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 Post subject: Burger King summer menu
PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, '12, 9:40 am 
Burger King is adding several new items to it's menu including some BBQ items and a bacon ice cream sundae: ... 55552508/1

Sounds de-licious!!! :up:

I might try some of the BBQ sandwiches, but think I'll skip on the bacon ice cream sundae. :wink:

Oh, and what does everyone think of their new slogan according to the article... "Taste Is King"! Sounds pretty good I think, but they'll never get completely away from "Have It Your Way", imho, lol.

I still wish they'd bring back the original Burger King...not that creepy looking big headed guy though...shiver!!!! :blank:

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, '12, 12:31 pm 
There is NO burger King in France :( There was some years ago but not anymore...and a lot of people say that it's far better from MC Do : is it exact ?
The menu seems to be very good !!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, '12, 7:26 pm 
Oh no, sorry there is no BK in France. Yeah, I think sometimes that BK is better than McDonald's. They have tasty Whopper sandwiches and their onion rings are the best I've found almost anywhere. I'm not too keen on their fries though (McDonald's still has the best fries, imho).

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, '12, 8:15 pm 
I don't like the new slogan. It's too much like an old adage among web site developers: Content is King. Every time I hear this new slogan, I'm going to automatically think to myself, "No, Content is, not Taste." :(

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, '12, 12:45 pm 
Onion rings ? I LOVE onions ! :( I'm hungry now... Before, it used to have BK in FRance but I've never eaten in one... :(

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