The Phantasy Star series has been capturing the imaginations of gamers for two decades. As one of the first console roleplaying series, it has become legendary for both innovation and excellent stories. No matter what form it takes or how it is played, you can always expect a Phantasy Star title to break new ground.

Classic Series

The classic series is comprised of the original saga told from Phantasy Star through Phantasy Star IV, along with side stories based on the saga. Set in the Algo Star System, these games feature a nearly seamless mixture of fantasy and science fiction settings. In their original form, these were 8-bit and 16-bit console games originally released only on Sega systems. Most of them have been released again in other formats in more recent years, usually with only minor changes.

Collected Editions

During the years following their initial releases, many of the games above have been published again as part of several collections. Some of these include a variety of other Sega games, while others are dedicated solely to Phantasy Star.

Online Series

Years after the story of Phantasy Star came to a close, a new story began with Phantasy Star Online. This new series forged onward in it's own unique direction, while giving a few nods to the predecessors that made it possible. The fantasy aspect is gone in favor of an environment based entirely on science fiction, far way from the familiar confines of Algo. By introducing online gaming to console systems, this series united gamers worldwide in entirely new ways.

Universe Series

When the popularity of Phantasy Star Online finally waned, Sega decided to reinvent the series again. This time they merged gameplay similar to the tried and tested online gaming with story elements loosely based on the classic series. With an entirely new, yet eerily familiar, set of adventures resulting, the series continues onward.

Phantasy Star Ø

Beginning yet another new story, Sega moves their attention to the Nintendo DS with the new Phantasy Star Ø. This new title calls on the heritage of all the previous series, bringing game play elements from the Online and Universe series together with possible story connections to the Classic series.