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PostPosted: Mon Oct 1, '12, 7:00 am 
"Yeah, I'm persistent," Soma replied, looking around uneasily. "So... you know Dorn, I take it? And just where the hell are we?"

PostPosted: Mon Oct 1, '12, 8:00 am 
Sane glared at the hunter in front of him. An uneasy silence taking over their conversation. Finally Sane submitted, "Nalya. And yes I know Dorn. I owe him a great debt." Sane attempted for his knives again, his hand not wanting to function properly. I hate you Ryuka Sane thought looking towards Soma, wondering what was going through her mind.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 2, '12, 6:08 am 

Soma had to admit, she had never been to the city before-- the Hunter had been past it as she made the trip from Zema to Aiedo, but all she knew about the place was that it seemed to be entering a renaissance; some kind of business centered around harvesting something that had crashed northeast of Nalya about a decade ago.

"I, uh... First time here, to be honest," she said. "So... how do you know my brother-in-law? Have you seen my sister?"

PostPosted: Thu Oct 4, '12, 10:11 pm 
"What reason do I have to tell you?" Sane said as he thought back to when he met Dorn. It happened two years ago, Sane was running from a sandworm. The monstrous worm caused the ground to shake uncontrollably as it chased Sane. Stumbling on the ground, Sane looked at the monster, ready to be devoured by the beast when a bright beam hit the side of the worm, causing it to fall over.

Sane looked in the direction of the man and saw the man he came to know as Dorn. The first words Sane remembered hearing from the man were, "The trick is to use techniques." If Sane could have used techniques back then he probably would have. But unfortunately Sane couldn't, he suffered from a rare disability which didn't allow him to use techniques.

When Dorn learned this, he taught Sane how to use his life force as an energy force for techniques as opposed to concentrating the energy around himself like everyone else. Though it did come with a warning, if you use too much techniques it cold kill you, or even paralyze you.

Sane snapped out of his flashback, concentrating on the problem at hand. His hands still feeling numb. I'll have to be more careful next time, Sane thought as he stared at the green haired woman.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 6, '12, 9:09 pm 
Sane was going to be a problem, Soma knew, especially considering he owed her four thousand Meseta. But the Hunter could sense something was wrong- one Technique shouldn't be that draining on a person. Even on the occasions she had overextended herself using Techniques, Soma had only felt tired and unable to concentrate-- Sane looked pale, as if he would keel over at any second.

"Hey," she asked, concerned. "You all right? You look like your heart's gonna give out."

PostPosted: Sat Oct 6, '12, 9:18 pm 
Sane glared once more at the hunter in front of him. "Don't flatter yourself Kedzie, you haven't broken my heart yet," Sane said, with his usual sarcastic grin, though it looked forced. With that Sane quickly grabbed his knives, putting them away and jumped back, tripping as he realized he really had no energy left. He hit the ground with a loud though, sprawled out on the ground staring at the sky. His body felt numb. "Great," Sane mumbled as the clouds rolled on by.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 7, '12, 6:16 am 
Caution crossed Soma's face as she took a step towards Sane. Whatever he used to fuel that Ryuka clearly had an adverse effect on him, and she could see it. "Relax," she urged, reaching for him. "I'll drag you to a hospital."

PostPosted: Sun Oct 7, '12, 7:10 am 
"Don't bother," Sane said, closing his eyes. "There's-" Sane said pausing a moment. "My house isn't far from here. I don't know if I can trust you, but I'm in no condition to argue, and quite frankly we're a little too far from Nalya and it's getting dark. I don't exactly want to be Scorpius food."

Sane thought a moment longer and thought of Soma's size, "It might be better if you go to Nalya, ask around for a guy named Riley, he can help you take me to my house. As long as you tell him I sent you he shouldn't mind too much. And if you do, I please advice you to hurry."

Sane felt helpless, lying on the ground.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 8, '12, 5:13 am 
"Hurry... you've got it," Soma replied. She bent down next to Sane's prostate form, picking her money pouch away from him. "My payment, first."

She hesitated for a second, then opened the small leather pouch. Soma removed four gold coins, each stamped D MESETA - MMCCLXIV, then slipped them into his pocket. Without waiting for any kind of response, she picked Sane up, slinging him across her shoulders, then carried him into Nalya. "Mind if I dropped you off at the inn?" she asked him. "You'll do better resting up in there than out here."

PostPosted: Mon Oct 8, '12, 5:17 am 
"You don't take orders well do you?" Sane said finding himself a bit drowsy, his legs barely working. "Fine take me to the inn. I don't care I just need a bed."

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