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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, '11, 6:15 am
This here is a special thread and mini story collection, which is going to overtime fill up with information all about my Accepting Fate fan fiction. I plan to include full character biographies for each character too (and I mean FULL); as well as list notes and other things that I had in mind while writing this series of chapters set within the world of the classic Phantasy Star games.

I'm also going to post some notes and small chapter inserts which were cut from the final product here as well so they can be read.

If anyone else wants to do anything similar for their stories I highly recommend it. It's a good way to store ideas and things you don't want to forget, and what help develop the final product. I hope you enjoy reading what I have here and please ask me questions if you have any. I'd be happy to answer them.

One last thing: It will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read my works before, just letting you know!

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