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 Post subject: Kyoda (CYOA)
PostPosted: Fri Oct 2, '09, 8:53 pm 
Hello everyone, the time is finally here for me to introduce my brand new CYOA, Kyoda. First off, for those who don't know what CYOA means, it simply means Create Your Own Adventure. I'd also like to say that this is my second CYOA, my other one being Phantasy Star Story which can be read by clicking the link in my signature or clicking here.

This one is different than my other CYOA though in many ways. For one thing, most characters that will be made in this story will be done by the readers. The world and races too are the same. I'd say that 80% of this CYOA is me depending on the readers.

Last thing I'd like to say is simply; Please enjoy my story! Thank-You!

How Things Will Be Done
1 - I will post a story bit and 5 choices
2 - Vote for 1 choice
3 - According to the majority choice, I shall post a new story bit and 5 more choices
5 - Repeat steps 3 and 4
6 - I will try to update this regularly, if I do not update it, just keep checking back until I do.
7 - In case of a tie. I will leave this up for one more week. If the break is not resolved. I will choose which option I think best.
8 - In case no choice is given within a week, the choice will automatically go to Option E.

Choices To Choose!
As mentioned above, you will have multiple choices to choose from. Without these, the story could not progress. In order to vote for your choice, simply click the reply button and put the given letter into the reply box. Feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions, etc. within the reply box as well.

The choice you can choose from are listed below:
A - [Choice 1 will be given]
B - [Choice 2 will be given]
C - [Choice 3 will be given]
D - [Choice 4 will be given]
E - Author's Choice [I get to make up the story and disregard option A-D =P]

Character Template
As mentioned before, I will depend on you guys, the audience to help me create this world. Mainly this is done through the characters. So without further adieu just fill this out and a character I shall bring in!

Birth Date:
Fighting Style:

You can either leave your character in a post or PM me. I feel like I'm missing something from the template right now but that's okay.

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 Post subject: Re: Kyoda (CYOA)
PostPosted: Fri Oct 2, '09, 9:03 pm 
Alright, just because I have more to explain. Here is post 2.
Here is the list of characters and who created them thus far (In Alphabetical order by creator)

Kyoda Daze (Atlinsmere)
Mysterious Schoolgirl (Atlinsmere)
Kyle Majsio (Snorb)
Mordack Gardakan(Snorb)

The World
Well, this is where we'll create the world! So yeah, don't be afraid to make up places and send them to me.


Eireika - a royal city in the country of Gall. Fifteen years ago during a great war, this city was attacked by a demon which now resides inside Kyoda. Aside from Kyoda making the place a bit lively, it is a peaceful city and home to the king of Gall.

- a neighboring country of Gall. This country has always been the neutral country in any war. It is home to many monks, priests and other religious people.

The Calender
Well, I just knew I'd have to mention this so here I go. The Calender has 13 months, 396 days. the number in the beside the month name represents the number of days within that month.

Lelu(30), Fuu(30), Xen(31), Fal(30), Marin(31), Phair(30), Kahn(31), Manis(30), Sai(31), Lynn(30), Ophel(31), Emmes(30), Tyborshe(31)

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 Post subject: Re: Kyoda (CYOA)
PostPosted: Fri Oct 2, '09, 9:37 pm 
Time to READ!!!!


"Hey look.It's that monster!" A man whispered, "Yeah. Let's get out of here," the other man replied as they both walked away. "If your going to call me a monster, say it straight to my face." "Ahh crap! He's going to attack us! Let's get out of here!" The two men ran off.

"I really wish you'd stop doing that Kyoda." A big man said. "What? Oh, it's just you Mordak. What do you want?" Mordak stood tall in his armor and put on a smile, "I just want you to stop scaring the villagers."

"Well, it's really their fault anyway! Besides, it's not like I asked to have this damned demon inside me!" Kyoda yelled in anger. People all around looked At Kyoda, the boy with a demon inside him. It wasn't his fault, back during the war fifteen years ago, a demon was attacking Eireika and the only way they could stop the demon was to seal it. Kyoda's parents were killed in the war leaving Kyoda as an orphan, so the King thought that no one would love a two year old orphan and had the demon sealed inside him.

"If it weren't for that damned king, then I'd be," Kyoda couldn't bring himself to say it. "What? Normal? Now come on, it's my lunch break right away and I'm going to treat you. So brush your hair away from your eyes and let go."

Well, first part, hope you enjoy! And please choose wisely, majority wins you know. ^_^

A - Brush hair from eyes and go for lunch
B - Chase after those two men and beat them down
C - Refuse to brush hair from eyes
D - Just leave and go do something else
E - Author's Mind

 Post subject: Re: Kyoda (CYOA)
PostPosted: Sat Oct 3, '09, 7:39 am 
Yay worldbuilding! Atlin, PM me or catch me on AIM and I'll be glad to help you build this lil' corner of the world! =p

Name: Kyle Majsio
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Born in the Royal City of Eireika, raised by the White Monks of Enma.
Birth Date: Marin 16th
Personality: Loudmouthed, foulmouthed, perhaps a little too carefree, and enjoys ogling women a bit more than necessary. He makes up for this by his willingness to do the right thing, coupled with near-suicidal bravery.
Childhood: Orphaned when he was one year old, Kyle grew up in the country of Enma. He was raised by a monastic order called the White Monks, who trained him in the arts of swordfighting and Ninjutsu. Try as they might, the noble monks could not temper Kyle's eye for women.
Fighting Style: Primarily uses a ninja-to with both hands.
~Currency: 35 koku from his adopted homeland. One koku is roughly the same value as any other nation's gold coin.
~Ninja-to: A sword common to the Enma region. Its scabbard doubles as a breathing tube.
~Shuriken: Eight-pointed stars, good for dealing death at a distance. Kyle has five of them.
~Whetstone: Keeps swords sharp.
~Torches: A guiding light in the darkness. Kyle has three of them.
~Flint and Steel: To ignite torches.
Appearance: Black hair, kept in a lazy ponytail, blue eyes, 6'0", 160 lbs. He wears a sleeveless gray tunic and black pants. A yin-yang is tattooed on his right wrist.

Ninjutsu: The mystical arts of Enma's White Monks. They require certain (expendable) focuses to perform.
~Diamond Soul: Provides some temporary protection to anyone he touches. Requires fish scales.
~Stunning Fist: Temporarily paralyzes an opponent. Requires octopus ink.
~Wholeness of Body: Staunches the wounds of anyone he touches. Requires mint leaves and spider silk.
~Ninja Vanish!: Makes Kyle invisible for six seconds. Any hostile actions on Kyle's part breaks the Ninjutsu. Requires clean water and poisoned water.
~Counsel: Receive advice, support, or counsel from the First Monk. Requires a set of casting coins.
~Kai Blast: Throws a heatless fireball at an opponent. Requires torch ash.

 Post subject: Re: Kyoda (CYOA)
PostPosted: Sat Oct 3, '09, 7:40 am 
Oh, and I vote for choice B. Kick their collective disrespectful butts, Kyoda!

 Post subject: Re: Kyoda (CYOA)
PostPosted: Sat Oct 3, '09, 7:49 am 
Umm... wow... Just so everyone knows, it doesn't have to be THAT detailed... >_< I like things left to me imaginations....but oh well... guess I'll just deal with it.

 Post subject: Re: Kyoda (CYOA)
PostPosted: Wed Oct 7, '09, 7:03 am 
"How about... no!" With that, Kyoda ran off, towards the two that ran away. "Things just never change with you, do they Kyoda? *sigh* well, someone ought to stop him."


"D-do you think we lost him?" One man said to the other. "I don't know. I thought you were watching?" They both looked around, "Well, I think we lost him. But we should be caref-" THUD!

"Didn't think you'd get away that easily did you?"Kyoda said, his fangs making his grin seem sinister. "BOB!" You basterd!" Kyoda laughed, "Just be a man and take your turn." Bob's friend began shaking upon seeing someone behind Kyoda. "Scared of me huh? HAH! Then bow before me and I might let you live!"

"Don't you think it should be I who you have to bow to demon?!" A feminine voice called from behind Kyoda.

Standing there, a girl with long flowing aqua hair stood there. She wore one glove on her right arm which bore a symbol, the symbol itself consisted of a bloody heart with an arrow through it. The girl seemed to be about the age of fifteen, her face young, confident, but yet so innocent. Wearing a school uniform seemed only to inspire her innocence. However, her dark blue eyes said differently.

What should Kyoda do?
A - Ask her name
B - Mouth off
C - Ask her on a date
D - Bow down
E - Author's Mind

 Post subject: Re: Kyoda (CYOA)
PostPosted: Wed Oct 7, '09, 8:41 pm 
Intriguing premise, but I haven't quite immersed myself in this world yet, so I vote "E" (author's mind), just to see where this might go.

 Post subject: Re: Kyoda (CYOA)
PostPosted: Thu Oct 8, '09, 4:18 am 
I'll go with A - best to find out who she is before doing anything else.

 Post subject: Re: Kyoda (CYOA)
PostPosted: Thu Oct 8, '09, 7:47 pm 
Choice C, and hope the Sailor Neptune expy doesn't do something like severe injuries!

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