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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, '14, 4:11 pm 
Happy Halloween! This is probably the stupidest thing I've done recently, but it's also fun. I've been modding my Dragon Age games (for those who don't know, it's a BioWare Hack-n-Slash Medieval/Byzantine fantasy RPG), and noticed how ridiculous some of the available mods are. Green hair? Red irises? What for?? But then several thoughts merged in my head: Phantasy Star, Dragon Age, and Halloween costumes. So I created some new Dragon Age heroes based on Phantasy Star characters. Whee!

Here is Nei, the city elf from the Denerim Alienage (alienages are places where all the elves are rounded up and live in squalor, because elves are the low race on the totem pole):
She's a dual-wielding rogue (that's about as close to claws as one can get in Dragon Age), she asks ALL the questions in dialogue, and she's pretty straight-up diplomatic. Elves in Dragon Age: Origins have small-ish ears, so in addition to all the other wacky mods I used, I found one that gives the elves longer ears so you can see them just peeking out from her hair.

Rune Hawke! (Hawke is the protagonist from DA2.)
I have no idea what those spots are on his neck. Rune is an elemental/damager mage. He is sarcastic and charming, except for moments when being funny isn't, well, funny. Then he's assertive or diplomatic.

Alys Hawke!
At first I didn't like this modded hairstyle, but it's kind of grown (haha) on me. The Blooming Rose necklace is stupid, though. Alys is an archer/damager rogue. She's mostly assertive, except for dealing with children and other innocent people, then she's diplomatic. She's sarcastic with her family.

Rudo Hawke:
Rudo is a sword and board tank/defender warrior. He is mostly diplomatic with a touch of wit. That's mostly me projecting, though. HEADCANON.

Amy Hawke (Those of you who know me knew this was inevitable):
Amy is a spirit healer/supporter mage (obviously). She is straight-up diplomatic, except for this moment, when someone tried to kill her, then she was ALL BUSINESS:
Don't mess with Amy, y'all. :p

I'm working on Thea right now. I can't quite find the right outfit for her. More to come!

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, '14, 4:41 pm 
Nei kinda looks disgruntled.

The Alys pic is spot on! Made me giggle.

I really need to get on the DA boat one of these days. Especially since I got it for free (thank you Steam Origin Store!) the other day.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:02 pm 
They look great! I especially like how much Amy's outfit resembles her actual look, just with a medieval vibe.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:09 pm 
Aeroprism wrote:Nei kinda looks disgruntled.

Her wedding was just interrupted by rapey thugs, so that's why. Well, except that that's about the only expression the hero makes in DAO, but you should still play the game. The city elf origin isn't one of my favorites.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:17 pm 
Hahaha, I love it! I haven't played around with the mods too much (other than the spider/mabari one we talked about a ways back), but this is great! Amy looks especially awesome.

Merrill would make a good Rika. (Or vice versa.) And I think a mod taking Velanna's basic appearance and making it into Neifirst could be fabulous. (Unfortunately Velanna doesn't seem to get a whole lot of love, though.)

That Rudo Hawke bears a striking resemblance to Cullen, which just reminds me how RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED I am for Inquisition. I told my boss yesterday not to schedule me for any huge jobs that week. :D (Which is better than actually taking time off, which I've heard some people have done....)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, '14, 5:29 pm 
I think some people only want their female video game characters to be pleasant, placid little things (Leliana, yaaaaaaaaaawn), which is why Velanna doesn't get more love. Or if they're not sweet, they should be dark vixens like Morrigan, at least. Velanna is neither. I, for one, enjoy the scoffing noises Velanna makes during conversation, and when Nathaniel is ridiculously polite to her. Hehehe. I also like how she makes no apologies for being angry at everything. You don't see that enough in female characters.

November 18th can't get here soon enough!

PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, '14, 7:04 pm 
These are terrific Tanith! I especially like Rune Hawk. Hmmm, since it's Halloween those marks on his neck could be vampire bite marks. Just saying. :wink:

PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, '14, 7:48 pm 
Those are really cool!

If you are on deviantART (or want to get an account today), you could submit them to a monthly art jam in a PS group. This month's (ending today, so hurry if you want to participate) is Halloween-themed.

See the journal about it here: ... -485717824

Edit: Fixed color tags.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 1, '14, 2:08 pm 
Oh my God it's Dragon Age Amy! ^_^

Amy: I have my game face on. See? >=(
Shir: ...That's still more "cute" than "srs bzns."

No Mieu, though? (Though I think that's not gonna happen because I don't think Thedas has an equivalent for neoprene for her leotard.)

I need to redownload this, but my crummy hard drive capacity means either Dragon Age 1 or Star Trek Online, and so far, STO's winning.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 4, '14, 10:51 pm 
Silver_Surfer1 wrote:Hmmm, since it's Halloween those marks on his neck could be vampire bite marks. Just saying. :wink:

Ha! Perfect explanation.

@IceCypher - Even if I had seen your post in time, I don't think I could claim any of the above as my own artwork (hence why I didn't put it in the artwork section), so I wouldn't have felt comfortable entering them in the PSArts contest. Thanks for the feedback, though!

@Snorb - No neoprene, but there are plenty of modded "armors" that are pretty, uh, swimsuit-y. I'll try making a Mieu soon! And Neifirst. Loved A4's suggestion.

I made a Thea. She's a human noble (makes sense), dual-wielding rogue. Sadly, there's nothing I can do about her poker face, otherwise, I would make her wink. She looks completely out of place in Dragon Age, but I do love that blue outfit, so I've continued with her playthrough, anyway. :wink: Also, I forgot to adjust the detail before taking a screenshot, so she's a bit lo-def here.

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