The very first collection of games dedicated solely to Phantasy Star was a deluxe box set released as part of the original Sega Ages line. The four main console games from the classic series are included on one disc. Also included in the box are a manual for all four games and reprints of the maps originally packaged with releases of the games.

More extras can be found on the game disc itself Artwork galleries for each game display character designs, story boards, and other artistic highlights. A video gallery includes a commercial for each game aired on Japanese television broadcasts. Phantasy Star has an option to select Hiragana or Katakana text fonts. Walking speed can be increased in Phantasy Star II and Phantasy Star III to address common complaints about those games. Two extra save slots were also added to Phantasy Star III, for a total of four available saves.

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Release History

Release Title Date Region System
Phantasy Star Collection April 2, 1998 Japan Saturn