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PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, '08, 3:29 pm 
Rui [Post 4]

Idiot! Watch your surroundings! Unless you want to die!

Rui heard the armor clad man yell to the casual clothed youth as he tackled him to the ground. Fire was still raining from the sky as Rui quickly dodged a fireball by jumping backwards. The thief had already escaped, climbing up the fire escape of the building he made his way towards the top.

"They must be together.. But why cause all this over a little purse?" He thought as he ducked behind the fountain. A large amount of water shot into the sky as the casual clothed man screamed Wat. "Young man, come here!" Rui heard a woman's voice speak to him. Turning to the side he noticed a young Numan crouched down behind a wall calling to him.

Keeping low Rui crawled over towards the woman, keeping somewhat out of sight from the attackers. "Good, you're alright. I don't know why you and your friends are doing this but if they can hold them off just a while longer you can manage to make it up the building through that door." She said as she pointed to the building.

"They're not my friends, I'm not even associated with them in any way." He replied. Glancing back towards the plaza Rui noticed the armor clad man launching the fireballs back with his sword. "Keep low, I'll try to make it up there unnoticed." Rui said to the Numan. Keeping low to the ground Rui sprinted to the building, clinging himself against the wall he opened the door and walked in. Glancing towards the building the armor clad man noticed Rui sneaking inside.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, '08, 2:55 am 
Hiro [post 5]
"Damn coward." Hiro said as he saw the other man run into a building. Hiro slashed at a fireball and put it out. "WAT!" The man in casual clothing said, releasing a water based element. Glancing to his left he saw where one attack was coming from. Lifting up his hand, Hiro aimed towards the hand. He had to time this just right. Now!

"FOI!" A flaming ball flew towards his target. "Bang." Hiro said in a casual way as the two fires met leading to a small explosion. Just like General Reichnet taught me. When two elementals of the same kind, at least one having to be derived from a tech meet, it will have a great effect. Two fires make an explosion. Hiro snapped out of his thoughts.

He had a problem to solve here.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, '08, 7:10 pm 
Rui [Post 5]

"Bah! This is why I don't like helping strangers!" Rui thought as he closed the door, faintly hearing the words (Damn Coward) coming from the armor clad man outside. The sounds of battle could still be heard from outside as Rui climbed the stairs towards the roof.

"3921, 3922, 3923, AGGG! Why am I counting these things!?" He mumbled to himself as he ascended the stairs. A few brief moments passed, out of breath Rui finally reached the top. "Res!" He chanted to himself, recovering a slight bit of his energy.

The door leading to the roof was slightly opened, revealing that the three shooting Foi spells were at the other end of the building. "Now how am I going to sneak up on them without them noticing me?" He thought as he tried to think up a plan.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, '08, 7:26 pm 
Richard [Post 6]

There was a fire escape nearby- Richard ran over to it, feeling Foi blasts impacting off his shield as he held it over his head. Once he made it to the fire escape, he sheathed his dagger and adjusted his shield.

This is right across from that building where those guys with Foi are, he thought as he started climbing the long ladder. It'll be tough, but it'll keep them from throwing Foi blasts at the people down there.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, '08, 11:23 pm 
Hiro [post 6]

"Another coward?! BAH! I shouldn't have expected help." Hiro dodged yet another flame. It was like a dance. Hiro moved from side to side using his sword to fend off certain blasts. "Damn! Hiro, I think you've took a little more than you can chew this time." Hiro was blasted from behind, it sent him forward a bit.

"If I don't do anything soon I'm toast." Hiro panted, he was getting exhausted.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, '08, 6:13 pm 
Rui [Post 6]

"Okay, here I go!" Rui thought as he let out a slight sigh. Opening the door slowly he stepped out unnoticed, watching the three continue to launch techniques at the town below. "Hahaha! Don't let any of them escape!" The large man screamed out as he shot a GiFoi below. "Cmon mate! Lets finish their * so we can collect our treasure." The blonde-haired numan told her comrade. "Agony!" Was all the motavian spoke as the three continued to fire below.

The large man of the group raised his hand up high in the air and began to laugh. "Hah, pathetic worms. Look at that one down there trying to extinguish all our fire as it rains downs below. Well lets see how he likes this!" He screamed out as his hand began to emit an electrical current.


He screamed out before his hand was sliced right off his arm. "AGGG!" he screamed as he fell to the ground, his comrades looking at him, then averting their attention behind. "Hmph!" Rui said as his slasher returned to his hand, swiping the blood off of its blade. "Bloody hell!" The woman replied.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, '08, 9:10 pm 
Hiro [Post 7]
Hiro saw something new come his way, but it was a little too late. He was struck with a NaThu technique. He fell to the ground upon impact and looked up towards the direction. There was commotion over there. On the other building there was still at least two more people launching fireballs at Hiro. All he could do was roll.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, '08, 5:57 pm 
Richard [Post 7]

It took him some time, but Richard managed to climb up the entire fire escape and pitched himself onto the roof of the building. Across the rooftops, he could see two people hurling fireballs.

He moved his shield back to his arm. There we go, he thought. I think I can get Wat to go that far.

Summoning a sphere of water, he decided to test that. The blast of Wat narrowly missed one of the fireball throwers.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, '08, 8:11 pm 
Hiro [post 8]
If only he had a chance to sit up, then maybe he could take out the remaining thugs. He hadn't had a chance. This leaves only one option. Hiro thought to himself. A simple back roll may get me out of this.

He had to time it perfectly, otherwise he could be finished. I sure hope all this effort for a purse is worth it for these thugs. Because once I get my hands on them, they will wish they were never born. NOW! Hiro managed a back roll into a standing position. Three fireballs hurdled towards him at once. He dodged to the side, the three flames collided causing a decent sized explosion which set one of the buildings on fire.

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