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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, '12, 7:14 am 
The year is 2294 AW, ten years after the events of Phantasy Star IV. Times have been peaceful, however it's not as it always seems. For some individuals, fate is destined to bring them together. Whether it's for the better or worse is for them to decide

It's a reboot?
Yes, it is a reboot. A couple years ago, I created a topic on Gamefaqs called Another Phantasy Star RP. It was one of my last attempts of an RP on the Phantasy Star IV message board. It turned out to be very successful, ending up with over 1000 posts all together in about three years. It was an exciting adventure with a lot of twists, but sadly it died out. This is my attempt to bring it back to life to a much bigger audience. This is Another Phantasy Star Reboot (APSR)

Character Template
In order to play APSR, you will need a character. To have a character, you will need to make one with the character template.
Click me to go to the template.

I also moved my character to the new topic.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, '12, 7:22 am 
Well, I've been willing to give this a try again!

Name: Soma Kedzie
Age: 19
Class: Hunter
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135#
~eye color: Blue
~hair color: Green
~hair style: Loose, halfway down her back
~Clothes: Black leather pants, gray tank top, blue jacket, a pair of boots that have seen (much) better days
~Accessories: Dark red lipstick, emerald navel piercing, Motavian tribal tattoo on left arm and left side of her torso, a battered backpack that she's somehow managed to cram a tent and bedroll into. The backpack has pouches for Meseta and medical supplies.
Equipment: Hunting Knife, Hunting Knife, Leather Crown, Leather Armor
Techs: Zan, Shift
Skills: Double Slash
Character History: Born in Zema, Soma lost her father when she was eight. Joined the Hunters' Guild when she was sixteen in an effort to help preserve Motavia's new age of prosperity.
Other: She has an older sister that she hasn't seen in ten years.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, '12, 7:39 am 
And we shall start....


Walking into the Hunter's Guild, a young, dark haired man looked around at his surroundings. He noticed several hunters going about there business, some talking to each, and others entering and leaving the guild. He made his way over to the bar, looking around and surveying the building. He saw his target. "I'll get two Medusa's please," The dark haired man asked the the barkeep. "May I see some ID?" The scruffy man replied. "How about some water?" The barkeep laughed, handing the young man a glass.

Grabbing the glass he made his way towards a young female hunter. She had an intoxicating look to her that showed a certain innocence. It looked like the easiest target here, he bumped into her, spilling his glass of water on himself. "Sorry about that," he he quickly mumbled, feigning a look at himself, he saw his clothes, wet by the water.

"Great, now I gotta go change," he mumbled as he walked away. He casually slipped his hands into his pockets, making away with a small pouch of meseta.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, '12, 1:35 am 
Four thousand Meseta- that was her pay from her last mission, and Soma was glad for it. The green-haired woman sighed as she settled against a wall, ready to enjoy the drink she had just bought-

"Sorry 'bout that..."

A dark-haired young man had bumped into Soma. Water spilled on the two of them, and Soma sighed in frustration. Some people are just so clumsy, she thought as she took a sip of her cactus juice. It only took seconds for her to drain the small mug, and she reached for her pocket to pay-

What the? Where's my money?! "...That man!"

She drew one of her knives. "Just one second, barkeep," she apologized. "I'll be right back." The man who had bumped her was still nearby, casually walking away. "Stop right there!" Soma called after him. "You owe me some money!"

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, '12, 1:42 am 
Thinking he was almost home free, just a few steps away from the exit, Sane heard a woman's voice, "Stop right there, You owe me some money!" Sane didn't slow his pace, in fact he burst through the door, turning his head back giving a small grin. "Don't know what you're talking about," he replied as he continued out the door, half a dozen hunters in pursuit.

The group wouldn't be able to follow him, not with that many people following him. He would also be able to hide in the crowd. He dodged down an alleyway, opening the back door to a shop. He closed the door, standing behind it. catching his breath.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, '12, 8:22 am 
Soma rushed after the thief, the large hunting knife still in her hand as he mocked her. "You know damn well what I'm talking about!" she shouted back, pushing past a crowd of people that had gathered. Behind her, the green-haired Hunter could see at least half a dozen of her fellow Hunters joining in the chase. Good... but I don't think seven on one's going to be a fair fight once we catch you.

"Thought he went this way," one of the Hunters said. "Down this alley."

"Look at all the doors," another added. "He could have ducked into any one of these stores."

"Well, we'll have to check them all," Soma replied. She made her way to one of the doors, looking at the worn metal and wood surface before she yanked it open.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, '12, 10:18 am 
Leaning against the door was a mistake, Sane found out as he toppled backwards, knocking over someone. Looking up, he saw the hunter he robbed. "Looks like we're beginning to fall for one another huh?" Sane grinned at his cushion. Getting to his knees, he noticed the hunter did not agree with his remark. "Fine, you talked me into it," he said, kissing her on the lips, "But that's all you get, I'm kind of being chased by a mob."

Sane jumped up to his feet and ran through the door, knowing full well he only had seconds to make it through the building before they trapped him. That would just leave him top having to use that technique, though it would drain him quite a bit.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, '12, 9:52 pm 
Soma threw the door open, surprising the thief as they both collided with each other. Whoever he was, he wasn't exactly endearing himself to her-- first, he stole four thousand Meseta from her; when she chased him down, his head landed on her chest; and the kicker, the final indignity:

"Fine. You talked me into it."

He kissed her. A blush crawled across Soma's cheeks as the thief got up, continuing, "Sorry, that's all you get. I'm kinda being chased by a mob."

"You'd better hope they catch you before I do!" she shouted as she followed him into the building.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, '12, 1:04 am 
Sane ran through the building, dodging one of the owners. He saw a counter an slid across it, over shooting him, he rolled on the ground straight to his feet. He was too slow, a hunter blocked his way.

"Stupidity at it's finest," he said while he spun around a bystander running full speed towards a window. Crossing his arms to protect his head, Sane pushed off with one leg, he smashed through the window.

That was a mistake though, he wound up surrounded by three hunters, not including his pursuer. He drew his knives, readying himself in a crouching position. His first attacker sprung forth, lunging forth with his sword. Sane effortlessly parried, pushing the man to the ground behind him, turning into a sweep kick at the next attacker. The hunter dodged but Sane continued moving swiftly, using his legs momentum in a kick, knocking the man with one kick.

The last attacker was more calm, obviously more experienced than the other two. There was no time to test his skills however, he created the opening he needed. He put his knives away almost as quickly as he pulled them out, running through the opening, towards the crowd that had begun to gather.

All he had to do was make it there, than the rest should be easy.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, '12, 6:06 am 
She was impressed- Soma had decided that whoever this irritating thief that ruined her day was, he was a worthy opponent. Judging from the mayhem he had left in the shop, he was just as skilled at fighting as he was thievery.

"Perfect," she said to herself as she followed him through the carnage of the wrecked shop. "And of course they're going to blame the entire Guild for this after I haul his butt in for thieving..."

The green-haired Hunter stopped just outside the door. For a second, she thought she saw him pushing through the crowd.

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