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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, '14, 3:47 am 
Even though I have posted this in other place, I'm going to post here also some info about my upcoming Phantasy Star I remake (20 days to go).

Screenshots can be seen in Orakio's blog, where I asked for a title suggestion for this game (I'm not authorized to post URLs here yet, so please remove the spaces!):
gazetadealgol . com . br/blog/?p=2394

The game is going to be complete, i.e., you can play with Alis from the beginning until the end with all working features (battles, items, spells, dungeons, cities), and fresh new ones, like a new hidden motavian city, new weapons and 15 new monsters. It's going to be released in two languages: English and Portuguese.

In order to offer a little more to Phantasy Star fans, I'm also including two alternative game types, named "Start as Tylon (Odin)" and "Start as Lutz (Noah)", where you can see what happen before they meet Alisa.

There are tons of planned features for the future, and I'm really going to appreciate any feedback.

Best regards,
Rafael, the Esper.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, '14, 9:50 pm 
Rafael, thanks for the link ! This site, Gazeta de Algol, is so great ! I visit it on a regular basis and even if the site is in portugese, it's not too far from french so I can understand most of the comments ans texts ! :) Unfortunately, impossible to understand all but that is great indeed !
End of the cut !

Thanks about those informations ! I'll try to follow it more as your project continue to grow :)
The game seems to be great and the fact that you can start with Tyrone and Lutz is so great ! Interesting to have more "information" on those two characters and their life before the greatest adventure of all times, which started it all... :)
And great that you have taken the original japanese names too !

PostPosted: Sat Feb 1, '14, 5:21 pm 
Hello, Myau. Je parle un peu de français - I have studied it for a long time now, and I was also planning a French translation, like: "Nero! Que s'est il passé?! Ne meurt pas!". I know there is already a ROM French version, but without accents, and my Remake is also an extended version. Maybe you could help with this in the future. :idea:

I am expecting more feedback from the fans, so I can make last minute changes according to their wishes. But maybe it's better to release it soon, and work for a new version afterwards.

Thank you for your opinions, the game is complete and almost ready to be launched, I'm just adding some peripheral features like music/sound volume and automated testing.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 1, '14, 11:01 pm 
Hello Rafael ! Enchanté ! A long time ago ? How many years ? :) Always impressive to "meet" french speaking persons of foreign origin ! :)
The translation about Nero's speech is great ! Except just "meurt" : it's best to write "meurs" but it doesn't matter ! :)
I've tried and started to play the french Rom version but you're right, there isn't any accents ...but that is not a real problem.
Give a hand in the feature ? It'll be a real pleasure to help you as far as I can ! An extend version ? What do you mean exactly ? Ah ok I understand ! You have spoken about those new fatures in your first post here ! Great.

I think that the best is the second solution : release it as soon as possible and maybe make a second version later to correct what is needed to be corrected.

Ah the game is complete ? And ready to launch ? I can't wait to try it ! :clap:
See you soon ! Myau.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 5, '14, 12:27 pm 
I'm studying French since 2006, and I've been in Paris in 2007. It's going to be very easy to provide new translation for my Phantasy Star Remake, because there is a single .properties file with all text there (including menus, character names, items, etc).

I'm going to release the game this month, and then I'll provide a link to download.

Thanks for your support.

Rafael, the Esper

PostPosted: Wed Feb 5, '14, 9:55 pm 
You're welcome ! And thanks for the news :) There is a single properties files ? that is cool and will make it not too haard to make possible.
Happy to seee that the game is going to be released this month ! I'm eager to try it soon :) Take all the time you need !
How will it be possible to play it ? With an emulator or else ... ?

About french studying, that is great ! From 2006 ? So now you must be fluent ? I hope you are ! And you were in Paris in 2007 but for how much time ?

Regards, Myau.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 8, '14, 4:31 pm 
Hello, Myau. You can play the game on your PC, as it's made with Java, without an emulator. In principle, it's compatible with any platform that supports Java (like Windows, Linux, Mac, and so on).

About my French, I used to be fluent, at least on the two weeks I was in France. I'm still able to read long novels, and I plan to focus again on the speaking skill, as I'm planning a trip this year. French is not very distant from my native language (Portuguese), although Spanish is easier.

I'll keep you informed about the game.


PostPosted: Sun Feb 9, '14, 10:01 pm 
Ah ok ! I don't really know Java and how it is working but my two brothers, that are working in computer science, must know ! I'll ask them :)

Abnout french, if you're able to read long novels, it's great and you surely are fluent ! Ah you're planning a trip this year ? Do you know where ? :)
You're right, all latin languages are very near ! last day, I was reading a portugese texte and I understood most of it ! I've studied spanish, even if I've forgotten most of it but you're right the two languages aren't very far ! Same goes for romanian : my girlfriend is from Romania and as it's a latin language too, it's not too far (like Italian too).

Thank you about keeping me informed ! See you soon :)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, '14, 10:11 pm 
Sadly I can't understand a word. Can you post a link here when the game's available?I'll give it a go.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, '14, 8:29 pm 
Yes it's hard to understand ! When you speak a latin language it's not so hard but frome someone who speak English, it's surely much more harder ! But rafael has promised to give a link or to tell us when the game will be avaiable ! I'm eager to try it ! :)

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