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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, '14, 12:49 pm 
I can do that?

I'm not sure if I have found a bug. When I'm on Noah's cave, there's a secret door on the second level (the level where Noah is) that leads to a stairs to a secret level. All maps I use show this a staircase going DOWN, which makes sense. You can't go up, you'd end up in the middle of the first floor. However your game shows a staircase UP. I don't know how it is in the original game, but maybe you could check up on that. Maybe you swapped a tile.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, '14, 1:17 pm 
Another thing. Beggars ask for PelorieMate but take the Monomate. I of course understand why this is, in the original they asked for Cola and you had Cola. But it makes little sense here. Perhaps you should rename Monomate to PelorieMate or the other way around.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, '14, 1:40 pm 
Octopus foes attack twice. Is that intended?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, '14, 3:41 pm 
Another stair-issue. The tunnel to Skure uses a stairs UP at the end (stairs from tunnel to Skure). This should be DOWN as well.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, '14, 5:08 pm 
One foe is called "Enemy_Drainer_Crab". Seems like you forgot to give it a proper name, I think it should be "Drainer Crab" (also without underscores).

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, '14, 9:09 pm 
Imressie FOGELTJE ! All your commentaries and bug "hunt" and many all things ! I try not to see all of them because >I don't want to see all of the game before playing it but that is amazing ! Enjoy the game and continue to do this ! :clap:
And sure, good work Rafael !! Thanks again about it !

PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, '14, 10:14 pm 
I'm up to the Baya Malaya tower now, done everything else (although I will go back and buy the landrover, the lava is really damaging in retrospect). Add another wrong staircase for the other Dezoris townpassage.

I like what you've done so far. I like how you made more "boss fights" by inserting special foes for some things, like the Skeleton Guard in Iala. I didn't like the way the Cyclops, guarding the Prism, turned out to be honest. I am curious about the spells I can still learn, I see you have introduced more powerful versions of Cure and Fire. Both should be highly useful! One question: in the item file I saw a Laconian Mail. I haven't found it yet, but I haven't checked out the dungeon chests that were empty in the original game. Should I have found this mail before the Baya Malaya tower? I've done everything else, at least everything that was in the original game. I can imagine I might get it from the Shadow in Lassic's aircastle.

I see you try hard to tie this game in with the successors, like the Big Scorpios enemies on Dezoris, many renamings, even naming the Dezorian Aukba, that was a nice touch! I see you removed the second Dr. Mad from the Baya Malaya passage cave, shame, I always liked killing him a second time.

The Ice Digger controls are sometimes sluggish. When I dig into a soft mountain, often I can't move into every direction for some reason (and no I'm not at the edge). The problems in town persists also. Sometimes townfolk seem to block me, even though the road should be wide enough.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, '14, 3:52 am 
Hello, Fogeltje. Thanks again for all your testing! The PelorieMate vs Monomate issue was already spotted (but not solved), and regarding all the other minor bugs you described, I'm going to fix them as soon as possible.

The ice digger movement is kind of an intended effect, because it's not as easy to cut ice. You should go back and forth in order to cut the ice efficiently.

I really would have liked to add more spells and items, in order to balance the game, but I was busy with other issues.

Octopus attack more than once, because they have a lot of tentacles. I added some special attacks to some monsters. Were you able to spot all new enemies?

Regarding your question inside the spoiler tag, I will give just one tip: there is a secret motavian city. PM me if you want to know the exact location (even though it's not as hard as it seems to spot it on the map).

Rafael, the Esper

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, '14, 5:56 pm 
Yes, I've seen dozens of new enemies. I really hated the sworm type with Thunder! Ruined my day when a party of four ALL Thundered on me, hehe. But I don't think I've seen them all yet. I've still got some ??? in the enemies tab. I'll keep looking.

As for the secret city, I'll go search for it. If I can't find it, I'll PM you.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, '14, 11:05 pm 
Found it :D And a new dungeon. I will try it tomorrow as I will have to draw the map. My memory is not good at this time of the day.

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