Mega Play: The All-Sega Magazine was a North American gaming magazine devoted to unofficial coverage of Sega systems, with the main focus being on the Genesis console and related games. The magazine ended in summer 1995, near the release of the Saturn console. As a spin-off of Electronic Gaming Monthly, the issues used a format very similar to the parent magazine. Mega Play featured different staff members, however, resulting in different content. The more dedicated focus on Sega games also allowed some games to receive more in-depth coverage than that available in Electronic Gaming Monthly.

Featuring Phantasy Star

Mega Play: The All-Sega Magazine 1
The Japan release of Phantasy Star III is previewed on pages 6 and 7 and featured on the cover. Many screen shots of Rhys' quest are included. Characters are named based on he Japanese version; Rhys is called Cane, Mieu is called Meu, Laya is referenced as Laia, and Maia is named as Marina.

Release History

Release Title Date Region
Mega Play 1 December 1990 North America