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PostPosted: Wed May 28, '14, 4:57 am 
About This Topic
This topic is for keeping track of the information in the RP Phantasy Star: New Millennium. It is to help tell both players and newcomers about our universe, as well as provide a simple outline of what has happened so far. It's also used for players character templates.

Please no replying in this topic unless it's with a character, I'm trying to keep this topic as clean as possible for people to navigate. If need be I will create a general discussion topic for New Millennium.

World Information
Below is important information. It includes things you should keep in mind while being a part of New Millennium. As for the Towns and Places section. It will be updated as we visit each place with information provided by the players. I will update it as I see fit, though if there is disagreement, it is subject to change.

    Important Information
  • The year is 2334 AW, 50 years after the events of Phantasy Star IV

    Important Non-Playable Characters
  • Franz Reichert
    The commander for the New Millenium task force. His role is to oversee the success and continuation of New Millennium should anything happen to it. He's a tough man whose seen many battles, but a fair man with plenty of wisdom.
  • Pyke
    The chief quartermaster and armorer for the New Millennium task force. Pyke is a Motavian who is constantly assessing those around him. While he isn't a man of many words, he says what needs to be said and doesn't care who disagrees with him.

    Towns and Places
  • Motavian Guardian HQ
    Located close to the ghost town of Mile, this advanced building hosts an elite group known as the Motavian Guardians. It is their job to watch over a tear in the fabric of dimensions in what is known as the quarantine zone, hunting any creatures that may escape.
  • Neo Paseo
    More information to come

  • Red Worm
    Back when the sandworm rancher from PSIV had a sandworm, it laid eggs that were never destroyed. Those eggs were mutated when the "Mile Meteorite" struck, hatching the new breed of monster. Red Worm aren't as strong as the worm from the mission, but stronger than infant worms. They are also fast and they roam in groups.

Introducing Your Character
There are two ways you can introduce your character.

1. By yourself. Find a way to wedge yourself into the story.

2. I can do it. I don't recommend this way as I could put your character out of character, into an awkward position, or even worse. But if you insist on this way, just shoot me a PM and we'll discuss the best way for me to introduce your character.

Template for a character
Below is a template for your character, please reply in this topic with your character. Update it when necessary by editing your reply, not making a new post for your character. Also keep in mind these guidelines for your character..

1. Do NOT make your character too powerful. A good way to avoid this is by averaging all characters posted in this topic. They can be really strong but they need a valid reason.

2. A character cannot be immortal (unless a really good reason is valid and they have at least one weakness)

3. You can have multiple characters. However you can only have up to 2 at a time.

4. Be creative. Don't limit yourself to the Phantasy Star games. Feel free to create your own weapons, techniques, skills, etc.

Please get rid of everything after the /b. (IE "Name of character" "Age of character" etc)

[b]Name:[/b] Characters Name
[b]Age:[/b] Characters Age
[b]Sex:[/b] Characters Gender
[b]Race[/b] Palman, Android, Motavian, Numan
[b]Role:[/b] IE Scientist, Sniper, Magic User,  Support, etc.
[b]Height:[/b] How Tall Are they?
[b]Weight:[/b] How Fat Are They?
[b]Appearance:[/b] What Do They Look Like
[b]~eye color:[/b] IE Blue, Hazel, etc
[b]~hair color:[/b] IE Blonde, Brunette, etc
[b]~hair style:[/b] IE Spiked, Messy, Long and Wavy, etc
[b]~Clothes:[/b] What Do They Wear
[b]~Accessories:[/b] IE Hair Pin, Watch, Glasses, Etc
[b]Equipment:[/b] Weapons, Armor, Potions, ETC
[b]Techs:[/b] IE Tsu, Foi, Wat, Etc
[b]Skills:[/b] IE Crosscut, Double Slash, Vision, Etc
[b]Character History:[/b] Tell us about their past.
[b]Other:[/b] Anything else not included above

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PostPosted: Wed May 28, '14, 4:57 am 
RP History
In this section I will list what has happened so far. I will call the major event a name with a brief list of what happened during it. Keep in mind I might not update this as often as I'd like to. But it should help save newcomers the trouble of having to read everything.

  • New members Castiel and Rebecca meet the New Millennium team, consisting of Rio and Mira.

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PostPosted: Wed May 28, '14, 6:15 am 
And lastly my character!

Name: Castiel Dawson
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Palman
Role: Assault/Tactician
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180lbs
~eye color: Grey
~hair color: Cyan
~hair style: Short in the bag but with long bangs (Think Leon S. Kennedy from RE)
~Clothes: Faded black cargo pants, black leather boots, White T-shirt with blue sleeves often covered with a bullet proof vest.
~Accessories: Silver framed glasses (usually wears contacts on missions), A black and silver watch, fingerless gloves. A silver necklace with a small rectangular pendant
Equipment: Scythe, Bullet proof vest w/ left shoulder guard. Twin pistols and a Ceramic Knife
Techs: Foi, Gra, Shift
Skills: Crosscut, Beheader (wraps scythe blade around enemy body part and slices it off), Earth
Character History: Castiel Dawson was an aspiring hunter after being saved by one when he was a kid. He trained everyday with a knife but was soon fascinated by one of the new age weapons, the Scythe. Joining the Hunters Guild at 16, Castiel proved to be an excellent marksman with pistols and was the best at using a Scythe in the guild. He earned the nickname "Reaper" after killing dozens of biomonsters during an extermination mission in which two of his comrades died, allowing himself and five others escape. He was sought out by the Motavian Guardians at the age of 23, and put on the New Millenium, a team the specializes in hunting monsters that have escaped the quarantine zone.
Other: Before joining New Millenium, Castiel was a Rank 2 hunter in Aeido.


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PostPosted: Thu May 29, '14, 2:46 am 
Copying my character sheet here for organization.

Name: Mira Hernandez
Age: Appears 19 (Doesn't carry an ID)
Sex: Female
Race: Numan
Role: Journalist
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 129#
~eye color: Blue
~hair color: Maroon
~hair style: Long and unkempt, and kept in a loose ponytail when afield.
~Clothes: Most common outfit is a tanktop, a simple sunhat, and a calf-length cloth skirt. Keeps a parka and an evening gown in her backpack ("You never know when or where you'll hit a cold night or a hot lead."). Typically declines armor due to heat and weight.
~Accessories: A titanium ring on her right ring finger, a cheap iron bangle on left wrist, and a thin gold rope necklace with no pendant.
Equipment: A single steel claw, and a six-shot revolver in an ankle holster (Stored with 5 rounds, hammer resting on an empty chamber.)
Techs: Foi, SaNer
Skills: Vision (Energies help to exaggerate the feints and tells of opponents), Illusion (Wisps form that serve to deter and slow enemies)
Character History: Born and raised in Aiedo by her father, who's one of a long dynasty that owns the main Market and even supposedly founded Aiedo itself. She became curious of the secrets of the elite surrounding her, and became a correspondent reporter for any newspaper or radio show that will take her stories. She left Aiedo suddenly, and asked to embed with the Motavian Guardians, saying she needed to cover a different style of story for a while. Her observant behavior proves useful on scouting missions, which she often uses to have one-on-one time for interviewing other Guardians.
Other: Tends to tense up in 'romantic' settings and avoids drinking spirits and other mind-altering substances.

PostPosted: Thu May 29, '14, 3:13 am 
And I might as well post Rio here for posterity's sake/completion. =p

Name: Rio Collins
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Role: Technologist
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130#
~eye color: Green
~hair color: Blonde
~hair style: Long, tied at the end by a ribbon
~Clothes: Rio usually wears a short-sleeved shirt under a leather vest (that serves as a flak jacket), and leather slacks under a short skirt.
~Accessories: One earring, made out of laconia (she says) at her left ear, a pocketwatch with a picture of two of her grandparents
Equipment: A two-handed steel sword, a lever-action rifle stowed across her back, a messenger bag-like pouch carrying gear maintenance kits, Monomate+ (It's a Monomate! It's an Antidote! All in one!), and ammo for her rifle.
Techs: Zan, Res
Skills: Frenzy (multiple rifle shots in the time it takes to fire one), Medical Treat (unconscious use of psionic energy to rally her companions during combat. And it's from the games if PSGen2 has it. =p)
Character History: Rio was born in Piata, and from an early age enjoyed technology. Though her grandmother and mother were skilled healers, it never quite caught on with Rio-- instead, she found herself drawn to the mission of the Motavian Guardians, and their desire to protect Motavia from what emerges from the Zone of Alienation. She helps maintain the gear of the team New Millennium, with a cheerful smile reminiscent of her late grandmother.
Other: Nothing worth mentioning.

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PostPosted: Thu May 29, '14, 3:45 am 
Name: Rebecca Cross
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Race: Palman
Role: Hunter / Magic User
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110lbs
~eye color: Emerald
~hair color: Scarlet
~hair style: Hime Cut
~Clothes: Faded black tank-top, Dark Red and White Skirt (goes barely above knee's) with a small leather satchel around the waste, brown shoes.
~Accessories: Blue framed glasses (think Bayonetta style) A Rika shaped keychain attached to satchel.
Equipment: Long Sword, Plsm-Shield (remade to resemble a wristlet but creates a shield for defense) Twin Slashers
Techs: Res, Shift, Deban,
Skills: Rayblade, Medice,
Character History: Rebecca Cross enlisted in the Neo Paseo Hunters Guild at the age of 15 where she moved up in ranks. She aspires to become the Guilds top hunter like her mother but has only moved up to rank 5. Rebecca accells with sword and has always believes the old methods of fighting with a sword is the true way of a hunter. A talented magic user she uses her techniques for defense to protect members of her group. She has been tasked to join the New Millennium group to assist with the monster outbreak.
Other: 35-27-35

PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, '16, 3:24 pm 
Name: Sylvia Cernan
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Race: Palman
Role: Hunter
Height: 5'9
Weight: 102#
~eye colour: Purple
~hair colour: Brunette
~hair style: just a pony tail
~Clothes: A white dress and high heels
~Accesories: a golden necklace with a small blue diamond and a platinum ring with a small diamond in it
Equipment: Moonslasher, Cyber Shield, Platinum Ring (one of her accessories too), Diamond Robe
Techs: GiFoi, GiWat, Gra, GiGra
Skills: Warla, Distortion, Pulse (essentially Holy Word, execpt its colour is pink and works on non-evil enemies aswell as evil enemies, but not robots)
Character History: Sylvia was born in Piata, none of her family were fighters, but she became interested in fighting, she decided to became part of the hunters guild and took on as many jobs as she can, she became experienced very quickly and learned magic easily, she has joined the New Millennium to fight of the bio monster outbreak.
Other: She has a small weakness to Thunder.

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