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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, '11, 10:38 am
Profound Darkness in Accepting Fate

PD = Profound Darkness

The Profound Darkness is the final boss that appears at the end of Phantasy Star IV on the Sega MegaDrive (Genesis). It is the source of all things evil, and chaotic as well as the creator of the well known entity Dark Force who terrorises the Algol solar system every 1,000 years.

In the Accepting Fate storyline the Profound Darkness is the main villain and has managed to escape from it's seal much earlier than planned. It's still unknown how this happened. The PD then hides it's true form inside a black hole light-years away from any of the planets in Algol, and begins playing a game of puppeteer to puppet with a young girl named Elisa located on Palma. PD possess the girl's body and starts using her to awaken certain demons and other dark creatures within Algol. She also uses her to commit mass murders in small towns and villages located on Palma and Motavia to terrify and corrupt her mind all the while getting enjoyment out of it.

Although the PD is generally meant to be genderless; in Accepting Fate, PD is actually “Female” and the Great Light is viewed as male. This also helps go along with the two main characters Autumn and Elisa both being young women themselves.

Possession of Elisa:
We never actually see the Profound Darkness's true form in Accepting Fate (period). We do however learn of her and her motives through my second heroine Elisa; who she takes a hold of for the first story arc. She purposely chose Elisa to torture mentally and physically because of her innocence and kind nature. She hoped to corrupt her enough that she could use her as an endless supply of evil energy, pushing her goals even further along much faster. Fortunately for Elisa she never succeeded at this task; thanks to the god Re-Faze extracting her evil grip from Elisa's body.

Relationship with Dark Force:
In Accepting Fate PD is the leader of all dark beings (eg: Chaos Sorcerers, Prophallus, Fiends etc...), and she has absolutely no respect for them what so ever and only uses them to gain what she desires. Dark Force however is the only being she holds any respect for. She even goes as far as to raise Medusa from the dead after being killed by Alis Landale over 1,000 years ago, to act as a distraction and be killed by hunters, to release Dark Force from his seal unnoticed. It's unknown if Dark Force has any respect in return for PD in Accepting Fate however at the present time.

A Description on the Profound Darkness:
Here is a segment I wrote on describing what the Profound Darkness's true form looks like. It's the final form seen in PSIV.

Suddenly a large black figure emerged from the swirling purple mass of dark energy. It was huge, hundreds of meters upon hundreds of meters in height. The figure then stretched itself out. Its form was that of a female human in shape. Her skin was pitch black all over. Wholesome red eyes opened in various parts of her body, from her hips to the very center of her forehead. Large fleshy masses of spikes emerged from her back they also had evil red eyes spread out all over them. They were all randomly blinking and looking around. Electrifying green hair hung messily from her head along with long slender spines. Just to the outside of her navel bulging veins located themselves filled with gallons of evil energy fuelling her colossal body.” ~ Lucas Hansen


“Algol, your time has RUN OUT!!!” ~ Profound Darkness

“Not even the gods of Rykros combined, hold a candle to MY POWER!!!” ~ Profound Darkness

Additional notes on PD:
*I wanted to take what Sega had already provided and expand on the creature, in terms of giving it a personality that just made you want to hate her so much. I sure as hell hate my version of the PD. I think she's twisted and horrible and should be locked away for life.
*From the very beginning I was going to use PD as my main villain, other huge villains such as Dark Force and Medusa would appear but they got far more screen time in the games and more in-depth explanations on their motives. I wanted to do the same for PD in Accepting Fate.
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