The first book devoted to collecting art from Phantasy Star was Phantasy Star Collection. Although this book does share a name with some game collections, it has no direct relation to them. It is, however, a companion piece to the Phantasy Star Collection: Sound Collection two volume music set. The CDs share cover art and design elements with this book.

Much of the character art pieces in this book are accompanied by short biographies. These biographies tends to use a mixture if Japanese and poor English translations. As shown in one of the pictures below, Rolf's Japanese name, typically spelled "Eusis," is presented as "Yousis." Other odd names include Searren for Wren, Myew for Mieu, Alicer for Alis, and Myaw for Myau.

Some portions of Phantasy Star Collection can be viewed in the artwork galleries of Phantasy Star Collection (Saturn), including the naming oddities mentioned previously. Phantasy Star: Official Production Compendium also reprinted much of the artwork, though often in smaller samples than the full page illustrations depicted below.

Like all Phantasy Star books of the period, this one is quite difficult to locate and tends to sell for a high price when found. The pictures presented here are from an eBay auction held several years ago.

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Release History

Release Title Date Region
Phantasy Star Collection December 1, 1993 Japan