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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, '07, 12:03 am 
HP: 275
TP: 110

Name: Sane Terrace
Race: Palman
Age: 19
Techs: Foi, GiFoi, Wat, Zan, Gra, Res, Ryuka, Hinas
Skills: Crosscut, Rayblade, Airslash, Final Strike (a 12 combo sword attack)


Head: N/A
Body: Cottonshirt
Left hand: Two-Hand
Right hand: Terrace Blade
feet: Sneakers


Primary battle type: (Melee)
Strength: 127
Agility: 222
Attack: 219
Defense: 132
Mental: 102

Bio: Sane is from an alternate universe. From a universe where there was a great collapse and darkness was brought forth to the world. However, he and a few others managed to slay what evil it was. The being was stronger than the Profound Darkness itself. Though he lost many allies during the fight. However, to him that was two years ago. Now he had been sucked through a dimmensional portal leaving his love and friends behind. Sane is a master thief. He has a scar on the right side of his face from just under his eyebrow to just below his chin.


Last thing Sane could remember was being dragged into a blue vortex. When he got out he looked around. He was still in his house. But how was that possible. where was everyone? he looked at his surroundings. He was alone. He left his house and looked around. Everything seemed to be in order. He looked up at the sky and then around again. The grass seemed strange, almost different. He started walking towards Aiedo, he had to find out.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, '07, 4:40 am 
"You got it," Rose replied, following Ryn into the guild. Once she entered, she saw several posters on the wall- mostly commemorating past bounties and glorious hunters, with one or two wanted posters. Two plaques caught her attention- "Hunters Guild of Algo- Serving to Keep the Peace of Palma, Motavia, and Dezolis. Est. 1288- Anna Steiner" and "This is YOUR Jet Scooter- KEEP IT TIDY!"

Pondering the meaning of the second plaque, Rose stepped up to the counter where Ryn was handing the prisoner over to the woman behind the counter. "You know," the woman said, "most of our members usually take their prisoners to the jail..."

"Well, he's a rather dangerous prisoner," Rose replied. "So I think he should be kept in a special cell."

"I guess," the woman replied. "Here's your fee- six thousand Meseta! Thank you for visiting the Hunters' Guild, where we enrich the lives of Hunters everywhere! ^_^"

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, '07, 4:47 am 
(OOC:Just in case noone goes back and reads I put up a faceclip of my guy I drew a long time ago and so I put it on my characters bio and im gonna put it here just in case ok.) Image


It took Trey awhile but the numan finally was able to calm him down. "Sorry, you don't even know me and you've been so kind." He said as he looked at her. "What kinda.. I mean, I'm not trying to be rude but.. what kinda thing are you?" Trey asked as he pointed to her ears. The numan tried to explain some things to Trey, but he was having a hard time understanding anything. A voice was heard in the distance, the two glanced towards the Hunters Guild to notice the Motavian and girl returning to them, carrying a pouch. "Sorry, thanks for all the help but I think I should be going." He said after the two arrived. Walking away slowly his stomache growled fiercly. The motavian laughed and offered Trey a meal. "I couldn't.. I mean.. thanks, you continue to show me kindness.. Oh.. I don't remember much but at least let me tell you my name. I'm Trey, Trey Ruglia.. and you are?"

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, '07, 5:26 am 
Ryn balled his hand into a fist and beat his chest twice, as was the traditional motavian introduction. I am Ryn from the house of Tenagrau of Tonoe." It suddenly dawned upon him that this ritual may be considered unusual among people who rarely see Motavians or know their customs. Ryn pulled the hood of his thick mantle over his head so as not to draw any further attention to himself. "Ahem... Are you sure I can't buy you somthing? The locals make a shortcake that is simply devine."

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, '07, 5:35 am 
Trey closed his eyes for a brief moment. "Happy birthday Trey, I hope you enjoy this shortcake I made for you." A blonde woman said as she brought in a cake with candles. Two other men were sitting at the table with him smiling. Trey opened his eyes, grasping his head he squinted a bit. The group asked him if he was alright. "Yea, I'm fine.. Just sometimes memories come into my head and I have a hard time remembering what they are." He said. Calming down once more the group continued conversing as they were preparing to head out for a meal.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, '07, 2:26 am 
"Hey, come on, now," Rose said, distributing the Guild fee as equally as she could between herself, Shina, and Ryn. "Maybe some food'll help you get those memories back."

As she started walking with the group, Rose put her share of the reward into her money pouch, saying "I don't know about too many restaurants in Aiedo, though, aside from House of Shortcake. Sorry, guys."

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, '07, 10:37 pm 
The Motavian shrugged. "I could treat you all to the local cousine at Tonoe. Sandworm stew, locusata legs, and roasted crawlers. I've never met anyone that didn't like the legs, but then again I've never seen anyone other than a Motavian try them.." Ryn nervously scratched the back of his head before remembering that they no longer had a mission. "I'll be right back guys, I need to get an assignment for us. Idle hands are Lashiecs tools." And at that, the black furred Motavian vanished past the guilds entrance, only to return shortly thereafter. "I got a juicy one! Remember that tall castle across from Mile? Apearantly some people went to explore it and haven't returned. We'll get a * 8,000 meseta if we retrieve them!"

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, '07, 11:15 pm 
"Do you mind if I join you guys?" Trey asked. He had nowhere else to go, there was noone he could turn to at the time. "If you don't mind I'd like to stay with you guys for awhile. Maybe I can figure somethings out if I travel with you." He said. The motavian had no need not to take him, he could easily tell that Trey was a well trained fighter. It was all a matter of opinion with the other members of the group if Trey could accompany them or not.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, '07, 2:09 am 
Sane finally made his way to Aiedo. He had to get to that single point. If that item was there then he knew. If it wasn't then, well... Sane heard a cry for help. He ran towards it and down the alley that held the pleaing victim. A small group of thugs were surrounded around a young girl. Sane charged in bare handed. he punched the nearest thug sending him hard to the ground. "Who the hell do you think you are?!" one of the thugs said. "You know guys, you might have thought this was your lucky day because you would finally get laid," Sane smirked at his comment, "But your wrong, today is the day you lose to an unarmed man." Sane tossed his sword to the side. "Wrong move. This is your funeral." Two of the thugs charged at Sane. He stood there until they got near and kicked one of them in the stomach hard. The other one swung, Sane dodged it and grabbed his arm flipping him then kicking him in the chest. Sane looked at the other 3. "Get him you idiots!" the thug said. He started to drag the girl with him into the streets as Sane was left with the other two. They had knives out and charged at Sane. He wasted no time taking them out.
"Now it's his turn," Sane said running in the direction where the thug went. He heard a scream then laughed when he heard which direction it was coming from. The idiot was taking her towards the hunter's guild. Sane ran towards the scream, the Terrace blade strapped to his back.
(OOC) Trey... heh, nice pic... I remember it well...

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, '07, 4:01 am 
"Well," Rose said, tapping her chin, "I've got no real objection to having another companion, aside from having to split the reward four ways." She laughed a little, then added, "No, really. All kidding aside, Trey, I'd be glad to have you along."

Turning to Ryn, she then said, "And Ryn, the sandworm stew sounds delightful. Not too keen on the locusta legs, but I suppose they're better than they soun-"


The sound of a young woman screaming tore down the avenue, alerting the four companions. With a nod, Rose drew her daggers, already following her companions. Not fifteen feet into their run, Rose used Sa Ner just as she had done on Palma, only adding Shina and Trey into her tech's targeting circles. The four were surrounded by cyan light, and Aiedo started to blur as they ran towards the scream.

She could see three people approaching- a scarred, ugly man dragging a young woman whose clothing was torn, both of whom were being followed by another man, wielding a two-handed sword.

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