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« Sat Nov 1, '14, 3:46 am »   True as that is, Aero, chasing the guy for a well-deserved apology probay would've yielded only the rotten fruit of further damage to my ankle.
« Sat Nov 1, '14, 2:48 am »   Why had I never found the photographs thread? Well, today it was bumped and now I shared my pics. :yes:
« Sat Nov 1, '14, 2:04 am »   Dearest, causing someone to sprain an ankle is nit inconsiderate. It's [word that's probably censored here]. Still, that makes you a better person. My bad temper and daring attitude will eventually get me into trouble.
« Sat Nov 1, '14, 1:07 am »   I'm just not the type to react to inconsiderate strangers. Especially since it's a part of city life. And, it was crowded at the time.
« Sat Nov 1, '14, 12:28 am »   *for people like that. English, I can't speak it tonight.
« Sat Nov 1, '14, 12:27 am »   Brreehh... I hope this never happens to me because someone somewhere will end up eating his cell phone. I have extremely low tolerance with people like that.
« Sat Nov 1, '14, 12:16 am »   But thank you, Aero. :)
« Sat Nov 1, '14, 12:15 am »   Cell phone zombie just couldn't be bothered. I doubt he even noticed what he did because whatever was on his phone was more important.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 11:45 pm »   Happy Halloween everybody!
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 8:48 pm »   Seriously WB? You are way too nice. You were entitled to at least an apology. I hope you heal fast and well
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 8:19 pm »   Not that I want anyone to get mugged... :D
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 8:19 pm »   Wow. Sorry that it happened to you. I've often supposed that jerks who walk around all absorbed in their phones/devices like that would make prime targets for muggers. :)
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 8:01 pm »   That would be a good example of karma, right? Especially since even after I stumbled off the bus, he stepped off gracefully and continued on his merry way, never once looking up from his phone.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 7:33 pm »   Maybe karma got him later on and he tripped over a curb and dropped his phone into a sewer
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 7:28 pm »   I was getting a bus yesterday and the guy behind me couldn't be bothered to look up from his phone before walking into me while I tried to disembark.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 7:21 pm »   Ouch indeed. Everyone I've spoken to says sprains are often worse than breaks. :(
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 7:16 pm »   Wolf Bird: Ouch. That sounds lousy. What happened?
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 7:07 pm »   Thanks, cell phone zombie. Thank you for the sprained ankle and 3 weeks of a brace and crutches.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 6:58 pm »   Happy Halloween everyone! :jack:
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 6:56 pm »   Good luck on the job hunting Tanith, and great to see you again! :)
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:54 pm »   Same here, I need to pop by the supermarket for sour cream and green onions (FANCY!). See ya, and good luck on the next one!
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:52 pm »   Yeah, the best I usually come up with is "I've heard that Blah Blah is a great place to work, and I am eager to blah blah blah..." It's all horse pucky. But onto better things! I need to get the kitchen cleaned then run some errands. Chat at ya later!
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:46 pm »   There's never a good answer to that question. If most people were honest, they'd get a lot of "Because I have bills to pay", but I don't think that goes over so well
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:43 pm »   I had one interview recently where the first question was a very bewildered, "Why are you interested in working for Blah Blah, Inc?" Which is a question I hear all the time, but in this instance it might as well have been, "Why are you even here?" I think I paused too long before I answered. So weird.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:37 pm »   I remember back when I was still interviewing for teaching jobs, my family would always ask me afterwards how I thought it went. And I was always like, I DON'T KNOW. The number of successful interviews I've had is far lower than the number of unsuccessful ones, so CLEARLY I have no idea
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:35 pm »   Yes! Good riddance to bad interviews. :p
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:34 pm »   But anyway. Something better will come down the line, I'm sure of it!
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:33 pm »   Which is just a waste of time for everyone involved. Don't even get me started on those. <_<
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:32 pm »   Ooh, that could be it.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:23 pm »   And my best guess is that if the interviewer was acting like it was a waste of time, there's probably something obnoxious going on like they already filled the position internally but had to go through the whole process anyway
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:23 pm »   I love Elaine. She is my spirit animal.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:22 pm »   It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine is in a bad interview and at the end she asks, "I have no chance of getting this job, do I?" and the interviewer politely says "No." That's what it felt like.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:21 pm »   That's what I'm hoping. In a way it was ironic, because on the way over to the job, I was psyching myself up for it (Act pleasant! Smile! Game face! Teamwork! Woo!), but the lady was about as thrilled to interview me as I was to be there. Ha!
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:18 pm »   And sorry the interview didn't go spectacularly, Tanith. (But if you weren't all that interested in the job, it could be for the best)
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:18 pm »   I make my husband hand out the candy. Whatever the Halloween version of Scrooge is, that's me this year. ;)
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:15 pm »   Ha ha, that's awesome.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:13 pm »   I'm not dressing up, either. But I have kids that are still interested in Halloween. They're dressing up as Tetris pieces.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:12 pm »   I might actually hand out candy this year, because I feel terrible that I've avoided doing so for like a decade.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:12 pm »   Shortest. Interview. Ever. I don't think they're interested in me. Whatevs.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:12 pm »   I put on an orangey-red shirt. And my socks have orange in them. That's about as exciting as it's going to get this year :D
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 4:53 pm »   I totally agree.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 4:42 pm »   Halloween is the best holiday. This is a proven fact.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 4:14 pm »   Thanks! Mmm, candy.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 3:56 pm »   Good luck, Tanith! (Celebrate with candy either way!)
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 3:44 pm »   I have a job interview (not for Google) this morning, and I'm soooooo not into the job at all, but I need money. In other news, Happy Halloween!
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 2:00 pm »   Thanks!
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 1:56 pm »   "Fangames, Music, Videos and More"
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 1:45 pm »   Where abouts should I post this thread?
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 1:44 pm »   Aero: Much obliged, I will happily start a thread. And yes, electronic music is my goal, but I'd also like to know as much as possible about theory etc.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 1:38 pm »   Also: everytime I make a remix, I also have a "LOOK AT THIS THING I MADE!" rush of passion so I 100% empathize with you.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 1:37 pm »   2- There are a few real musicians here who would be a million times more proficient than I to talk music theory. If however it's computer-made, electronic music you're interested in, I'm your man.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 1:36 pm »   1- It might be better if you make a topic instead of a PM so that way, more people can participate
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 1:36 pm »   I'd love to, but consider the two following
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 1:25 pm »   Or if anyone else wouldn't mind chatting with me about it, that'd be just fine, too. Anyone's help would be most appreciated. :)
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 1:23 pm »   Aeroprism: I can't PM yet, so let me just ask--might you be willing to chew the fat about music with a total neophyte? I know zilch about music, but I WANT TO KNOW. :D
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 1:19 pm »   Hey folks, thanks for the warm welcome. I hope I didn't annoy anyone too badly yesterday; I was just in one of those crazy "LOOK AT THIS THING I MADE!" rushes of passion one has sometimes. :D
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 12:06 pm »   We do have a 'something good that has happened' thread. Not as great a name, I know.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 11:54 am »   We have a "Letting off some steam" topic but I think we need a "Awesome little moments" topic. Yup.
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 7:02 am »   A4: No worries. At least we agree that Cosette is pathetic. I kind of can dig "Castle in the sky", because she is a kid then (and I love castles in the sky). But once she grows up she is just dumb (as are her songs).
« Fri Oct 31, '14, 2:17 am »   Welcone, Parma Ham!
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