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PostPosted: Sat Jul 2, '11, 10:36 am
Character Profile #2: Elisa Bragwin

Name: Elisa
Last Name: Bragwin
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Eye Colour: Electric Blue
Hair Colour: Dark Orange
Height: 5'6” ft
Weight: 54 kg
Next of Kin: Mother and Father (Whereabouts unknown, both believed to be deceased), Autumn (Childhood friend)
Occupation: N/A
Weapon of Choice: N/A
Planet of Origin: Palma (Currently resides on Motavia however)
Likes: Going for long walks, cute animals, beautiful scenery
Dislikes: People who take advantage of others, large crowds, the Profound Darkness
Hobbies: Reading fantasy novels
Idol: Autumn Erra
Alignment: Good

Power Grid:
Intelligence: 4
Strength: 1
Speed: 3
Durability: 2
Energy Projection: 5
Fighting Skills: 1

Power grid ratings are scored between a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 7

Elisa is a loving and caring young woman. She is very well spoken and polite too, often around others she remains quiet and keeps to herself rather than trying to be out in the open such as Autumn would. In saying that, she is also a very fragile person and can get upset easily, and takes what people say to her to heart. She also spends a lot of time reading too, as she believes knowledge is the key to anything and everything in life.

Weapons & Techniques:
Unlike Autumn and Will, Elisa does not fight with any weapons. She does however have the ability to produce techniques with her bare hands but chooses not too as she doesn't have full control over the output. She is strongly against any form of violence in general.

Elisa as “The Tormented One”:
An entirely separate article will be up soon dealing with information about when Elisa became possessed by the Profound Darkness.

Relationship with Autumn:
Elisa and Autumn both met at a very young age as they both grew up in the same orphanage on Palma. Both girls also had lost both of there parents for unexplained reasons. Autumn is also the only reason Elisa has ever ventured out into the world, they would often go exploring places together on Palma, and Autumn gave Elisa the courage she needed to go out and do these things. Also out of both girls Elisa usually thinks things through the most and sometimes had to take action if she felt they were ever going to do anything to dangerous while exploring.

Autumn would on several occasions sneak into Elisa's room at the orphanage and comfort her until she fell asleep when she was suffering from depression at a young age. Even now she remains by Elisa's side and ventured to an entirely different planet to bring her back from the Profound Darkness. Autumn and Elisa together are the definition of “Friends for Life” in Accepting Fate.

Elisa's orphanage clothing is what she wears for most of the story and is but a simple sleeveless white dress, which ends just above her knees. She also wears sandals for her footwear unlike Autumn who wears running shoes. A small white flower sits in her hair above her left ear too. At the start of the second story arc Elisa has another dress that is very similar but is pink in colour.

Personal issues:
Much like Autumn, Elisa to has her own issues, the major one being depression which she unfortunately has suffered for a large majority of her life. On many occasions she would cry herself to sleep each night at the orphanage. Fortunately when she is around Autumn her spirits and hope both lift significantly. She also suffers from repeated nightmares and trauma from when the Profound Darkness possessed her and made her do horrible things to others against her will. Also like Autumn, Elisa to has a phobia that occurs when she is around large crowds of people, it's called “Demophobia”. She usually becomes very uncomfortable and feels as though she needs her own space and leaves quickly. This phobia has only occurred since after she was possessed. Possibly due to her uncontrollably killing large amounts of people.


“My biggest problem is I let my emotions get the better of me all the time” ~ Elisa Bragwin

“I'm glad we became friends Autumn” ~ Elisa Bragwin

Additional notes for Elisa:
*Out of my three main girls (heroines), the others being Autumn and DG, Elisa is by far the most feminine, in nearly all aspects of character.
*Elisa is the kind of character I created for the reader to feel sorry for. Out of all my characters she gets hurt the most especially doing things against her will, and that she also suffers from depression on top of that. She's the kind of character I wanted the reader to take close to themselves and say if she was a real person I'd look after her. Storywise Autumn plays that role.
* Elisa's last name is very similar to Alys Brangwin's last name who appears in Phantasy Star IV. However Elisa's last name is missing the “n” making it Bragwin.
* I associate Elisa with butterflies which usually appear in the artwork I have done of her. As butterflies are very beautiful but at the same time fragile, just like Elisa is.

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