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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, '08, 1:58 am 
The creature screamed in pain. Sane drew his sword and swung his sword with full might. It sliced through the locusta's leg like a hot knife through butter. The Locusta fell swinging it's arms and knicking Sane in the arm. He aimed his other arm at the creature and said, "Foi" A fire ball erupted from his hand and smashed into the locusta's face, angering it. He grabbed his sword with his good arm and jumped. He swung his sword down decapitating the creature. His arm was dripping of blood yet he walked over to the locusta's mouth and tore out a tooth. He pt it in his pocket. He heard a motor then saw a landrover. He prepared his sword as it stopped in front of him.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, '08, 3:18 am 
The dust picked up around the landrover as it came to a halt. The door opened and Trey ran outside quickly. Standing in front of the landrover he was blinded by the dust in the air, only seeing a strange figure in the distance charging him. Drawing his knife he charged the figure into the dust, the two both swung their weapons, clashing against each other.

The rest of the group ran outside of the machine slightly noticing the two in the midst of the dust pushing their weapons against each other. The dust began to clear and the two were able to see each other clearly now. Staring at each other for a brief moment the two jumped away from each other, coming to a faceoff. Trey stared at the man in front of him for a brief moment.

Trey slowly said as he stared on at the man in front of him, releasing his grasp on his weapon Celeith ran next to him and stared at the man as well.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, '08, 5:35 am 
Rose raised an eyebrow as she watched Trey and Sane fighting. "Huh. So, those two do know each other," she said. ".....Wait a minute."

"What? What's wrong?"

"I know that other guy, Aijo. The one with the sword- when the group me and Trey were in was in Aiedo, there was a girl who was about to..." She took in a deep breath. "Some bandits were about to have their way with her. The guy with the sword fought one of the bandits off."

"Ah." Aijo nudged Rose in her ribs playfully. "So you know him, then?"

"No- didn't catch his name. But, if Trey knows him, then I think we can count him as a friend. Speaking of which... I think that might be Trey's missing friend."

"You mean there's another person from that... that other Algo?" Aijo asked. He lowered his rifle.


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '08, 4:21 am 
"Trey?" Sane said softly. He took a better look. Sane dropped his sword and sighed. It was immediatly replaced with a grin and Sane in a relaxed pose. "Damn Trey! How's it going!" walked over to Trey and put his hand in front of Trey for a handshake of that like a brother.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 6, '08, 3:43 am 
Rose sighed, slumping against the frame of the landrover's hatch as she watched Sane and Trey. "Yep. Definitely friends," she said.

"Think we should go over and introduce ourselves?" Aijo asked.

"Yeah. Sane doesn't know me, I don't know Sane, and you two don't know each other at all, so it helps all around."

Rose and Aijo left the landrover, approaching Sane and Trey.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, '08, 6:51 pm 
o O ( Mind if I make my long overdue reappearance? =P )

A rift ,similar to that of Negatis, tore a fissure ten meters ford of the now unoccupied Land-Rover. The air around the fissure boiled and cracked under the gravitational preasure caused by a figure pushing it's way through the pitch black distortion, leaving a crackling grey wake as it moved through Algo's time-space.
Once the figure had cleared the rift, the fissure mended and the air around it calmed. No longer bathed in the negative light spat out by the strange distortion, the figures features could be seen.It was male, stood somewhere around 6"1 - 6"2, and wore a formal Motavian vest and rough-cut, black leather slacks under a red,Native-Motavian full-length coat embroidered with ancient motaglyphs on either cuff. The figure lowered the hand carrying a wooden cane to it's hip.
Somewhat flustered by the strange experience of being torn from Alg'O, the system that the figure called home, it stumbled. Gathering it's bearings, the figure tucked back it's hood to reveal the face of a male that hadn't shaved in a while, and the ears of a numan. His eyes were a spotless white, indicating that he was blind.

“Iris? Sean? What just happened? Did you feel dizzy just now?”

The figure tensed as the desert wind smacked against his cheeks and a confused expression crept over his features.

“Does the air seem different to either of you?”

The numan cast an extremely low level Gra just beneath him allowing him to levitate ever-so-slightly above the Motavian sand. He fluttered forward until the front, left tread of the land-rover stopped him.
He caught himself in mid-fall, bracing his cane against the shifting sand beneath him.

“What is this? Why aren't either of you talking?”

PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, '10, 10:25 pm 
Interesting Story. :yes:

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