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Mira Hernandez

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Posted by carlsojos

Sketch by Vladimir Castellanos (He couldn't remember his account password, and gave permission to upload it myself.). He's open for more commissions- PM me for email and DeviantArt page, his username triggers the word filter.

My character in Atlin's RP "Phantasy Star: New Millenium".


Mira was born and raised in Aiedo by her father, who's one of a long dynasty that owns the main Market and even supposedly founded Aiedo itself. She became curious of the secrets of the elite surrounding her, and became a correspondent reporter freelancing for any newspaper or radio show that will take her stories. She left Aiedo suddenly, and asked to embed with the Motavian Guardians, saying she needed to cover a different style of story for a while. Her observant behavior proves useful on scouting missions, which she often uses to have one-on-one time for interviewing other Guardians.

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