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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, '08, 12:41 am 
(Richard) [Post 2]

With a sigh, Richard put his photo collection away. He stood up, then walked down the main street of Neo Paseo, watching all the people around him.

So many Palmans and Numans, he thought. And some Motavians, too. Hard to believe that it wasn't like this a thousand years ago.

He passed by a weapon store; a greatsword made out a shiny blue metal was prominently displayed in the store's main window, a price tag reading "New Item! MST 20400" hanging from its pommel. Surrounding it were several other weapons- some knives, some razor-sharp claws, and a pair of slender staves. Richard sighed, seeing a steel sword on display- part of him wanted to buy it, another part of him heard Rumi's voice in his head, saying, "Ricky, we bought that dagger and shield for you to use!"

It took some effort to drag himself away from the shop, and Richard soon found himself at a large fountain in the city's square. A small monument at its base read "For All Who Stood Against Dark Force."

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, '08, 2:40 am 
[Hiro][Post 2]
Hiro sat at the monument looking around at the crowd. He found it a little odd that the streets were emptier than usual. Then again, yesterday was Alis Day, a day marked as the day Alis Landale freed the world from Lassic. As far as Hiro saw it though, it was just another lame excuse of a holiday for people to stay at home and drink.

"HELP! Theif!" Looking at a young man running down the street opposite him, Hiro thought to himself, Man. I really shouldn't interfere, but something is telling me I should retrieve the purse for that lady. Hiro sighed, Well, least the worst thing that could happen is that he gets away right?

With that, Hiro Yamataki got off his seat, and ran after the thief, slightly brushing past a young man in a gray shirt.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, '08, 5:32 am 
Richard [Post 3]

A man in heavy-looking armor brushed past him- Richard put it off as an accidental contact. Then, he heard the scream- "Thief! Thief!" It then dawned on Richard that this was no accident- the armored man wanted him out of his way.

Turning around, he saw a man clutching a designer purse- Karla Gold collection, I think? he thought- running through the plaza, picking a street to head down. The man in armor was close behind, setting his hand on what looked like a laser sword. Sucking in a small breath, Richard took off, joining the chase.

That guy might need help- purse snatchers don't usually work alone.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, '08, 6:44 am 
Hiro [post 3]
"Damn he's fast." Hiro said aloud. "This armor doesn't really help that much either." Hiro jumped over a small wooden crate. The purse snatcher was leaving obstacles behind him. The thief turned left. Hiro was about to round the corner when he tripped over the leg of the thief. The thief began running again. As Hiro got up and looked towards the thief, he saw the grey shirted man run by.

I could leave it to him. But that would defeat the purpose of me running just now. Hiro got up and rejoined the chase.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, '08, 3:59 pm 
Rui [Post 2]

The ship had just arrived on Motavia in a bustling town known as Neo Paseo. The doors opened as he was blinded by the suns light from outside. The breeze felt nice against his face as he walked into the streets surrounded by Palmans, Numans and Motavians.

"HELP! Thief!"

Rui heard someone scream as a young man ran past him, a purse dangling from his hands. At the same time he noticed two others giving chase behind, one wearing a casual clothes, the other wearing armor. "Its none of my business." He thought to himself as he walked further into the streets.

Remember Rui, always try to help others.

These words went through Rui's head as he thought about Demi. Rui let out a sigh as he stood still for a moment then turned his head in the direction the three ran off. "The things I do." Was all that he said as he ran down the street, trying to catch up to the thief.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, '08, 12:13 am 
Richard [Post 4]

As he leapt over a crate, Richard noticed that the purse snatcher was deliberately knocking down as much as he could, in an effort to put some distance between himself and his pursuers. The thief had also tripped the armored man, but he recovered surprisingly quickly, despite his bulky-looking armor.

Must be titanium, Richard thought as he and the armored man continued following the thief. A blue-haired Palman joined in a few paces later, as the chase led them to Fountain Plaza.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, '08, 3:14 pm 
Rui [Post 3]

"There must be more to this thief then meets the eye!" Rui thought. It seemed odd why a thief would knock over so many obstacles just to get away from his captors. Rui continued running, eventually catching up to the thief and the two that followed at the Fountain Plaza. The three surrounded the thief at the fountain, only averting their eyes once to each other they looked back at the thief.

"Whats that smell?" Rui thought as he stood in firm pose with his slasher held tight in his hand. Keeping his eyes on the thief Rui began to smell a horrible smell in the air. "Agg, it smells like... like... OH CRAP!" Rui thought to himself as he jumped out of the way, barely dodging a fireball.

"What was that!" The armored man said.

Another fireball, or Foi was launched towards the three in the Plaza. "Up there!" The casual clothed man said. Quickly averting his eyes upwards Rui noticed two men and a woman atop the building.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, '08, 6:09 am 
Hiro [post 4]

Fire was flying from at least three directions. "Damn. This is way too familiar," Hiro said aloud. A flame came towards his face, he dodged it with ease, a smaller flame flew by him, just missing his armor. He looked at the two civilians. He ran towards the one in casual clothing. "WATCH OUT!" Hiro tackled the man to the ground as a flame barely singed Hiro's hair. "You idiot! Watch your surroundings!" Hiro rolled the two of them to the left. "Unless you want to die!"

Hiro jumped up and unsheathed his sword. A distinct ring echoes through the air.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, '08, 6:21 am 
Richard [Post 5]

Foi. He has Foi. Not good.

Small fireballs flew through the air, raining down upon the three. Taking out his shield, Richard cautiously advanced into the plaza. He raised his shield as a Foi blast closed towards him-

Feeling powerful arms lock around him, dragging him to the ground. He could hear a voice: "Idiot! Watch your surroundings! Unless you want to die!"

The arms released him, and Richard leapt up, drawing his dagger. With his other hand, Richard clenched his fist, forming a ball of water.

That's right, Ricky, he heard his girlfriend's voice again. Just like the guy at the Tech Center said. Concentrate.

The sphere of water shimmered, coalescing into reality. Richard pointed at the purse snatcher, then opened his hand, shouting "Wat!"

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, '08, 7:55 am 
~Name: Annette Dahl
~Age: 338
~Sex: Female
~Race: Android
~Class: Medic/Mercenary

~Height: 5'8"
~Weight: 173
~Eye Color: Red
~Hair Color: Red-brown
~Hair Style: Lengthened nearly to the back of her knees. Similar to the original Mieu-type hair.
~Facial Hair: NO! lol

~Head: None
~Torso/Legs: Long red battle gown, slit down both sides to provide fluid movements during combat.
~Hands: Rarely wearing white plain gloves.
~Feet: Deep red/brown battle boots.
~Accessories: Metal extra disguised as an earing on her left ear, gold embroidery with a ruby center.

~Body: Titaniam Armor * DEF*
~Right: Saber Claw *18 ATK*

Bio: Created on the satellite Montri by her "mother" Sorami Dahl. Purpose was to repair androids on orbiting satellites and provide substitution for down androids. Created to be more human that her mother, she has the ability to be healed by technique as well as use some, and has emotion and feelings, often persuading her to leave the vessel on mercenary work for Hunters and questers. Most often found sleeping in Montri waiting for adventure.
~Other: Trained in near all weapon usage. Best at Slashers and Claws.

Meseta: 300
Techs: Res, GiRes
Skills: Hyper Jammer *0*

Not sure how often I can keep up with this, therefore, I assume my "Anny Dahl" will be sleeping aboard Montri much.

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