Sega Visions was the officially endorsed magazine for Sega in North America from 1990 to 1995. It published news and reviews of everything Sega, serving as the counterpart to the magazine published by the company's main rival of the time, Nintendo Power. Unfortunately, Sega Visions was never able to equal the other magazine in either quantity or quality of content.

Twenty-five issues were published, after which the magazine was abruptly canceled. It would later be replaced by other officially endorsed magazines focusing on the Saturn and Dreamcast systems. Some issues included bonus features, such as removable trading cards featuring Sega characters.

Featuring Phantasy Star

Sega Visions 1
One page Phantasy Star II article, Rudo and Amy trading cards.
Sega Visions 3
Trading card featuring Odin.
Sega Visions 4
Phantasy Star mentioned as a favorite game of Sega Game Counselor Mitch Bouyer and Phantasy Star II as a favorite of Counselor Jin Ho Choi (along with a tip about pressing B repeatedly in combat). Phantasy Star III is solicited as a coming attraction with a third generation screen shot.
Sega Visions 5
One page Phantasy Star III preview.
Sega Visions 9
An interview with Yuji Naka about mentions Naka's previous work on Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star II briefly on page 21. The bottom half of page 56 is a Phantasy Star III preview. Two screen shots are included. A screen shot of , a game previewed on the next page, is mistakenly inserted in the Phantasy Star III article.
Sega Visions 12
Phantasy Star III is listed in the ninth spot on a list of top ten Genesis titles from a reader survey on page 92.
Sega Visions 17
Page 15, in the letters section, includes pictures of envelopes decorated with fan artwork. One envelope features Nei and the Phantasy Star II logo.
Sega Visions 19
In response to several reader letters asking for new RPGs, an editor mentions that a new Phantasy Star game would be coming the following fall at the top of page 11. At the bottom of the same page, an envelope fan artwork piece features Rolf, Nei, and Rudo along with a Phantasy Star II logo. An announcement of games premiering on the Sega Channel during the first month of the service lists Phantasy Star II.
Sega Visions 20
Two page preview of Phantasy Star IV, with screen shots from the Japanese version. The early story, involving Zio, is discussed briefly. The screen shots show off the Land Rover, two combination attacks, and playable characters up to Demi. Several characters are given alternate names: Zio is "Jio," Chaz is "Josh," Rika is "Elena," and Demi is "Ali." The only other named character is Gryz, who is called by that name.
Sega Visions 23
Phantasy Star IV article.
Sega Visions 24
Page 31 is an advertisement for Phantasy Star IV.

Release History

Release Title Date Region
Sega Visions 1 June 1990 North America
Sega Visions 3 December 1990 North America
Sega Visions 4 April 1991 North America
Sega Visions 5 May 1991 North America
Sega Visions 9 August 1992 North America
Sega Visions 12 April 1993 North America
Sega Visions 17 February 1994 North America
Sega Visions 19 June 1994 North America
Sega Visions 20 August 1994 North America
Sega Visions 23 February 1995 North America
Sega Visions 24 May 1995 North America