Zzap! was an Italian language video gaming magazine dedicated to coverage of 8 bit gaming on personal computers. This magazine, published in Italy, borrows the name and logo of Zzap! 64, a United Kingdom magazine that provided similar coverage in English. Unlike some other magazines that share names or corporate connections like K and ACE, these two magazines did not share content.

The Italian version of Zzap! was created by Studio Vit, a group that started several gaming magazines in Italy under different publishers. After leaving their previous title, Videogiochi & Computer in April 1986, Studio Vit launched Zzap! the following month, May 1986. The group would repeat this action with several magazines; they left Zzap! after issue 22 and launch K a few months later. Zzap! passed into the control of a new publisher, Xenia Edizioni.

Dedicated mostly to coverage of 8 bit gaming on personal computers, Zzap! also included news, reviews, and other features for 8 bit consoles in early issues. Xenia Edizioni eventually chose to withdraw console coverage from this magazine, moving those features to a new title, Consolemania. When the decline of 8 bit personal computers reduced sales, Zzap! was canceled in 1992. The title has been revived several times as a twelve issue run as inserts in The Games Machine during 1993, an online magazine from 1996 to 1999, and an extra PDF issue in 2002.

Featuring Phantasy Star

Zzap! 53
A short Phantasy Star II preview on page 17 introduces the story of the game, taking heavy influence from the opening scenes regarding Rolf's dream. A black and white screen shot is included. The article closes by advising that interested gamers should follow coverage of the game via USA TODAY on Italia 7, a national television channel that was available in Italy.
Zzap! 58
Phantasy Star is reviewed on pages 68 and 69, with the game's title screen appearing in the table of contents on page 5. The game scores 85% for Presentation, 95% for Graphics, 75% for sound, 87% for Palatability, 97% for Longevity, and 92% overall.

Release History

Release Title Date Region
Zzap! 53 February 1991 Europe
Zzap! 58 July 1991 Europe