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 Post subject: Boston bombing tragedy
PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, '13, 10:12 pm 
Have waited until now to make a post for this topic as it was too real and too horrible to even talk about for awhile in my opinion. I have been reading news stories about some of the victims and what they have suffered, as well as those who lost their lives, and it just numbs you to some extent.

I read a story about two brothers that each lost a leg and what a tragedy that they will now have totally different lives to learn to live, but they will atleast have that life to live. So many stories about the victims who did not survive and the loss of the little boy is especially heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families, and everyone in Boston dealing with this tragedy. :grouphug:

Saw a news story earlier that they may have a possible suspect but then I saw another story that seemed to deny that, so I suppose when it actually happens we will know it then.

So happy to hear that Wolf Bird is okay, and I hope if we have other online friends in that area that they too are safe and will check in here with us when they have a chance. We do worry about you guys when we don't hear from you.

If anyone would like to add your thoughts to this topic about this tragedy in Boston, please feel free to do so, and as always remember to follow the rules of the forum, etc.

Sometimes it just makes you wonder if we will ever feel safe here in America again. Or anywere in the world for that matter. :cry: :x

PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, '13, 10:30 pm 
My thoughts and prayers have been with those who were effected and their families. I'll be glad once we find this people and bring them to justice.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, '13, 12:21 am 
The reports were conflicting - media got too eager to say they had arraigned someone, when all they really had was a possible suspect from video footage taken by a surveillance camera at a Lord and Taylor's on Boylston Street. It at least gives someone to track, if they can extract info from the video footage. Boston local media has been great with this and at work, I'm often checking WBUR (the local NPR station) and the Boston Globe. Or streaming WBUR from their iPhone app.

Today, the Federal Courthouse in Boston received a bomb threat, prompting evacuation, and we've now learned that Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing at the interfaith memorial tomorrow, and at victims' funerals. People are organizing human walls of solidarity to block their access to these events...I wish I could join them.

Otherwise, security is swarming the city, there are tons of people in full military uniforms and MBTA is doing random bag searches. The investigation area has been reduced, so a bit more of the Back Bay area is accessible now. But it's still a scene, but Boston is also tough and resilient...and we care. This community has really come together, between blood drives, people donating food and money, time, etc. to the victims. I remember on Monday with all the chaos and people from out of town trying to get out of the Back Bay area, I helped a few runners from Michigan find their way to the Charles/MGH T station, since all the stations downtown were closed. I talked to them on the subway as well and gave them directions they needed, as they were getting off at Porter Square and I was getting off at Harvard Square, one stop earlier.

In the face of tragedy, you also see the best in people. We're people...and we help each other in whatever ways we're able. It's just simply what we do, regardless of race, religion, nationality or any of that.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, '13, 2:36 am 
Well, I was sort of unfamiliar with this Westboro Church so I googled it and cannot express how shocked I was in what I read about their actions, etc. Since I can not say anything good at all about what I read about them, I will say nothing at all and leave it at that, except to say that, I strongly disagree with their efforts to protests at funerals, etc. and I do hope they are blocked somehow from protesting at these latest sad events. Hope everyone is careful and safe and mindful of the sadness of these occassions. People have lost members of their family, their loved ones, and should not have to put up with this nonsense on top of all that heartbreak.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, '13, 2:46 am 
I wasn't particularly shocked. Disgusted, yes, but shocked, no. These people picketed the funerals of the Newtown victims, so when they announced they'd visit Boston, I wasn't surprised at all.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, '13, 2:40 pm 
People believe that Westburo is a "church". When in reality it's more of a cult.


PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, '13, 3:27 am 
I think the big questions on everyone's minds at this time now are:
And should we pass a law requiring background checks for pressure cooker ownership? (joking, obviously))

I'm generally pretty good at playing out scenarios in my mind and figuring out the who and why before it's officially been determined in situations like these. This case though, the only plausible scenarios I keep coming back to were the craziest ones, which could only mean the terrorist was infact crazy, and I don't mean like a fox.

Most logical scenario profile that I worked out that fits is a nut job with a hatred for athletics, specifically hates those whom engage in jogging and/or running type sports. Very likely that he/she feels neglected and betrayed by someone who was active in this sporting field. The target of these strong emotions is someone who is both a fan of the Boston Marathon and more than likely has run in it before and may have been running in it this go around.

Wether or not the culprit's target was running in or merely observing the race does not matter. The point was not, in my opinion, to harm said person, but to hurt them emotionally by harming innocent fans and utterly scarring the memory of the marathon for them permanately.

Why no one has claimed responsibility.:
If my profiling of this even as laid out is accurate then there are two likely reasons why no responsibility has been claimed, either of the reasons alone or together are plausible.:
1. Mission accomplished. The culprits goal was a success and emotional trauma has been inflicted on the intended party.
2. Unexpected consequences. If the culprit is as I've outlined, then their level of mental dillusion and hatred towards their intended victim may have clouded out any rationale thought they might have once possessed. When the smoke of detonation cleared the murderous consequences of their hateful actions were exposed to them.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, '13, 5:45 am 
I don't care who it was, or what the reason. Anybody who commits an act like this doesn't deserve to be free. This was absolute barbarism.

My heart and sympathy goes to the families who lost their loved ones, and to those who were injured.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, '13, 10:13 am 
Interesting posts above everyone. Of course it will be informative and interesting to know the who did it, why they did it, and what do they hope to accomplish aspect of this tragedy and so on, and I hope the authorities eventually find some of that information out to hopefully help in possible preventing another tragedy like this one from occurring anywhere else in the world.

In reality though, sometimes you just can't figure some people out. They may have had a grudge of some type, or they may have just woke up that morning and decided to do harm to some one because they got up on the wrong side of the bed or something. It could be any number of reasons, and many of them not understandable to anyone else and certainly not condoned by anyone. That's just the way life seems to be these days. Sad, but true.

On a related note, I have been keeping up slightly with the news this evening and it seems there has been some sort of shoot out in Boston and reports say that one of the bombing suspects may have been killed in this episode, but there is still one of them at large. Here are those links to the Boston paper, etc., that Wolf Bird put in the shoutbox the other day to look to to find out more information on this. Seems a very good source for updated news to me: and

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, '13, 12:42 pm 
Holy crap, the events overnight. There was a shooting at MIT last night, a convenience store was robbed, shootouts, carjackings, all kinds of things. One suspect is dead. The other is at large. MBTA is shut down, half the city is in lockdown (including Cambridge, where I live) while they search for the second suspect, who is armed and dangerous. Apparently, Chechneyan separatists.

Listening to a WBUR live stream for developments.

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