Video (sometimes called Video magazine) was a long running periodical devoted to coverage of television, motion pictures, and related technology, such as cameras, VHS players, and TV sets. It was published by Reese Communications and began in 1976, with the last known issue appearing in 1998. While Video was not a video game magazine in the strictest sense, it did have a profound impact on the rise of the game magazine industry in North America.

When the home console gaming market was very young, this magazine ran a series of articles, written by Bill Kunkel and Arnie Katz, featuring and reviewing the games available for systems such as the Atari 2600. The success of these articles lead the publisher, at Kunkel's prompting, to create the first North American magazine devoted entirely to video gaming, Electronic Games. Sadly, that magazine was not able to survive the game market crash of the 1980s; Kunkel and Katz were fired when the title was refocused from console gaming to computer gaming. While working on the title, Kunkel developed the pseudonym and column of "The Game Doctor," which he later reprised in several other publications. Katz also went on to work on other gaming magazines.

After the failure of the spin off title, the console gaming market recovered with the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Master System. Video provided brief coverage of the revived gaming industry, but not in the same depth provided prior to the creation of Electronic Games.

Featuring Phantasy Star

Video Volume XII, Number 9
Phantasy Star is mentioned on page 69 in an article entitled "Visions of 1988: Where The Toys Are." The game is named in a paragraph about roleplaying games planned for future release on the Master System. Thanks to Tweeg for this information.

Release History

Release Title Date Region
Video Magazine Volume XII, Number 9 December 1988 North America