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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, '11, 10:31 am
Character Profile #1: Autumn Erra

Name: Autumn
Last Name: Erra
Species: Numan
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Eye Colour: Scarlet Red
Hair Colour: Harlequin Green
Height: 5'6” ft
Weight: 55 kg
Next of Kin: Mother and Father (Whereabouts unknown, both believed to be deceased), Elisa (Childhood friend)
Occupation: Apprentice Hunter
Weapon of Choice: Long hand claws (80cm)
Planet of Origin: Palma (Currently resides on Motavia however)
Likes: Exploring strange places, Being active, Owlbears
Dislikes: Arrogant people, Sandworms, Multiple dead bodies
Hobbies: Performing card tricks
Idol: Alis Landale
Alignment: Good

Power Grid:
Intelligence: 4
Strength: 4
Speed: 6
Durability: 6
Energy Projection: 2
Fighting Skills: 5

Power grid ratings are scored between a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 7

At first glance Autumn comes across as a hyperactive, outgoing young woman. It also seems she has little time for those who fall behind her. In truth she is quite a kind numan and very protective of her closest friends. She is also extremely loyal to them, and would at any-time put herself before them in danger. However she has absolutely no patience for anyone she feels is a threat, completely weird or just plain arrogant. If anyone of the above come into contact with her she usually turns hostile quite quickly, especially if her friends get caught up in it too.

As a person, Autumn finds it quite hard to open up to other people, the only person she has ever been so trusting to is her best friend Elisa. It was also quite a surprise to her when she found she could open up to William (Will), and told him she was struggling fighting as hunter and just wanted her friend back more than anything (Elisa). They are also the only two people in the entire of Algol who have seen tears fall from her bright red eyes.

Weapons & Techniques:
Much like the numan tradition in Phantasy Star II and IV, Autumn's choice of weapon is the hand claw. However hers are longer than that of Nei and Rika, giving her more reach. She also learns the skill called “Disrupt” which is learned by Rika in PSIV, this allows her to have multiple illusions of herself appear and deal destructive slashing damage. This is Autumn's strongest form of attack (period). Her fast reflexes and speed also make her attacks much more effective.

Autumn is one of the only main characters in Accepting Fate to receive injuries; from small things such as cuts and bruises to more significant things such as a broken nose and cracked ribs. Unfortunately for her she is unable to perform healing spells such as GiSar. But she has a high level of durability, mostly due to the fact she has biomonster cells in her body. She she can withstand a lot of physical damage, more than a normal human could, and still find the energy to walk away after it's over.

Unlike Nei and Rika who wear a skimpy one-piece suit, I wanted Autumn to be more relatable in her clothing. For starters she lives on the desert planet Motavia which is quite hot and dry. Her clothing is based on more modest beach style clothing; consisting of a dark blue sleeveless shirt (singlet), and a set of surfing-shorts (boardshorts), which are also blue, and support a yellow urban style lightning design on the lower half. As seen in artwork, her pyjamas consist of a more skimpier purple singlet and a purple bikini/panties bottom, suitable for the hot nights on Motavia.

Personal issues:
To also make her more relatable to real world people (yes me and you) Autumn has her own issues that lots of other fictional characters would never receive, or have mentioned. Her main issue is her really weak stomach, at the sight of multiple corpses or the smell of dead bodies or animals she becomes ill and usually makes a run for it. Although being a hunter involves extermination missions, she tries her best not to let this get in her way of completing her assigned tasks. She also exhibits a mild case of “Scoleciphobia”, which is a fear of worms. This also explains why she hates sandworms so much and feels powerless around them.


“Try keep up with my pace!” ~ Autumn Erra

“You can drop a brick wall on me, and I’ll assure you I’ll still walk out of that rubble!” ~ Autumn Erra

Additional notes for Autumn:
*Autumn was originally going to be called “Summer” before I finalised her name. I wanted to name a heroine after one of the four seasons.
*Cat is out of the bag now. Autumn's astounding hair length was inspired by two characters I greatly adore. Elly Van Houten from Xenogears, and KOS-MOS from Xenosaga; which are two science fiction RPG's made by Tetsuya Takahashi.
*Her last name Erra, is the last name of the newman “Karen Erra” who appears in the first Phantasy Star Universe game.
*Her owlbear's name is “JooJoo” and is male. It's unknown if I will put him in the story, for now he just appears in artwork for comic relief and similar things.

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