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 Post subject: If you lived in Algo...
PostPosted: Sun May 4, '14, 2:34 pm 
Hello, this is one of those thingies, what would you do if you lived in Algo ? What would you want your life to be like ? I actually have two types of life's I would want...

For one...
I would want to live on Motavia, in the time of Phantasy Star IV, probably grow up to be a hunter, who wields knives and is advanced in Magic.

For another one...
Probably a knife wielding Esper, who is advanced in Magic.

PostPosted: Sun May 4, '14, 2:55 pm 
Very cool possibilities here. I've always been interested in magic, so studying about the Espers seems cool, but I hate cold, so I don't know if I could handle being on Dezo. Not much for extreme heat, either, so Motavia at certain points would be difficult. I would probably agree with the Motavia of PS IV, seems pretty moderate, if a little desolate. I would want to live a normal life, like I do now, no fighting monsters or madmen or anything like that.

But Dezo really does seem like a cozy place in PS IV. I always loved all the towns with their little cheerful music.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, '17, 12:34 pm 
Very interesting statement ! But it's hard to answer ! At first my dream will be to live on Palma ! Always been my dream...but a while after Lassic has been thrown away, so after the end of the first PS ! (too dangerous before ! :lol: )
But to live under the reign of Queen Alisa.. what a great thing !

PostPosted: Thu May 4, '17, 12:07 am 
Interesting question to ponder on. I too think Dezoris sounds intriguing, but I don't like the cold either.

PostPosted: Thu May 4, '17, 1:34 pm 
Me neither, I don't like cold ! I prefer hot... but not too hot ! ;)

PostPosted: Sat May 20, '17, 4:51 am 
I'd likely live on Dezoris, I dont mind cold, and prefer seclusion.

PostPosted: Sun May 21, '17, 2:55 am 
I thought I answered this one, but I guess not! I'll go with Scion in PSI - Palma was always my favorite planet, I like the water, and all things considered, the town doesn't seem to be doing *too* badly for itself regardless of Lassic's reign of terror, as opposed to a lot of other places.

PostPosted: Mon May 22, '17, 11:14 am 
As I'm living not very far from the sea, Scion or even Camineet seem to be great choices ! :)

PostPosted: Mon May 22, '17, 9:54 pm 
I'd want to be a wine enthusiast who always has a need to try and give people tidbits of info about wine they are drinking every single when I am hanging out with them. XP

PostPosted: Tue May 23, '17, 9:26 am 
Palma is the only planet that doesn't seem to have an insane extreme temperature so yeah I'd go with that.

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