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 Post subject: Clue 2014: The game
PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, '14, 3:06 pm 
The lockdown was complete. Initiated by Stacy, the doors were all locked electronically and protected by her password. "Until the coppers arrive and we figure out what happened, no one leaves."

The room where most of the guests were gathered was strangely quiet. Music had been playing not ten minutes ago but the discovery of Hayne's breathless corpse has toned down the mood a bit. It was Jewel, the bodyguard who had confirmed Haynes' passing. Most sat in silence, either shocked or completely dumbfounded. Though the main lights now illuminated the room, colorful spots still danced on the walls, giving the atmosphere a strange, almost grotesque feeling.

Lying in the middle of the room, Haynes did not seem to mind. Being dead did that to people, apparently.

"He just fell. He was dancing but then, just fell..." Cindy whispered as her eyes watered up.

"We all know what happened!" Molly spat. "You were jealous because you were not getting any so, you snapped."

Stacy rolled her eyes. "Someone tell the domesticated prostitute she can bug off, please?"

Molly walked aggressively toward Stacey all while Cindy cried her heart out, sitting alone in a corner. Jewel did nothing to try and stop the imminent fight until the cook decided that enough was enough. "ÇA SUFFIT! ENOUGH! You girls act like children. Dees is not ze way to find ze answer! Calm down!"

Molly stopped her charge, punched a nearby wall and gave Stacy the finger.

Stacy ignored her. "So, how did he die?"

Jewel shrugged silently.

Stacy sighed. This would be a very long night.

 Post subject: Re: Clue 2014: The game
PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, '14, 9:35 am 
Bethany had been in one of Haynes's many bedroom suites "entertaining" another guest a good ten years her junior. Their fun had been interrupted by screaming, then sirens and lights, then eerie silence. Bethany and her inamorato scrambled to straighten hair and clothing before Haynes's bodyguard did a sweep of all the rooms and pulled everyone into the main room.

There, Haynes's harem of lady friends wept, screamed and accused each other over the playboy's limp body. Bethany tried not to look directly at Haynes, and stopped short of getting very close to the center of crime scene.

But how did anyone know a crime had happened? She'd seen what excessive drug use and a party could do to a person. What if... what if... he had simply OD'd? But then, Haynes only took the kinds of risks that made him look dashing and sporty--like sky diving--not pathetic, and certainly not a junkie.

A shiver went up Bethany's spine, and she hugged her shoulders as if she were cold. The young man she had been with put an arm around her and squeezed. For a split second, Bethany felt comforted, but then the man opened his pretty but stupid mouth.

"Hey," he said, pointing at the women arguing about Haynes. "If that were me, I bet you'd be like that feisty one who just punched the wall."

Bethany glared at the man. "Haynes is dead, Jared!"



There was a long pause.

"Hey," Jason said in time. "If you were one of Haynes's--"

"Oh, shut up."


Bethany sighed. She pulled out her phone and sent a text to her personal assistant.

gonna b a long nite. bad stuff. dont take any calls cept fm me. dont go 2 far.

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 Post subject: Re: Clue 2014: The game
PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, '14, 2:32 am 
Cindy was fast approaching a nervous breakdown. "What the hell do you mean 'Did anyone see what happened?' What happened is that Tommy DIED! He was just there and suddenly he fell and never got up!"

"Are we even sure he just didn't pass out?" Tentatively asked Jason. Stacey gave him a glare that would have turn milk to butter. "It's an honest question!" Protested the youth.

"I checked his vitals. He is absolutely unresponsive." Answered Jewel.

"Coma then?" Added Jason with a mock smile.

"Kid, if you open that mouth of yours again" Molly began, "I will end you."

Jason shrugged.

 Post subject: Re: Clue 2014: The game
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 5:21 pm 
Bethany was about to chastise Jason when she realized that a) she didn't want to sound like his mother, and b) he was a bit like a puppy dog: cute and cuddly, but extra stupid. She grabbed his upper arm gently and whispered, "Jacob-"


"Right. Anyway, let's go sit over there and wait for paramedics, the police... whoever... to arrive..."

As Bethany directed Jason to a group of sleek leather sofas, she nearly bumped into a concerned-looking custodian. He was examining a cup.

"What is that? Is that..." Bethany paused, letting another shiver creep up and down her spine. "Tommy's?"

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 Post subject: Re: Clue 2014: The game
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 5:37 pm 
Dan was certain of it. This cup was absolutely, definitely Tommy's. Well, had been. Semantics.

There was another thing abundantly clear in Dan's mind. That cup, the one he held in his hands; it has been used to drink.


Jason looked annoyed. "But Bethany, what is they try to pin this on us??"

 Post subject: Re: Clue 2014: The game
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 6:00 pm 
Bethany groaned. "Did you even see Tommy tonight? Before he... well, you know." She shrugged. "I didn't. We came in, said hello to a couple of people, then you said something about how you had a 'surprise' for me, and we went into... that other room. We weren't near the food or drinks, Tommy's entourage-"


"Girlfriends! Anyway, unless you can kill someone through sheer mindpower, there's no evidence they can use against us. Now, that said..."

Bethany whipped out her phone again and sent another text to her assistant.

Lawyers. NOW.

 Post subject: Re: Clue 2014: The game
PostPosted: Thu Dec 4, '14, 4:38 pm 
Dan's nose wrinkled as he took in the full, intense stench coming from the glass. His eyes spied the long, crimson dark trail left by the fat drop of liquid as it ran down from the glass' brim to the bottom before leaving a dark, reddish-black mark on the floor.

The smell was unmistakable. Dan felt struck by sheer horror as the knowledge sank in. His hands felt soiled, his fingers dirty, his very core tainted by merely touching such a liquid. His trusty employer, his.. friend... drank...


Stacy was losing her patience. "Who are you people? Why is the maintenance dude sniffing Tommy's glass? Who are you texting? I clearly said no contact with the exterior! I will need to see that phone!"

Molly flipped her off. "Who the heck made YOU boss? Or police officer? Get off your high horse!"

"Will the two of you just SHUT UP!" Yelled Cindy.

Jewel hid her face in her hand, shaking her head in disbelief. "Would you believe me if I said that these three idiots actually behaved while he was still alive?"

"What the heck happened here?" Asked a masculine voice.

"Oh eff no." Immediately dropped Molly as Jason the security chief walked into the room.

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 Post subject: Re: Clue 2014: The game
PostPosted: Sat Dec 6, '14, 8:27 am 
Bethany did not recognize the man who had just walked in, but she was glad there was someone new for Stacy to yell at rather than her. She took the opportunity to put her phone away and take a few steps back, out of Stacy's direct line of fire.

Jason nudged Bethany. He whispered, "Hey, I think that guy's in my kickboxing class."

"Who is he?" asked Bethany.

"Uhhhh..." Jason scratched his head. "I think his name is... Mike? Oh wait, that's not the right guy."

Bethany sighed. "This is helpful."

 Post subject: Re: Clue 2014: The game
PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, '14, 5:47 pm 
"Murdered?" Exclaimed Jason, "How??" his voice slightly broken by the news.

"That's what we want to know." Answered Jewel, flatly.

"Aren't you supposed to bodyguard him" Replied Jason, barely hiding his malcontent.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Jewel replied as she was quickly losing her cool.

"Do you think they're gonna fight?" Asked Jason to Bethany, his voice a whisper.

Molly let out an audible sigh as she put a knee down, starting her own investigation of Tommy's body. "No visible wounds..."

 Post subject: Re: Clue 2014: The game
PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, '15, 3:57 am 
The impending cat fight seemed to be taking longer to start than Jason had anticipated. He turned his attention to the other Jason.

"Oh, that's right; his name is Jason," said Jason. He paused in thought, then continued, "I don't know him."

Bethany put her face in her hands and sighed. When the next wave of embarrassment had passed, she gingerly asked Molly, "Is there anything else that's maybe... ah... unusual about Tommy?"

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