteen. It was a red headed girl by the name of June. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever saw in his life up until that point. He felt so happy when she approached shy and stuttering. But that was soon filled with jealousy and heartbreak when she asked him to introduce her to Vincent.

That was four years ago. Since then they grew up, training beside each other trying to earn the title of Hunter. "Well, shall we go to the ceremony?" Vincent questioned. "Yeah, of course." Sinah almost forgot today was graduation for Vincent as well.

They arrived at the ceremony with plenty of time to kill. They moved along towards the front, squeezing past the gathering crowd. They arrived at the front of the stage. They looked at each other with boyish grins. It was their day. They earned it. They looked around and saw a few other familiar faces in the crowd. They saw the other hunter trainees. "Advance! Reagon! Mind giving us a hand with some equipment? We aren't quite finished setting up, and the ceremony starts in fifteen minutes."

"I'm sure we can help out Graham," Vincent said. Sinah looked at the mid-aged equipment manager and nodded. "I mean, I can. I'm not sure about Sinah here. After all, he is dressed to impress." Sinah broke out into a grin, "Coming from the guy who can't stand any dirt under his fingernails, I'll take that as a compliment."

Graham broke the silence, "Well, if you two are done playing around I'd like you to help me move some speakers. I can set them up." The two nodded. Looking around, the Vincent and Sinah didn't see any speakers. "If you don't mind me asking Graham. Where exactly are the speakers?"

Graham looked at the two, "Why, they are in storage. A block and a half from here." Sinah and Vincent gave each other a look of disapproval. They had fourteen minutes left until the ceremony in the Hunter's Guild began. "I'm not sure if we should do this Vince," whispered Sinah. "Well, we have to. Otherwise there will be no sound at the ceremony. Besides, how heavy can carrying one speaker each be?" Sinah looked at his friend. It occurred to Sinah that Vincent always assumed things. Sinah thought back to when they were younger. Vincent thought that Sinah liked this girl named Madeline, in reality, Sinah couldn't stand her. Every time she was around Sinah would give her a strange look. It was because of that look that Vincent jumped to such conclusions. It was that night that Sinah had broken someone’s heart for the first time. That single night. Vincent thought he would try to hook the two up. He arranged a small select few to join in to act like it was a get together. Then everyone was on top of a hill at night, just sitting around having a good time. Then one by one, everyone began disappearing, leaving Sinah and Madeline alone. It turned out Madeline liked Sinah. He ended up saying a few things which he didn't truly mean. It's been five years since then.

Sinah looked towards the middle aged man and asked, "Exactly how many speakers are there?" "Well, not including the two I already managed to bring here, that leaves, six I think." Graham replied. Now it was Vincent's turn to give Sinah a questioning look.

"I'm willing to do it still," Sinah told Graham, "Not too sure about Vince here. Please, you should try to get someone else to help us as well. We'll get a head start while you look around for another person or two to help with the equipment." Sinah nodded towards Vincent, sighing, Vincent returned the nod and the two ran off. "Wait guys, you forgot the key," Graham had said but was never heard, the two friends were already gone.

Arriving at the storage building, Vincent grabbed the door handle. It was locked. Looking towards Sinah, Vincent gave him yet another questioning look. Only eleven minutes remained.

"Let's just forget the speakers. I mean, there is no point just bursting through the door and walking out with a bunch of speakers. I mean, people would think we were thieves," Sinah said, resting up against the wall. Vincent looked troubled a bit, "You know, we did say that we would help."

"Well, you can stay here if you want Vince. I'm not. I can tell Graham when I get back that you are waiting for him to turn up with the key. I'm going to go get some punch and a cupcake before the ceremony begins," Sinah told Vincent coolly. Vincent looked at his friend then gave a half-hearted nod "I guess you're right. We'll head back and tell Graham he never gave us a key. By that time the ceremony will almost start. I just wish there was some way we could get in, without breaking in and without wasting time by going and grabbing the key."

"Well Vince, I guess we better be going back now." Vince nodded. The two began walking back to the Hunter's Guild, disappointed that they couldn't help out. When they arrived, everyone was having a blast chatting among each other. Everyone was in high spirits, it was their day. Well, surely everything will be better after the ceremony. Sinah thought to himself. Six minutes remained until the ceremony began.
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