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PostPosted: Fri Jul 4, '14, 10:14 pm 
What is your favorite Breakfast cereal or other breakfast dish? Or do you skip breakfast entirely? I have been known to eat a bowl of breakfast cereal for dinner or a midnight snack , especially if I didn't have anything else more appetizing or easier to fix, lol. Anyone else??

PostPosted: Fri Jul 4, '14, 10:54 pm 
I get up early and have to be at work at 6AM, so I don't have time to eat cereal in the morning on work days. I have a large bag of Animal Crackers in my cube at work, and I usually snack on some of them when I'm checking my work emails in the morning. Animal Crackers are perfect for this, since they don't really break or crumble, so I'm not in danger of getting crumbs on my work laptop.

On days that I don't work I usually sleep in, so Breakfast is usually an afterthought.

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