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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, '11, 6:19 am
Accepting Fate (Overview)

Accepting Fate is an alternate retelling of the events within the classic Phantasy Star games. It borrows heavy elements from both the original Phantasy Star game on the Sega Master System and Phantasy Star IV for the Sega MegaDrive (Genesis). Such as enemies, the names of techniques and attacks, right down to actual characters such as the Gods of Rykros and Alis Landale herself.

Accepting Fate spans a total of three story arcs, all set within the Algol Solar System. The large majority of events takes place on the desert planet Motavia. The story follows two teenage heroines a human girl named Elisa, and a numan girl named Autumn. (although Elisa is absent for a lot of the first half of the story)

Accepting Fate is an action heavy story with several combat scenes in a lot of chapters, it also contains frequent supernatural themes. Mostly demonic possession thanks to the main villain, none other than the Profound Darkness itself, who is the final boss in Phantasy Star IV.

Overall Accepting Fate deals with Elisa and Autumn both pitted against titanic evils that normal people simply cannot overcome. This on several occasions makes their lives very difficult and hard to cope with.

The Three Story Arcs:

Elisa Saga: The Elisa saga is the first story arc in Accepting Fate. It deals with numan girl Autumn, travelling to Motavia in search of her friend Elisa who was possessed by the Profound Darkness to strengthen it's ever growing evil powers. Autumn meets several other significant characters such as William and two motavians Hank and Isa. The Gods of Rykros, Medusa (from PS1) and Dark Force also appear within the first story arc. (This story arc is complete, and it spanned a total of 16 chapters)

Terrors from the Past: Is the second saga in Accepting Fate. It takes place after Elisa has been rescued and is slowly getting over her emotional trauma from the possession of the Profound Darkness. This story arc also introduces another new villain by the name of Olga-Flow (originating from Phantasy Star Online). It also promises to go in-depth with William's past. (Progress is currently on hold for this story arc)

Untitled Final saga: ------

Other Notes:
*All numans age at the same rate as human beings in Accepting Fate. Which is why Autumn being a 17 year old numan girl looks as youthful as Elisa who is a 17 year old human girl.

Accepting Fate: Artificial Heartbeat (Overview)

Artificial Heartbeat is a spin off series that takes place sometime after the Elisa story arc in the original Accepting Fate saga. It is not related to the main three story arcs and is more of an alternate retelling of the second story arc.

Artificial Heartbeat also borrows elements from the original Phantasy Star games. Strong elements include Hapsby, Motherbrain and mention of Alis Landale again. Alys Brangwin and Nei also make brief appears as played by the main character Digital Girl (DG) during her body transformations.

As already mentioned the name of the heroine in this story is DG. She is another original character and is actually a computer program that came into existence after a clash between Hapsby and the Motherbrain. Both Autumn and Elisa from Accepting Fate will also appear in this story other character such as Will and the motavians Hank and Isa will be mentioned but will star no roles.

Unlike Accepting Fate which is quite action heavy, Artificial Heartbeat will focus more on the growth of one character in particular which is DG, and the effects she has on the Algol solar system, and the characters around her.

(This story will only be one arc long. Unlike Accepting Fate which will span three arcs. Also, DG will not make an appearance or a mention in the original Accepting Fate story and is an exclusive character to this storyline only.)

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