K was an Italian language video gaming magazine published in Italy. The magazine began in December 1988 and focused primarily on coverage of personal computer games, with only sparse coverage of gaming consoles like the Sega Master System. The first 39 issues of the magazine used translated content from the United Kingdom magazine ACE. Even though ACE ceased publication in 1992, K continued for another decade, eventually ending in 2003.

K was created by Studio Vit, a group that started several gaming magazines in Italy under different publishers. Studio Vit launched K after leaving Zzap!. Issue 68 was Studio Vit's departure from K, after which the studio created Zeta magazine. K was published by Glénat, a comics and manga publisher, until issue 64. With issue 65, publishing was taken over by another company, RCS Libri e Grandi Opere.

Featuring Phantasy Star

K 6
Page 56, in the Tricks 'N' Tactics section, dedicates about one fourth of the page to general tips for Phantasy Star. Included are instructions for recruiting Myau and Odin, a list of enemies that can be communicated with via the Talk command or Tele and Chat spells, and a list of key items. An English version of this content can be found in ACE #20.
K 21
Phantasy Star II receives a half page review on page 73. One screen shot featuring Rolf and Nei speaking with a Paseo citizen from the English game is included.
K Speciale Console 2
In this supplement to issue 28, page 53 advises players to visit Ustvestia for new music and contains instructions for the slow motion trick.

Release History

Release Title Date Region
K 6 May 1989 Europe
K 21 October 1990 Europe
K Speciale Console 2 May 1991 Europe