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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, '07, 4:11 am 
"Let's go!" Trey yelled out as he began running ahead of the group. The three amazed at Trey's amazing speed. Trey unsheathed Luna and Gaia and blocked the path of the thug carrying the girl. "Get out of my way punk! Or you're * is next." The thug threatened Trey. Ayn, Rose and Shina finally caught up with him, drawing their weapons they also blocked the thugs path. "Theres nothing.. nothing more I hate than when someone wants to harm another person.. Especially a little girl!" Trey yelled out, pointing his slasher towards the thug. The man who was chasing the thug came to a stop behind the thug, drawing his sword.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, '07, 6:47 am 
Shina was only half awake, part of her was flashing back to the moment she saw that powerful army, even though it didn't seem the same dimension they were even in. The creatures she was seeing were more powerful than anything that she had fought in the past before. So far as she could remember. The scream broke her inconsious state a fast movement sped her along with her friends and they caught up to the newest members first stike, his speed competing even with her skills. She was faily impressed. A single thug lasted facing the sword-bearer. Shina hadn't had a chance any better than this in a while. "Shift!" She said as she sped up to the other two her arm swung out to the side hitting the thug precisely square on the side of his head, shift kicking in to give it the power it needed to send him several meters from her simple drive-by. She cocked out a grin and gave a small snort how easy he was.
The woman was near paralyzed from the thugs and dropped to her knees.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, '07, 7:32 am 
OOC: Trenzer, I need you to make you character weaker. As of right now, he has an increadibly heroic past and has already saved someone. Everyone here comes from a humble background. I also need you to equip your character with some cannon equipment. This takes place before the death of Profound Darkness, so your charas background needs to be modified to fit this. Other than that, it's all good bro. 8D

Kaloes, you can only be in control of your own character. Don't manipulate any characters other than your own and NPCs.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, '07, 4:59 pm 
(OOC: umm, ok? usually in rpin it doesn't matter if you make someone elses character give a sorta expression as a smile or if they're running because if not then for example the group runs to save a kid, my guy gets there but then where did everyone else go, did they just stay there? its just from my point of view, from everyone elses they're catching up continuing as normal not from where i left off, if u did then your guys just magically warped, its good in rpin to use others such as catching up as long as you don't give them major actions as speach or attacking, but anyways thats just how rp's i usually play in are.)

One of the thugs previous members ran up towards the girl without anyone noticing. He thrusted his knife towards the girl as she stared blanklessly towards the group. "Wha!" The thug said as his knife stabbed nothing but air. Looking up he noticed a small trail of dust leading away, only to notice Trey, standing there with the girl in his arms. "What!? How!? Noones that fast!?" He said, staring at Trey, a look of seriousness and anger in his eyes. "You ok? Trey asked the girl. He placed her down, she hid herself underneath his cloak, grabbing onto his tunic. "Huh? I remember something like this." He said, remembering a little bit from his past. "" He mumbled. The thugs readied themselves for a fight, it was three on five and they weren't ready to lose. "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe." Trey said as he held Luna in his right hand, keeping a safe grasp on the girl with his left just in case he needed to fall back.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, '07, 12:47 am 
Heikabuchi, I know what you are saying so I will. My character is from another Rp on another board (Gamefaqs PSIV Board) Where there is a bunch of crap that happened. ANyhow, he does seem to have a heroic past because he did. In that RP PD was merely the one evil big bad guy's pet. But I could make my guy seem a bit rusty since he is too mega powerful. afterall I could make him seem like he stopped training for two years since the accident or something. But what he has on is good for him. This makes him more vulnerable that way which makes him a good target.

If you want you can read the crazy adventure here: ... c=32543563
and ... c=39729665

Just be glad I didn't give him his skill Sauna else bad stuff would happen...

So here is my characters new profile:

HP: 235
TP: 110

Name: Sane Terrace
Race: Palman
Age: 19
Techs: Foi, Wat, Zan, Res, Ryuka
Skills: Crosscut, Airslash, Final Strike (a 12 combo sword attack)


Head: N/A
Body: Cottonshirt
Left hand: Two-Hand
Right hand: Terrace Blade
feet: Sneakers


Primary battle type: (Melee)
Strength: 101
Agility: 198
Attack: 177
Defense: 128
Mental: 102

Bio: Sane is from an alternate universe. From a universe where there was a great collapse and darkness was brought forth to the world. However, he and a few others managed to slay what evil it was. The being was stronger than the Profound Darkness itself. Though he lost many allies during the fight. However, to him that was two years ago. Now he has gotten rusty because he stopped fighting. He was looking at his old sword which his grandfather made and had been sucked through a dimmensional portal leaving his love and friends behind. Sane is a master thief though he has gotten a bit rusty since his adventure. He has a scar on the right side of his face from just under his eyebrow to just below his chin.

Sane joined the battle. However he had the element of surprise by doing a baseball slide into one of the thugs legs. A move Sane hadn't tried in over four years. It was a bad mistake. The thugs landed on SAne winding Sane momentarily.The thug got up. "You *******! I'll be sure to kill you for that one." Sane didn't have enough time to raise his sword so instead he raised his hand, "FOI!" THe flame just missed the thugs head distracting him. That was how Sane had planned it. He kicked the thug in the knee causing him to collapse. The other two surrounded SAne.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, '07, 12:51 am 

The thugs charged the group, snarling and cursing their ill luck. Gripping her daggers, Rose considered the one on the right.

Hrmm. Knife-and-board, she thought, seeing his small shield. The guy on the left has... a needle gun!? Thought those were only legal on Dezolis! No matter.

Taking a step back from the thug with the knife and shield, Rose quickly shifted her gaze to the one with the needle gun. Her boots started radiating light as she felt her skill starting to initiate.


With a grunt, she leapt towards the first thug, her feet resting on his shield for an instant as she sprung off it, her daggers twirling as she flew towards the needle gun-user. Twin ribbons of blood flew from his torso as Rose found her mark, landing so she and the now-prone man flanked one of the thugs.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, '07, 9:14 pm 
The black furred motavian swept his axe from its holster, raised the blade, and charged into the brawl. His beak contorted as he parted from a battle cry while ramming his elbow into the neck of one man. Perhapes it was the heat of the moment, but he felt an intense rage towards the men that were attaking his freinds. Ryn eyes diolated and flashed breifly before he kicked off the ground, leaping a good two feet off the ground. When the motavian his the earth, his axe felled the previously mentioned thug from head to toe. Ryn was actualy taking great delight in the kill.
His rage was growing much stronger now and he found that his axe just wasn't fast enough. Ryn dropped his cherished axe and unholstered his twin steel titanium hunting knives. If not for the strange look in his eyes, his smile would have looked happy, but in this case it was a sinister expression. Ryn grunted as he rushed against a second thug, jamming his blade upward into the mans chin, halting the mans brain funtions. Ryn let go of his knife to enjoy the kill, but this was to his undoing.
All too quickly, Ryn found himself tackled to the ground. Upon further investigation, he found that a man much larger than he was had pinned him to the ground. It was then that he felt a severe stabbing pain in one of his two hearts. Ryn spat purple blood onto the sand, his mind quickly looking for a way out. That's when his rage subsided and he remembered he was amonth freinds. "HELP!"

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, '07, 11:29 pm 
"Here, wrap yourself in this." Trey said as he handed his cloak to the girl, revealing he was wearing a sleeveless jacket underneath. The girl hid behind some cans, wrapping herself in the cloak as Trey charged the man who had stabbed Ryn. "I'm coming!" Trey yelled out as he ran towards the two. The man pulled his knife out of Ryn and slashed at Trey, Trey using one of his slashers decided to go with close range combat instead of long range. "Leave.. my.. friends.. alone!" Trey yelled, even though he had only known Ryn and the team for only a few minutes he had already considered them friends thanks to their kindness. Trey let his balance go on purpose, making the thug thing he had the advantage. When the thug slashed downwards at Trey, he quickly ran behind the thug, placing this palm flat against the back of his head. "Flaeli" He whispered. A large fire bolt shot out of Trey's hand, blasting the thug into oblivion, Trey didn't know what had happened when he used this skill, he didn't even know he could do such a thing. Taking a few steps backwards he panicked and ran to where the girl was hiding, to keep his distance from everyone.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, '07, 3:13 am 
o O ( Trenzer: This may just be me being anal, but I'd like you to change your armor and boots into somthing canon. You don't have to, but it's just a suggestion. Other than that, it looks great. 8D )

Ryn bore his teeth while he rose to his feet. His anger overtook his actions once again as he charged into the final man. Someone had once said "There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded motavian". He wasn't sure who said it, but now he understood what they meant. Not even taking time to pull his axe, Ryn gripped the man from behind. The motavians muscles flexed wildly as he tore the mans shoulder from its socket. Even through the mans wailing shrills, Ryns battle cry could be heard. The motavian chambered the arm he held, then smacked the limb across its owners neck, making it instantly go limp. Only then did Ryn drop to one knee. He realized that he had resorted to extremely savage manuvers, probobly because his wounds were severe. Ryn could tell that his movements were getting sluggish. The Motavians vision blurred for a long momment before he remembered that the stab wound on his back hadn't been treated. "Qo'.." He pulled the mantle from his torso and exaimined the clothing. Further investigation revealed a large sploth of purple blood across the nape of the mantle.
If he had the strength, he would have called for Shina. He knew that she had the gift of healing, but she also had a bad habit of spacing out in the middle of battle. A breif scan to his left and right revealed nothing.

"Damnit Shina.. where are you when I need you most?"
Thats when he remembered it. That technique that Trey had used. He had witnessed the strange blue haired man in Tonoe using the same spell. A powerful fire technique. Like an overcharged Foi. If Try was capable of that, then he was probobly capable of a simple Res tehcnique.
Under normal circumstances, Ryn would have cast Res upon himself but ,as the situation was, he was too dazed to recall how to use it. He didn't typicaly practice with his Techniques.
Have to remember to use those more often.. he thought to himself. Eridicate was a nice manifestation of magic, but in situations such as this one, it did no good.
"Tre..." was all he managed to get out before a Monsterfly swooped overhead.
"Awwe, hell.." Ryn swore to himself as he reached for his mantle. If nothing else, it would protect him from a little bit of damage.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, '07, 5:13 am 
(Hmmm, this is odd, I was sure I posted something here, I read over it. too late XD)

Once again Shina found herself completely zoned in the fight, it took a huge noise of Ryn's scream along with a one armed man's terror to bring her to again. "Curses..." She muttered, a quick triple spell combo ought to even the odds. "NaSar!" Immediately the entire teams wounds began to rejuvenate, "Shift!" Power welled up in a fountanous spurt as her final move was shot out, "Disrupt!" With unbelievable speed Shina gave each foe a good slash with both claws, the fury of her shift increasing her power 3 times over, and the surge of life provided by NaSar fueled her as she mutilated a large chunk of both Bio-monsters and criminals. She was starting to enjoy this. "Doran!" The targetted enemies slowed considerably, though her breath was now heavy, one good more strike. She targeted the biggest foe, resisting a good deal of strikes. "Eliminate..." She said in a pant, and without needing to move blinked herself to his front, and with a severe jab, sliced his vitals into bits without the mess. In less than half a second of her appearance the bulk of a man fell to the ground without so much as a grunt.

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