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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, '07, 7:21 pm 
The Motavian scratched his furry chin while listening to the womans story. "I guess we're in the same line of work then. My companion and I are hunters as well. We live in a small town called Nayla, just outside of Aideo." Ryn shot the prisoner a glance before continuing. " Rose, eh? " He shot a glance at Shina before looking at Rose once again. =- This may seem awkward, but how would you like to team up with us? I mean, we're in the same line of work. We could get a lot accomplished together. Now, if you don't mind me asking.. What is a Dezolis?

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, '07, 11:32 pm 
Shina could hardly prevent herself from laughing, thinking that even a Motavian would know about the other planet. She smiled and said, "Dezolis is the 3rd planet of the Algo solar system. It is a completely snowy planet that is the home of the Espers, followers of Lutz. Lutz from what SEED tells me is a name passed down through generations that with it comes the knowlege of what the previous Lutz's memories. Dezolis inhabitants include a race of Musk cats as well as the greened skinned Dezolians" she said quoting SEED.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, '07, 6:03 am 
i think ill join here because i enjoy rping..

HP: 300
TP: 110

Name: Trey
Race: Palmian
Age: 20
Techs: Res, Gires, Sar, Hinas, Ryuka, Tsu, Githu, Foi, Gifoi
Skills: Hewn, Flaeli, Vortex, LastHope


Head: None
Body: None
Left hand: Gaia (Slasher)
Right hand: Luna (Slasher)
feet: None


Primary battle type: (Range/Mage)
Strength: 131
Agility: 217
Attack: 144
Defense: 0
Mental: 138

Bio: Trey has no memory of his past, all he remembers is he's been floating in darkness for a long time. Something horrible happened and all he can remember is his name, and some strange power that lurks inside him.


"Trey.. Trey.. you have to wake up.." A voice called out to him. Opening his eyes all he could see is darkness all around him. "Trey? Is that.. is that my name?" He asked, hoping to get a reply. In the background he could hear the yells of familiar voices. "Big brother!" one voice called out to him. He looked around, grabbing his head in pain. "That voice.. its so familiar.. AHHH!" he yelled out. Many familar voices could be heard, continuing to tear Trey's heart apart. He continued grabbing his head, shaking it trying to remember anything. Continuing to hear the voices he looked up ahead, noticing a small group of people staring at him. "We'll always be here for you.. Trey.." A blonde haired woman spoke to him. His eyes widened. "CELEITH!!" He yelled out, eventually fading into darkness. He could hear whispering, none of these voices he seemed to recognize. "Hey kid, are you alright?" The voice said. Trey's eyes began to open, staring up he noticed a elderly man staring down at him. "Where am I?" Trey asked as he sat up. The elderly man wondered why he was laying out here in the middle of sandworm infested lands. "We're just a few miles from Aiedo. But what I want to know is why you are laying out here in the middle of the fields like this.. Don't you know theres sandwormlings around?" The man explained. Hearing the words Aiedo a horrible memory came to Trey. "........Thanks, I think I'm going to head towards there now." He said. Standing up he began walking towards the path that lead towards Aiedo. "Did we manage to do it? But.. what is this it.. Why can't I remember?" Trey thought as his cloak blew in the desert wind as he walked. The elderly man, confused still returned to his carriage and began his trip back towards Krup. "Strange one that is, seems to be troubled if you ask me." The man said to himself as he road away. Thus was the beginning of Trey's journey, still knowing not what he needed to do he would eventually run into a strange group on his way.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, '07, 6:08 am 
"That's right," Rose said. "Never really heard much about Lutz, but I've met a few Dezolians and... I've been known to see a Musk Cat or two." Turning to the Motavian, she then said, "You never introduced me to your friend, you know... or yourself, for that matter."

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, '07, 2:31 am 
OOC: Welcome to the RP Kal. I'll get your character into the story very very shortly. )

Ryn simply shook his head. For the longest of time, he thought that Motavia was the only planet in existance. But to find out that no only were there other planets, but that they contained life, was incredible. Grabbing the felled man by the collar, Ryn glanced up at the women. "We can talk about it at home. Right now, I think it's best that we take this man to Aideo prison and claim his bounty at the guild. I can register our Landrover at a later date." He then procured a small ocarina known as a Telepipe, brought the instrument to his lips, and blew hard.
With just a few seconds passing, the three of them were teleported to Aideo. Ryn was refreshed to see the familiar town. It had it's own little charm. The locals were freindly for the most part and those theat weren't typicaly kept to themselves. Ryn shot a glance back at the women when his eyes picked up on movement off in the distance. It might be a lone bio-monster! It would be good practice for his hunting knives.
Without consultiing the women, Ryn rose his arm, chambering it before hs jammed his elbow hard against the nape of their captives neck, thus knocking him unconcious.
Dropping the limp body, Ryn sped to the moving object in the distance, quickly gaining on it.
A few moments later, Ryn was a few meters from the, what he had previously thought, was a bio-monster.
A parman? What was he doing moving away from Aideo? He wasn't headed anywhere near Nayla, so he was either lost or he planned on going into the mountains. Ryn knew just how lonely it was traveling alone.
"Excuse me!" Ryn aproached the man, waving his left hand. "Excuse me! I know this may sound strange, but um... And, I mean this in the best of intentions, but.. Do you want to come home with me? Nothing waits for you that way" Ryn said, inclining his head in the direction that the man had been proceeding. "I was heading to Aideo when I saw you out here by yourself. What are you doing all alone?"

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, '07, 3:10 am 
"Excuse me! I know this may sound strange, but um... And, I mean this in the best of intentions, but.. Do you want to come home with me? Nothing waits for you that way" A voice said to Trey. He looked towards the direction where the voice came from, noticing a grey Motavian standing nearby. "Are you.. talking to me?" Trey asked. The Motavian could tell that there was sadness in Trey's heart from the beginning. The wind began to pick up, dust from the desert flew in the wind as Trey looked on, his cloak blowing in the wind. "I've never a.. what are you anyways?" Trey asked him, the Motavian staring confused on how one could live on Motavia and not know what a Motavian was.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, '07, 4:48 am 
Rose had travelled many ways throughout her life- on foot, by Land Rover, Hovercraft, spaceship, Ryuka, even by Telepipe once or twice- but this time, it was different. I didn't think you could get so much range on one of those, she thought as she felt herself being seperated from her body. Her vision began to white out, just as it always had with her Ryuka technique.

A few moments later, the blinding light faded away, revealing a large city, wrought from sandstone and shale, stretching out all around the three travellers.

"This is..." The red-haired woman spun on her heel for a second, looking at the city that surrounded her. "...Aiedo. What luck! The main branch of the Hunters' Guild is in this city! Which means-"

There was a dull thud, followed by a low grunt, as the Motavian elbowed their prisoner, knocking him unconscious. Sweatdropping, Rose finished, "-we can collect the reward on him." As she spoke, the Motavian dashed past her, running towards a speck outside Aiedo's gates.

"Huh... wonder what's gotten into him?" Rose asked, turning to the blue-haired Numan woman.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, '07, 5:06 am 
The Motavian escorted Trey to Aiedo, where his comrades awaited him. It seemed Trey's condition became worse and worse as he neared Aiedo. "What is it about this town?" Trey asked himself. He looked around, noticing things were not as they seemed. He looked in the direction of the hunters guild, his face turned pale. A image of his past came. "No time to waste, we gotta hurry!" Trey yelled to his comrades as they ran through the streets of Aiedo, into a large castle where the hunters guild was located. He fell to the ground, grabbing his head in pain. A few of the townspeople looked at him like there was something seriously wrong with him, although doing nothing to help. Trey looked up at the Motavian and asked. "Has there ever been a castle located right where that building is?" he asked.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, '07, 8:56 am 
Shina was struck suddenly by the Motavian's outburst as he dashed far off into the desert, without a single word. Watching the limp body fall to the ground she felt awkward and thought it'd be a great time for her introduction, "Well, since we apparently have the time.."she looked back at the Motavian " name is Shina. I am whats called a Numan, perhaps you know more about the name than I." She said recalling SEEDs words. "Uh, I am fairly new here, seeing as how I can't remember much from my past, only a flashback now and then." She started to feel worse about this, she couldn't make a good conversation. She glanced back at Ryn, hopefully, and found a newer man running towards them then collapsing feet before them and mumbled something to Ryn. She just sat and watched.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, '07, 6:22 pm 
Ryn scratched his furry head, thinking long and hard, trying to recall what his grandfather had taught him about the history of Motavia. Wait.. that's right! "Yes, actualy. There was a castle here about eight hundred years ago. Give or two a few decades.." Ryn shifted their prisoners weight over his shoulder. It wasn't that he was heavy, it's just that his muscles were tired from lack of sleep.
"Correct me if I'm wrong, and I know Shina will, but I think that was back in the days before Motavia was a sandy wonderland." Ryn sized the stranger up, taking a quick look up and down over his figure. Ryn had never known anyone outside the hunters guild to wear a cloak like the one this man was wearing. Come to think of it, he hadn't ever seen a cloak like it. The design was completely unfamiliar.
Ryn started toward the Hunters guild, accompanied by Rose. "Shina, stay with our freind for a moment. Rose and I are going to make a quick deposit and withdraw." The motavian shot Rose a smile before proceeding into the guild.

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