The World of Phantasy Star is a 130 page book about the development of the classic Phantasy Star games. Coverage of the games focuses largely on Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star II. Part of this book's purpose was to promote the release of Phantasy Star IV, so that game is also covered in some depth, but an effort was made to avoid spoiling the surprises of the game. As a result, the Phantasy Star IV coverage is not as detailed as that of the first two games.

While most other Phantasy Star books from the period contain primarily artwork, The World of Phantasy Star focuses much more heavily on text discussing the early games. Illustrations and screenshots are used, but sparingly. Much of that artwork is, to my knowledge, unique to this book. Feature articles include staff interviews, creator profiles, and the heritages connecting characters across the series.

The book was written during the development period of Phantasy Star IV and released in the same month. It does not mention the side story games, such as Phantasy Star Adventure or Phantasy Star Gaiden. A few pages are devoted to Phantasy Star III, but that game is not treated as favorably as its predecessors.

Below are samples of some artwork and pages from this book.

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Release History

Release Title Date Region
The World of Phantasy Star December 1993 Japan