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 Post subject: 25 Years of Master System
PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, '10, 4:08 am 
It was overshadowed by the Nintendo anniversaries during the past week, but this week also held the silver anniversary of the Sega Master System. A little more than two years before Phantasy Star appeared, Sega released their second home gaming console under the name "Mark III" on October 20, 1985. The following year, the system was renamed to the more familiar "Master System" for release outside of Japan.

You can read some history of the Mark III/Master System on Wiki:

A belated happy birthday to the Master System! :cake: for everyone!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, '10, 5:58 pm 
This is something to celebrate. Master System was the best game of its age and the 3D glasses were very much ahead of its time. It is a pity Master System was a late entrant into Japanese and American markets, because it was much superior than NES. Here in Brazil, Master System was the most popular 8-bit console.

And we all have to hold a candle to Master System, after all it was were Phantasy Star originated.

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