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PostPosted: Sat May 17, '14, 4:46 am 
Oh no. Atlin is making ANOTHER RP topic.
Hey everyone Atlin here with a new RP. This one is called Phantasy Star: New Millennium.

Setting Courtesy of Snorb
AW 2334.

Fifty years after the fall of the Profound Darkness, the effects of its incursion into Algo can still be felt. In what was once the town of Mile, an elite group known as the Motavian Guardians keeps vigil over a tear in the fabric of dimensions, watching for any sign of activity coming from the tear.

Character Template
Moved to a new topic!

1. Keep in mind the rules of the site throughout each post
2. This RP is not to be used as a way to get revenge on another forum user. If you have a grudge with another user, find another way to resolve your issues.
3. A character cannot be way too powerful without good reason.
4. A character cannot be immortal (unless a really good reason is valid and they have at least one weakness)
5. You can have 2 characters to RP with!
6. No controlling other people's characters, unless they give you their consent and it's something small that doesn't ruin a characters image.
7. If you join, we do expect you to post, in the event that a character disappears, expect them to be worked out of the stroy somehow or otherwise just ignored.
8. This is by far the most important rule. If you do not follow it be prepared to become Rule 7. Have fun. =P

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PostPosted: Sat May 17, '14, 5:20 am 
Name: Castiel Dawson
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Palman
Role: Assault/Tactician
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180lbs
~eye color: Grey
~hair color: Cyan
~hair style: Short in the bag but with long bangs (Think Leon S. Kennedy from RE)
~Clothes: Faded black cargo pants, black leather boots, White T-shirt with blue sleeves often covered with a bullet proof vest.
~Accessories: Silver framed glasses (usually wears contacts on missions), A black and silver watch, fingerless gloves. A silver necklace with a small rectangular pendant
Equipment: Scythe, Bullet proof vest w/ left shoulder guard. Twin pistols and a Ceramic Knife
Techs: Foi, Gra, Shift
Skills: Crosscut, Beheader (wraps scythe blade around enemy body part and slices it off), Earth
Character History: Castiel Dawson was an aspiring hunter after being saved by one when he was a kid. He trained everyday with a knife but was soon fascinated by one of the new age weapons, the Scythe. Joining the Hunters Guild at 16, Castiel proved to be an excellent marksman with pistols and was the best at using a Scythe in the guild. He earned the nickname "Reaper" after killing dozens of biomonsters during an extermination mission in which two of his comrades died, allowing himself and five others escape. He was sought out by the Motavian Guardians at the age of 23, and put on the New Millenium, a team the specializes in hunting monsters that have escaped the quarantine zone.
Other: n/a

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PostPosted: Sun May 18, '14, 10:45 pm 
Ugh, I kinda forgot to mention some stuff in that blurb I wrote up above because I am a moron I wanted to get the teaser written. Anyways!

A Thing About Technology in AW 2334
Obviously, if it's fifty years after Phantasy Star IV, things are gonna be different. A little more advanced, a little closer to what we call "normal." (Not Phantasy Star II-level technology, and definitely not Phantasy Star Online-level either, but at the same time, Algo isn't whatever the hell planet Panzer Dragoon Saga takes place on either.)

The Modern Conveniences: Refrigeration is a technology that's recently been rediscovered (quite possibly because of all that generic cola Chaz found in PSIV), as well as the radio. The larger a city, the higher its broadcast radius, so don't expect to get All Night Aiedo when you're in Torinco.

New Ways to Die: Guns are more commonplace. Think Earth, nineteenth century, so things like revolvers, lever-action rifles, blunderbusses, sniper rifles that make Yoko Littner's look like a derringer, &c. No full-auto yet-- gotta wait a few centuries.

No energy weapons either, but some people can make a living enhancing blade and gun alike.

PostPosted: Sun May 18, '14, 11:05 pm 
Anyways, uh, character.
Name: Rio Collins
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Role: Technologist
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130#
~eye color: Green
~hair color: Blonde
~hair style: Long, tied at the end by a ribbon
~Clothes: Rio usually wears a short-sleeved shirt under a leather vest (that serves as a flak jacket), and leather slacks under a short skirt.
~Accessories: One earring, made out of laconia (she says) at her left ear, a pocketwatch with a picture of two of her grandparents
Equipment: A two-handed steel sword, a lever-action rifle stowed across her back, a messenger bag-like pouch carrying gear maintenance kits, Monomate+ (It's a Monomate! It's an Antidote! All in one!), and ammo for her rifle.
Techs: Zan, Res
Skills: Frenzy (multiple rifle shots in the time it takes to fire one), Medical Treat (unconscious use of psionic energy to rally her companions during combat. And it's from the games if PSGen2 has it. =p)
Character History: Rio was born in Piata, and from an early age enjoyed technology. Though her grandmother and mother were skilled healers, it never quite caught on with Rio-- instead, she found herself drawn to the mission of the Motavian Guardians, and their desire to protect Motavia from what emerges from the Zone of Alienation. She helps maintain the gear of the team New Millennium, with a cheerful smile reminiscent of her late grandmother.
Other: Nothing worth mentioning.

PostPosted: Thu May 22, '14, 2:51 am 
I'm game to try an Atlin-grade RP. Noted that there's no Race field in the template, Snorb's reply was "The following races are available in AW 2334: Palman, Android, Motavian, Numan ".

Name: Mira Hernandez
Age: Appears 19 (Doesn't carry an ID)
Sex: Female
Race: Numan
Role: Journalist
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 129#
~eye color: Blue
~hair color: Maroon
~hair style: Long and unkempt, and kept in a loose ponytail when afield.
~Clothes: Most common outfit is a tanktop, a simple sunhat, and a calf-length cloth skirt. Keeps a parka and an evening gown in her backpack ("You never know when or where you'll hit a cold night or a hot lead."). Typically declines armor due to heat and weight.
~Accessories: A titanium ring on her right ring finger, a cheap iron bangle on left wrist, and a thin gold rope necklace with no pendant.
Equipment: A single steel claw, and a six-shot revolver in an ankle holster (Stored with 5 rounds, hammer resting on an empty chamber.)
Techs: Foi, SaNer
Skills: Vision (Energies help to exaggerate the feints and tells of opponents), Illusion (Wisps form that serve to deter and slow enemies)
Character History: Born and raised in Aiedo by her father, who's one of a long dynasty that owns the main Market and even supposedly founded Aiedo itself. She became curious of the secrets of the elite surrounding her, and became a correspondent reporter for any newspaper or radio show that will take her stories. She left Aiedo suddenly, and asked to embed with the Motavian Guardians, saying she needed to cover a different style of story for a while. Her observant behavior proves useful on scouting missions, which she often uses to have one-on-one time for interviewing other Guardians.
Other: Tends to tense up in 'romantic' settings and avoids drinking spirits and other mind-altering substances.

PostPosted: Thu May 22, '14, 10:22 pm 
Alright I'll do the first post. Something to introduce our character then it'll be a free for all. CJ, I didn't know if the sunhat covered Mira's ear or not so I just made it so it did. I can change it if they aren't.

A cyan haired man was in a hallway, hands behind his back taking in his surroundings. He followed a scruffy old man with more scars than seemed possible as he was led down the ever turning corridor. Suddenly the large man stopped, causing the Cyan haired man to stop.

"We're here kid. Behind this door lies your team, New Millennium," The man said. "Keep in mind, there aren't many Guardians yet. Don't be intimidated either. The two in here are among the best of what they do." The man put his hand on the door and opened it slightly, "I forgot to mention. I am the leader of Team Millennium, Franz Reichert. My job is to make sure this team keeps going, even after you all die."

With that said, Franz opened the door leading the cyan haired man into the room. "Collins! Hernandez! Come meet the new recruit."

The cyan haired man watched as two females came to the where he and Franz were. The shorter one seemed to be around his age. She had long hair and green eyes. She wore a short-sleeved shirt under a leather vest and leather slacks under a short skirt. He also noticed a earring on her left ear and a chain leading from a button to a pocket on her vest.

The other female looked younger than himself, but only slightly shorter than him. Her long maroon hair seemed only tamed by the simple sun hat on her head. She wore a tanktop and a calf length skirt. She also had a titanium ring on her right ring finger, a cheap iron bangle on left wrist, and a thin gold rope necklace around her neck with no pendant. There was something off about this girl though but he couldn't figure it out.

Looking at those too he glanced down at himself, feeling like he was taking this too seriously. He wore a white a T-shirt with blue sleeves which was covered with a bulletproof vest and a left shoulder guard. On his right shoulder was a sheathe for his ceramic Knife. His faded black cargo pants sported two holsters on either leg for his twin pistols, and his black leather boots made him look too serious. Even his silver watch and silver pendant added to the fact, not to mention his fingerless black gloves. Then he thought to the weight strapped to his back, his Scythe. He thought to himself that maybe he should have worn his glasses.

The man looked to the two in front of him. "I'm Castiel Dawson. I was a Hunter in Aeido. I'm looking forward to working with you."

"Well, now you met Reaper here," Castiel looked at Franz when he mentioned his nickname, "Now how about you introduce yourselves."

PostPosted: Fri May 23, '14, 1:02 am 
The younger woman tips her hat at Castiel without removing it. "Nice to meet you, Castiel. My name's Mira, I actually came from Aiedo myself. Journalist. Hopefully whatever excitement's coming this way should be a bit easier to write than the intrigues of the city."

PostPosted: Fri May 23, '14, 2:51 am 
Rio gave a nod to Castiel as she said, "I'm Rio Collins. I think I'm the odd one out here... I'm actually from Piata." She paused to adjust the canvas bag that hung from her shoulder, then added, "I'm a bit of a technologist. Can't wait to start working with you two!"

PostPosted: Fri May 23, '14, 3:09 am 
"Now that we're all acquainted. You'll need your weapons registered and an access card. Collins can help you with that. Your bags were already delivered and they're in your room. I'm sure Hernandez can show you where it is. I'll come get you guys when I have your next assignment." With that Franz left the three.

Castiel looked at the two in front of him once again. He was never good with woman. "So... umm.. shall we?" Castiel said, casually slipping his left hand into his pocket.

PostPosted: Fri May 23, '14, 3:44 am 
Mira pats Castiel's shoulder. "Hey, relax a bit, Castiel. I like to watch for a few days before I decide to hold an interview. I haven't properly grilled Rio yet, either."
She scratches the back of her head. "Remember, though, Rio will bite, so don't tease her too much, okay?" She gestures at Rio to lead the way for access cards.

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