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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, '07, 2:25 am 
Here it is! The chance to bring Layans, Motavians, Dezolians, Cyborgs, Orakians, and Palmanians together in one jam packed Roleplay! I'm talking about a roleplay where you can be anything you want. be it Bio-Monster or Musk cat, Dezolian or Orakian, it doesnt matter! The scenerio takes place in Phantasy Star IV as though Palam and Alisa III were till in tact. Since this is non-canon, you can be anything you want!

Note: Weapons are not limited to one gender. Example: Male cyborgs can use claws, Dezolians can equip daggers, etc. Just make your character reasonable. For example, don't create a wizard that wears Planar Armor and uses a sword. Be fair to everyone else.
You are allowed one special skill of your own creation.

Character creation form:




Left hand:
Right hand:


Primary battle type: (Range, Mage, Melee)


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, '07, 2:28 am 

HP: 320
TP: 60

Name: Ryn
Race: Motavian
Age: 25

Image Ryns' Erad (short for Eradicate)

Techs: GiGra, Res, , GiThu, Hinas
Skills: Warcry, Sweeping, Crosscut, Erad

Image Ryns standard attack


Head: Hunting Band
Body: Cyber suit worn under a White Mantle
Left hand: Defeat-Axe
Right hand: Defeat-Axe
Feet: Force Boots


Primary battle type: Melee

Strength: 320
Agility: 130
Attack: 290
Defense: 250
Mental: 90

Bio: Ryn, born and raised in the Motavian town of Tonoe, grew up learning about the works of the Heroic Alis and company. Like his grandfather, Dorin, Ryn posessed an abnormaly impressive amount of Technique, much unlike many Motavians. One atribute that lef Ryn to study under his grandfather was his black fur. Ryns fur made him quite unpopular in town, so he remained indoors with his grandfather who taught him to harness what little "Magic" was avalible to him. At the age of 19, Ryn was visited by his cousin Gryz who taught him to weild an Axe. Much like his cousin, Ryn grew very fond of the weapon and quickly became an expert at weilding it in battle. While away from Tonoe on a hunting trip near Krup for his Grandfather, Ryn witnessed the destruction of his cousins home at the hands of what he thought was an evil spirit. Ryn rushed back to Tonoe just before blocking the entrance to his home with boulders using the techniques that his grandfather taught him. Shortly after he returned to his home, Ryn saw humans for the first time in his life. Finding it odd that these humans entered his grandfathers residance, Ryn lingered around the head of the cave leading to his home, hopeing to question the strangers. When his his grandfather and one of the humans aproached him shortly after, Ryn was dumbfounded to learn that what he had witnessed was the work of another human. Noteing Ryns concern, the human bestowed upon Ryn his White mantle and told him not to worry and that his cousin would soon have his home back.
Ryn chose not to return to his home, but to move to Nayla. Though it was over a weeks travel, Ryn knew he would be able to join the Hunters guild in the nearbay Aideo and make a living for himself. This is where we leave Ryn. Half-way to Nayla, journeying through the Motavian desert.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, '07, 6:02 am 
HP: 225
TP: 125

Name: Rose
Race: Palman
Age: 24
Techs: Res, Gi Res, Zan, Gi Zan, Ner, Sa Ner, Hinas, Ryuka
Skills: Double Slash, Hewn, Dervish


Head: Silver Ribbon
Body: Crystal Cape worn over Leather Armor
Right Hand: Laconia Dagger
Left Hand: Laser Knife
Feet: Shune Boots


Primary battle type: Melee
Strength: 125
Agility: 210
Attack: 140
Defense: 165
Mental: 120

Bio: Rose was born and raised on Parolit on Palma. She was raised mostly by her father and aunt, both of whom taught her two very useful (she thought) things: The art of swordplay and the art of dancing. Once she was 17, her father died, passing his knives on to his daughter with his last breath. Since then, Rose has made her living both as a mercenary and a dancer- sometimes combining both skills.

Rose is currently at Parolit Spaceport, where the Hunters' Guild has their Palma branch headquartered.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, '07, 6:33 am 
lol whats canon or non canon? XDDD

HP: 160
TP: 180

Name: Shina
Race: Numan
Age: 20
Tech: NaRes, NaFoi, NaWat, NaTsu, GiGra, GiSar, GiZan, Doran, Deban, Anti, Rimpa, Rever, Saner, Shift, Hinas, Ryuka
Skillz: Ataraxia, Distrupt, Double Slash, Eliminate, Tandle, Legion


Head: Silver Crown
Body: Silver Mail
Left Hand: Genocyde Claw
Right Hand: Guardian Claw
Feet: Silver Boots


Strength: 100
Agility: 150
Attack: 130
Defense: 200
Mental: 500

Bio: Transported to the Motavian planet from her time, she has no memory of her previous life, only that she was skilled in using claws, and her techniques were far more advanced than the citizens of this time. From the recollection of what her mind will tell her, she is supposed to find a place called "The Hunters Guild" and be sent on the mission to collect data from a fallen spaceship from years in the past. She had no idea why, but the incentive of it being her only lead to discover what her purpose is, led her to pursue this Guild and play her role in hopes she will remember her past. So she begins her journey, from a town called Zema.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, '07, 5:52 pm 
OOC: Canon is like... Not doing anything that wasn't done in Phantasy Star. Non-canon lets you do anything you want. Be it in Phantasy Star or just somthing you thought would be a cool addition. =) I'll give it one more day until we start the RP.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, '07, 7:23 am 
OOC: And so it begins!

-= Ryn glanced back at Shina from the cockpit of the Land Rover that SEED had given them.Having just run thought a quick pioleting turotial, the smile he shot at Shina was a nervous one. What a time to live in. He had just gotten acustomed to electricity, Ryn was still fairly uncomfortable with moving from one location to another in a pillar of everything he had just gotten used to. =- How is everything back there? -= Even as he asked, the sound of exoskeltonsbeing crushed beneath the vehicles massive treads. There was the occasional large monster that halted their progress, but it quickly fell to the vehicles devistating weapons. =- Where are we headed off to again?

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, '07, 12:41 pm 
Where was she? a young man thought as he stood around Nero Landale Spaceport, drumming his fingers and sighing. Where's this Hunter I'm supposed to be meeting?

Off to his side, a spaceship from Motavia was just releasing its passengers, most of whom looked happy to be back on Palma. A multitude of people disembarked, heading off in different directions, none of them his.

Let's see... they said look for a woman. Red hair, green eyes, red lips. Carries two knives with he-

"You must be Clark."

The man jumped at the voice behind him. Turning quickly, he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw a woman who matched the description he was given.

"I... I am. You're the Hunter, right?"

"Yep. The name's Rose." Crossing her arms, Rose then asked, "What's the situation?"

"Escaped convict. Broke out of Baya Malay prison three days ago," Clark said, handing Rose a photo. "This is the last photo we have of him."

"Where was he last headed?"

"We think he might be somewhere near Camineet or Scion by now," Clark replied. "Just detain him long enough for us to bring him back to Baya Malay, that's all. Don't kill him."

Rose raised an eyebrow. "All righty. Doesn't sound like too much trouble. And the bounty-"

"Six thousand Meseta."

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, '07, 12:01 am 
-= The Motavian grunted in annoyance at Shinas lack of response before pulling into Landale spaceport. Ryn checked the vehicles status before preping it to shrink to palm size. =- Shina, I'll be right back. I need to register my craft before I can legaly pilot the darn thing. -= Ryn opened the Landrovers entrance hatch and exited to the spceport.
He did his best to ignore the odd glances that he was met with, fully aware that Motavians were a rare sight in an industrial area. Ryn aproached the central control tower and stood in the long line of people waiting to register various equipment. That's when a firey haired woman caught his attention. It wasn't every day that a commoner wore weapons on their person. Either she was a hunter, or she was a fugitive. The Motavians hands grazed the handles of the twin hunting knives on his belt, hidden under his white mantle. =-

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, '07, 12:52 am 
Shina hadn't been paying attention once again. She was thinking. Hard enough to relive, or daydream with an awareness about her. She looked around, no longer in the landrover, but on the ground. She shifted her vision around seeing nothing but the landscape. Her eyes scoped up like a cyborg or android, and her vision was floating across the quicksand. "Shina, I'll be right back." What, she was in the vehicle again. She had to close her eyes this time. Suddenly across the sand a small tunnel opened up to her and she was once again in a similar bio-lab to SEED, but this one was far different. Partially affected by the storms a part of the system was blown open allowing tons of sand to pour in and float around. Creatures were lined up as if preparing for an assault in a nearby room, as well as another, and another, 7 more times. A huge army. Preparing to strike, from this system and more maybe hundreds more like it. Her vision blurred as she sped past hallway after hallway, too many to remember where she was going. Suddenly her eyes caught a hideous figure, dark skin, with tentacles rising from its head to its body, no legs but was hovering just above the ground, while huge claws guarded a horrible face, watching as the production key increased. She opened her eyes with a small gasp. "Ryn?" The motavian still wasn't there, I wonder how long I dozed off? She stepped up to see what the furry black thing was up to.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, '07, 1:09 am 
-= Ryn quickly decided against purueing the firey haired woman, thinking that in doing so, he would bring too much attention to himself. His fingers slowly drifted from the steel hunting knives mounted at his hip. Instead, he tugged at the collar of his mantle. With his optics still fixed on the strange human, he spoke with the woman in charge of registering equipment. A short exchange of words led the woman to procure a small thumbprint scanner. Ryn glanced down for a moment and suddenly remembered that he had no thumbprints. Not knowing where Shina was, he told the woman he would return momentarily. A few moments of searching led to nothing. It was then that he remembered the firey haired woman. It was probobly a bad idea, but it was worth asking. The black furred Motavian aproached the armed woman, his fingers gripping his knife just in case there was a misscommunication. =- Excuse me, mam? Might I ask a favor of you?

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