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As the last game in the original series, Phantasy Star: The End of the Millennium, was meant to wrap up all the unfinished plot threads from the previous Phantasy Star games. Cameos and references to the older stories are scattered all around, as the final group of heroes venture into the unknown battle against evil. The game is better known by the development and North American marketing title, Phantasy Star IV.

Mysteries of Algo

The programmers of Phantasy Star IV stuck a lot of secrets into the game. Some of these are simple to find or must be found to finish a game. Others are completely impossible to uncover through normal game play, requiring the use of edited save games or other special means. I've done some research into these mysterious things, and put the information gathered online for you to see. Check out the pages below to learn about Phantasy Star IV's best kept secrets!

Game Guides

Have you gotten lost in Phantasy Star IV or come across a boss that you just can't defeat? These guides will help you find your way to victory. You might even find some really strange things along the way.


Take a step back in time to see what fans expected from Phantasy Star IV before it's release, with these preview articles.

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