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PostPosted: Sat Jun 12, '10, 11:27 pm 
Now I've played Phantasy Star 3 several times and what upsets me me off is I can get my Wren and Mieu to level 40 and.. most of the time they get TP Screwed.

I've had Lv 40 Wrens turn out like this in Tp: 32. 28. 34. 26. 16!!!. 42.

I've had Mieu's turn out: 80! 32. 34. 27, 23, 31, 30.

The RNG annoys me to no end more than the Fire emblem games.

Now.. that is one aspect. The second one is weaponry. I've always equipped Rhys with 2 laser needlers or a royal needler/laser needler.

He seems to be more useful and those needlers can hit the groups of 2-3 monsters in front and one in back. I never give him or anyone a sword until it's needed. Ayn and Nial benefit from the laser/royal needlers quite well!

Anyways, what I am saying is the game is.. too easy. I want to make it challenging. I love using GRA and then following by dual needlers to kill most enemies. Wren, Lyle with Gra and Rhys with needlers.

Generation 2.. Wren uses Gra/Tsu, Ayn/Nial uses their two needlers to wipe out enemies.

So.. I was going to try and use Hugue's Aridia to make the TP growth better and techniques better. I was also going to increase monster HP and damage along with weapons to make it harder.

Now if Aridia can do it, who'd be interested in this harder PS 3? One where techniques kick tail?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, '10, 4:42 am 
You should be able to do all of that in Aridia :) If anything doesn't work as expected please shoot me a PM.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, '10, 6:16 am 
Yes well I just wanted to know who was interested in that venture?

The funny thing is, needlers and especially the royal one end up more useful than swords.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, '10, 1:01 pm 
I'm sure a lot of people would try it, though it might take some a while to find it. Even now, I still see people saying they're playing the harder versions of PSII. Those were created a few years ago, but some people are still just now finding them.

I never used the needlers much, favoring using a sword to kill off an enemy sooner. Maybe I will try them with this edit, though.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, '10, 6:53 pm 
You should try a needler with the original game. When you get into the Climate Control Tower and you get accosted by 3 cloud hopper thingies and 1 legged * thingy, being able to attack all 4 with one attack is convenient.

Or when you take on the king of Cille, one needler will get all the dryads if I recall :D

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, '10, 11:50 pm 
I remember grinding once to get Lena some needlers. She's a cool character, but she's pretty worthless in battle and I thought maybe needlers would make a difference. Eh. I wasn't impressed. There's no way I'm grinding for laser or royal needlers in Rhys's generation (for Rhys, of course).

I wouldn't mind techniques being more useful in PSIII, but the other problem I have is with the multi-enemy techniques like zan. They take too long to cast on all the enemies (and vice versa; I HATE the enemies that have really slow multi-target attacks). Why oh why weren't those techniques made to hit multiple targets at once? Also, if the battles in PSIII are going to be made more interesting, strategic, or take longer, I'd want the random attack rate to drop. Some of those dungeons I can't get through more than a couple squares without getting in another battle, and I'm mostly interested in the quickest way possible to end the battles so I can just get through wherever I am. Prolonging battles would not make me happy.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, '10, 1:54 am 
2 laser needlers for Rhys is 1550 each and when AYN/NIAL inherit them, they become unstoppable. Now the force needlers are nice..

There isn't alot of grinding for the laser ones.

Needlers turn Rhys 1 sword attack into multiple hits :d

PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, '10, 2:01 am 
1550 x2 is way more grinding than I'm interested in, though. For Rhys's generation, that is. Especially considering it's a pretty good idea to get at least Wren and Mieu some better weapons and armor, too. Way, way too much grinding in the first generation. I just like to get the sword and Rhys's armor and be done with that generation; it's my least favorite.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, '10, 4:58 am 
Will Gwyn's tech levels be fixed in this if you decide to do it? :D

PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, '10, 7:06 pm 
I believe so. There are 7 presets for tech categories. For example:

5 is Lyle/Ryan
50 Princess Kara O.o (Which seems to be the highest power)

So I think fiddling around with those could make say Gwyn have the power of Lyle or Kara.

Gwyn is set to have a Tech Power of 0 like Rhys, Nial and Sari.

So I think I can change it.

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