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PostPosted: Sun Oct 7, '12, 8:41 am 
About This Topic
This topic is for keeping track of the information in Another Phantasy Star Reboot (APSR). It is to help tell both players and newcomers about our universe, as well as provide a simple outline of what has happened so far. It's also used for players character templates.

Please no replying in this topic unless it's with a character, I'm trying to keep this topic as clean as possible for people to navigate. If need be I will create a general discussion topic for APSR.

World Information
Below is important information. It includes things you should keep in mind while being a part of APSR. As for the Towns and Places section. It will be updated as we visit each place with information provided by the players. I will update it as I see fit, though if there is disagreement, it is subject to change.

    Important Information
  • The year is 2294 AW, ten years after the events of Phantasy Star IV

    Towns and Places
  • Nalya
    A peaceful, yet advanced town. Ten years ago an anomaly landed north of Nalya, almost destroying the town. Upon further investigation the town discovered a group of machines protecting the Wreckage so they hired a group of hunters to clear out the ruins. Once it was safe, the town entered an era of Renaissance after a mine was established to harvest the technology of the past. Nalya then became a distributor to all of Motavia with items such as guns, radios, and much much more.

RP History
In this section I will list what has happened so far. I will call the major event a name with a brief list of what happened during it. Keep in mind I might not update this as often as I'd like to. But it should help save newcomers the trouble of having to read everything.

  • Sane the Thief and Soma the Hunter are introduced.

Introducing Your Character
There are two ways you can introduce your character.

1. By yourself. Find a way to wedge yourself into the story.

2. I can do it. I don't recommend this way as I could put your character out of character, into an awkward position, or even worse. But if you insist on this way, just shoot me a PM and we'll discuss the best way for me to introduce your character.

Template for a character
Below is a template for your character, please reply in this topic with your character. Update it when necessary by editing your reply, not making a new post for your character. Also keep in mind these guidelines for your character..

1. Do NOT make your character too powerful. A good way to avoid this is by averaging all characters posted in this topic.

2. You can have multiple characters. However you can only have up to 3 at a time.

3. Be creative. Don't limit yourself to the Phantasy Star games. Feel free to create your own weapons, techniques, skills, etc.

Please get rid of everything after the /b. (IE "Name of character" "Age of character" etc)
[b]Name:[/b] Name of character
[b]Age:[/b] Age of character
[b]Class:[/b] Hunter, Thief, etc.
[b]Sex:[/b] Male/Female/Etc.
[b]Height:[/b] How tall is your character?
[b]Weight:[/b] How heavy is your character?
[b]~eye color:[/b] Blue, green, etc.
[b]~hair color:[/b] Brown, blonde, etc.
[b]~hair style:[/b] messy, spiky, ponytail, etc.
[b]~Clothes:[/b] What is your character wearing?
[b]~Accessories:[/b] Jewelry, gloves, hats, etc.
[b]Equipment:[/b] Weapons, Armour, Helmet
[b]Techs:[/b] Wat, Tsu, Foi, etc.
[b]Skills:[/b] Hewn, Crosscut, Doubleslash, etc.
[b]Character History:[/b] Your characters past.
[b]Other:[/b] Anything else.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 7, '12, 8:43 am 
These are my characters.

Character 1:

Name: Sane Terrace
Age: 17
Class: Thief
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 156 lbs
~eye color: Grey
~hair color: Dark Brown almost black
~hair style: short faux hawk
~Clothes: Blue jeans, black t-shirt, dirty running shoes
~Accessories: simple leather shoulderplate strapped to his left shoulder, Black Wrist Band, black fingerless gloves, with a small green plate on the back, a grey and silver shoulder bag for carrying his items. A Locusta tooth necklace.
Equipment: Hunt-Knife (2x), Leather Armour
Techs: Res, Foi, Ryuka, Hinas
Skills: Modified Crosscut
Character History: Sane was an only child, after his parents passed away when he was ten, he resorted to stealing in order to live. His father was a hunter though not well known and his mother was a baker. He did some traveling around Motavia two years ago where he was saved by a man named Dorn. They became friends, though they have recently lost contact with one another. Sane also currently owns a house on the outskirts of Nalya, his hometown.
Other: Sane is an adept fighter, who prides himself on his parkour skills. He is creating his own style of fighting though, based upon the the Locusta. Also, Sane can't use techniques normally, as opposed to using the energy himself like everyone else, he has to use his life force, which could come at the cost of his life he over uses it.

Character 2:

Name: Ryan "Riley" Spires
Age: 28
Class: Mercenary
Sex: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 185 lbs
~eye color: Hazel
~hair color: Blue
~hair style: Short in back, with bangs in front
~Clothes: White trench coat with red sun on back, white leather pants and leather vest with multiple straps holding weapons, white steel toe boots.
~Accessories: Crystal studs in both ear lobes
Equipment: Titanium Dagger(8), Steel Sword, Hand Gun (2), Steel Plate (body armor under vest)
Techs: Foi, Gra, GiFoi
Skills: Crosscut, Rayblade, Shift
Character History: A Mercenary who looks flamboyant and rather attractive. His attitude completely doesn't suit his arrogant personality. He's made a lot of enemies and sometimes is paranoid so he usually carries around 50 - 100 lbs of weight in equipment which usually contains hard to find items. He likes to avoid fights when he can, but when forced to he is vicious and merciless. He tends to use his height to intimidate people to get his own way and seldom makes friends. There is only three people who he trusts, that being himself, Sane Terrace, and a well known mercenary known as Rice. Although he was born in Tiem, Riley can usually be found in Nalya.
Other: Has a brother who is a renown hunter named Skylar. They don't get along very well.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, '12, 3:14 am 
Here's my character, as well:

Name: Soma Kedzie
Age: 19
Class: Hunter
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135#
~eye color: Blue
~hair color: Green
~hair style: Loose, halfway down her back
~Clothes: Black leather pants, gray tank top, blue jacket, a pair of boots that have seen (much) better days
~Accessories: Dark red lipstick, emerald navel piercing, Motavian tribal tattoo on left arm and left side of her torso, a battered backpack that she's somehow managed to cram a tent and bedroll into. The backpack has pouches for Meseta and medical supplies.
Equipment: Steel Greatsword, Carbonfiber Crown, Carbonfiber Suit
Carrying: 1240 Meseta [1 D, 5 C, 2 L, 13 X, 2 V]
Techs: Zan, Shift
Skills: Double Slash
Character History: Born in Zema, Soma lost her father when she was eight. Joined the Hunters' Guild when she was sixteen in an effort to help preserve Motavia's new age of prosperity.
Other: She has an older sister that she hasn't seen in ten years.

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