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Castiel Dawson

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Posted by Atlinsmere


Say hello to my new character for the RP Phantasy Star: New Millennium!

Base by CherryCupcakePixels

Castiel Dawson was an aspiring hunter after being saved by one when he was a kid. He trained everyday with a knife but was soon fascinated by one of the new age weapons, the Scythe. Joining the Hunters Guild at 16, Castiel proved to be an excellent marksman with pistols and was the best at using a Scythe in the guild. He earned the nickname "Reaper" after killing dozens of biomonsters during an extermination mission in which two of his comrades died, allowing himself and five others escape. He was sought out by the Motavian Guardians at the age of 23, and put on the New Millenium, a team the specializes in hunting monsters that have escaped the quarantine zone.

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