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 Post subject: AW 3327
PostPosted: Tue Oct 7, '08, 7:53 am 
Special thanks to Snorb and Kaloes.

1041 years after struggle between Chaz and the Profound Darkness. Eternal peace seemed to last for what seemed like ages. However, peace was not meant to be without evil. So chaos set in. 26 years have passed and the Chaos Era ended. two years pass and everything seems to be in order. Though, biomonsters seem to be building up and are becoming a problem. Two years after the chaos era, a new struggle arises. How will everyone fair?

1: NO God Mode! This usually tends to ruin the fun out of RP's IMO! Therefore I am banning it from this RP.
2: NO controlling other peoples characters unless they give you permission.
This does not allow you to wreck that characters image. Just for a line or
3: You may have only one character. If not enough people participate, than you may have two. No more.
4: Everyone will be given 5000 Meseta to start with. With that Meseta you may buy equipment, supplies, and Techs. NO secret stashes. Price list is same as PSIV.

- Palma 2: First planet. Artificial. Made in AW 2987 by scientists John Dragon, and Kent Graham. It is the most beautiful planet of all.
- Motavia: Second planet. During AW 2636, Motavia's desertification stopped thanks to Nami Montri's climate control system. Now seems tropical.
- Dezolis: Third planet. During AW 2631, Niel Montri made a climate control system to make the weather on Dezolis tolerable.
- Rykros: Fourth planet. Crystalized planet which drops by every 1000 years. Lost Cause.
- Edagura: Fifth Planet. A planet inhabited by creatures called Edagurans who look like a numan but instead have dog in their DNA. The planet is completely odd and switch orbits from one universe into Algo.
-All satelites remained the same. With of course, the same functions if not, improved
-Montri: Sattelite. Controls both Motavia and Dezolis' climate.
-Dragham: Sattelite. Controls Palma 2.

Tech System:
This is the future. It is very rare to find someone who knows a technique naturally. Therefore, there are Tech Shops in Algo to supply you with these useful abilities, for a price of course.
-determining tech price: All you have to do to determine the price of a technique is simply add two zeros to the end of the TP cost. [ex. NaThu: TP 16 - Price 1600 Meseta (Must have Tsu and GiThu)]
-there is a 16 tech limit for each character. If you have all 16 techs and want another, you must forget one of your older techs. However, if you have a complete set, (Tsu, GiThu, NaThu) and get rid of a basic (Tsu) then you will lose all techs in that group (no more Tsu, GiThu, NaThu)

Skill System
Skills are more commonly found in Algo. All it takes is a little time.
-Skills are learned over time. It will take X amount of posts to learn a new skill.
-You start with one skill, after every 30 posts with that character, you gain another skill.
-You may only have 10 skills.
-2 skill, 5 skill, 7 skill, 10 skill may be custom made.
-beginning of each post beside character(s) name, put a number representing post count.

Meseta System
Meseta. A wonderful thing that takes a major role in this RP. Without it, you'd be virtually useless.
There are 2 ways to make money
-Work for it: Harder but pays more, you don't get paid right away
-Steal it: Easier but only gets you 1/2, you get paid right away, and you may only steal once a day
-Price list same as PSIV
-Things sold at 1/2 price (does not apply to trading with characters)
-No secret stashes
-Everyone starts with 5000
-You may buy items off each other or give each other Meseta

Character Template
General stuff:
~Eye Color
~Hair Color:
~Hair Style:
~Facial Hair:

Reminder: At the beginning of the post or beside the characters name, be sure to post Meseta, and post number for that character.

Any questions, comments, concerns? PM me.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Oct 7, '08, 5:45 pm 
Name: Richard Jehon
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Race: Palman
Class: Fighter

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 176 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Spiky, with a small ponytail
Facial Hair: Five-o'clock shadow

~Head: Nothing
~Torso: Gray T-shirt
~Hands: Black fingerless gloves, with red pads on the back
~Legs: Battered blue jeans
~Feet: Leather athletic shoes
~Accessories: An old hair ribbon, tied around his left wrist

Head: Psychic Circlet (+5 Def/+5 Mnt)
Right Hand: Titanium Dagger (+10 Atk)
Left Hand: Graphite Shield (+11 Def)
Body: Graphite Suit (+16 Def)

Bio: The direct descendant of Chris Federle and Sara MacLeod from the last RP (and he has their wedding picture to prove it.) Richard's in training to become a Hunter. He has no idea he's about to have the worst day at work.
Other: Richard has a friend, who dreams of six demons coming to Algo. One of them looks like her.
Meseta: 210 MST
Techs: Wat, Gi Wat, 14 Tech Slots Remaining
Skills: Cross Slash [0 Posts]

Itempack: Monomate (5), Antidote (5)
Stockroom: Nothing

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 7, '08, 8:54 pm 
Name: Hiro Yamataki
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Palman
Class: Swordsman

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 157 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Brown
Hair Style: Short in back, long in front, covers left eye
Facial Hair: None
Other: Scar crossing through left eye

~Head: Nothing
~Torso: Black T-Shirt with green sweater overcoat
~Hands: Black fingerless gloves, with dark green padding back of the hand
~Legs: Dark blue Jeans with a patch on the left knee
~Feet: Black runners with blood red trim
~Accessories: Goggles: Black with white trim. A simple chain necklace, kind of worn

Head: None
Right Hand: Laser Sword (+58 Atk, +10 Dfs)
Left Hand: 2-Hand
Body: Titanium Mail (+15 Def)

Bio: Hiro is an ex-soldier during the Era of Chaos. He has done many things that he has come to regret and obtained his scar on his eye during a riot in AW 3324 when he was struck with a claw. He tends to be normally laid back but can get a little edgy due to his experiance in the Chaos era.
Meseta: 200 MST
Techs: Foi, GiFoi, 14 slots remaining
Skills: Rayblade [0 Posts]
Itempack: Monomate (4)

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Oct 8, '08, 4:01 pm 
Name: Rui
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Race: Palman
Class: Adventurer

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 131 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Cascade
Hair Style: Thin hair, short in back, long in front that hangs down over both eyes.
Facial Hair: None

~Head: None
~Torso: Blue faded tunic with a Red colored scarf wrapped around neck.
~Hands: None
~Legs: Long emerald-colored shorts that end above ankles.
~Feet: Sandles (Look like shoes from the back but appear to be sandles from the front)
~Accessories: A old pendant with a picture of a cascade-haired man, a scarlet-haired woman, and a violet-haired girl standing in front of a large building inside.

Head: Leather Band (+1 Def)
Right Hand: Laser Slasher (+12 Atk)
Left Hand: Titanium Slasher (+9 Def)
Body: Graphite Suit (+16 Def)

Bio: When Rui was a infant he was found near the Nurvus control system by the Human-like Android Demi. Not knowing if the infant would survive she took the infant back to Zelan and raised him. Twenty-One years later Rui left Zelan on a ship towards Palma II, where he travels around seeing new things and learns about Algo's history.
Other: Keeps to himself and seems somewhat of a loner, only opens up to Demi. Secretly has a crush on Demi and hopes after his travels end he shall return to her.
Meseta: 20 MST
Techs: Res, Deban 14 Tech Slots Remaining
Skills: Medice [0 Posts]
Itempack: Monomate (3), Dimate (2), Antidote (5),

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 8, '08, 8:32 pm 
(Richard Jehon, Neo Paseo on Motavia) [Post 1]

Richard sat at a sidewalk cafe's table, flipping through a small set of pictures he had with him. The first one was a blue-haired Numan woman, dressed in the typical scanty clothes all Numans seemed to wear, blowing a kiss to the camera with both hands. Some writing in the corner of the photo read, "To Ricky- Love Rumi <3"

He sighed, moving the photo behind another one- this one of himself and Rumi, surrounded by a few of their friends. Richard smiled at this- he remembered his friends' farewell party for him, where they had pooled their money to get him a "few basic Hunter necessities."

He continued to sit at the table, looking at his pictures, spending some time before the local Hunters' Guild office opened down the plaza.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 8, '08, 9:22 pm 
(Rui, Camineet Spaceport on Palma II) [Post 1]

The doors of the spaceport opened as Rui set foot on the sensor outside. Checking passport... Check confirmed. A mechanical voice spoke out as the floor began moving on its own. "*Sigh* I thought Palma would be more interesting."

Slowly approaching the counter he handed the young woman his passport. "Everything seems to be in order." She said as she stamped his passport and handed him a small card. "Your ship will be leaving for Motavia in approximately thirty minutes. Make sure you have everything and board the ship before it leaves." She explained to him.

Placing the card and passport inside his pouch Rui decided to walk towards the Visiphones located nearby. Pressing a series of numbers a image of a room appeard on the screen, a huge man covered in black walked by carring large amounts of metal as a green-haired woman turned towards the screen. "Rui! Its so good to hear from you. How's everything on Palma?" The woman said to him.

Sitting down in the chair Rui glanced at the screen with a smile on his face. "I've seen enough of this place Demi, I'm thinking about heading for Motavia next. Maybe stop by that hunters guild I've heard so much about." Rui replied. A loud noise of metal crashing in the background was heard as Demi turned quickly to the side.

"Thats good, you'll find that Motavia has vastly changed over the past few centuries. I've heard great things about the hunters guild as well. I have to help Wren, these controls won't take care of themselves." Demi said as she continuously typed on her control panel. "Alright, my ships about to leave anyways. I'll let you know when I arrive on Motavia." He replied. The two said goodbye and the screen flickered off. Rui made his way towards the docks where he would board a ship heading for Motavia.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 8, '08, 10:20 pm 
[Hiro, Neo Paseo on Motavia] [Post 1]

"What do you mean you don't serve my type here?!" Hiro yelled at the bartender. Hiro stood inside the Lucky Fin Tavern, the only tavern on Motavia that apparentally, doesn't serve palmans. Hiro could have easily have gone to another tavern or bar to drink, but he never could get along with Palmans since the Chaos Era.

"It's all the Palmans fault that the Chaos Era bega. And this tavern is a place of peace. Therefore by not serving you, we keep our peace." The Motavian barkeeper said. Hiro was furious. "If you truly want peace to stay in this place, I highly reccommend you let me buy a drink." The Motavian laughed and looked to a small group of people and nodded.

Before Hiro had a chance to react, his arms and legs were restrained. His small pack that he carried was grabbed too. They tossed him out the door. "I don't want to see you around here ever again, you filthy Palman." That's it, Hiro thought, He gone too far. Drawing his Laser Sword, a familliar sound rang through the air. Hiro charged. The Motavian had was shocked. The sword came in, speeding towards its pray at a great speed. It stopped.

The Motavian fell back, panting with terror. He looked at the sword and the at Hiro. "Why? Why did you stop?" The Motavian asked. "Let's just say I'm not a murderer. Content to solving everything with violence. Let's just say I know for what reasons it is okay to kill a man, and what reasons it is wrong to kill a man. Later." Hiro put his sword away and walked away, giving a slight wave motion with his right arm.

He walked for a few moments, stopping only to rest at the monument in the center of town.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 8, '08, 11:50 pm 
Hey guys, how about we do this? Instead of always having to update a character sheet every once in awhile so we can see how much meseta and how many items we have how about we have 1 post that is like a storage system? I'll give a explanation. My guy knows Demi, so say my guy earns some meseta and decides he wants to keep some of his items, well he can go to a machine located inside the shop and send it to his home (or storage system if you want to call it). So what ya say? Would make things a bit easier instead of updating and wasting a post. If ya want to let me know and I'll go ahead and make a spread sheet of how the storage system should look like.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, '08, 1:22 am 
I don't see why we can't just tack it onto the character sheets- we can just edit the post ^_^

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, '08, 6:03 am 
Doesn't matter to me....

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