GamePro is a North American magazine that began publication in April 1989. It is one of the longest continually running magazines devoted to general video game coverage. As one of the most famous North American magazines, it has provided news, reviews, previews, tips, and all kinds of gaming information. Several other magazines have spun out from GamePro's creative umbrella, including S.W.A.T.Pro, Code Vault, and others.

Featuring Phantasy Star

GamePro 8
Phantasy Star II is heavily featured. Rolf, Alis, and Dark Force appear on the cover. Inside, a three page article, a three page advertisement, and the issue introduction all focus on the game. Phantasy Star is also mentioned in a fan letter.
GamePro 20
Page 86 includes three reader letters asking for assistance with Phantasy Star gameplay. These are answered with screen shots. The next page, 87, mentions that the next issue will include similar letters focused on Phantasy Star II.
GamePro 21
A three page Genesis advertisement includes one screen shot each for Phantasy Star II and Phantasy Star III on the third page, page 38 of the issue. The advertisement states that Phantasy Star II was awarded 1990 Best Video Game of the Year by Video Games & Computer Entertainment. On page 68, one of the promised Phantasy Star II reader letters, regarding the Dark Force battle, is printed - and answered by another reader letter, winning both readers a GamePro t-shirt.
GamePro 22
Continuing a theme from the previous issue, page 55 prints a reader question about finding Lassic. Other readers are invited to write in with an answer as part of a GamePro t-shirt contest. Page 64 has a short preview of Phantasy Star III. It includes one screen shot of Rhys and Maia's attempted wedding, which is the same as the one printed in issue 21's Genesis advertisement. However, the screen shot has been mirrored for this printing. In the ProChallenge board feature of page 75, one reader has finished Phantasy Star and four have finished Phantasy Star II, all of whom submitted proof of this accomplishment to the magazine.
GamePro 23
Phantasy Star III receives a one paragraph preview describing the kidnapping of Maia and generational gameplay on page 38.
GamePro 36
Phantasy Star IV: The Return of Alis is mentioned.
GamePro 64
Reader submitted fan art of Phantasy Star IV appears on page 19.
GamePro 65
Reader submitted fan art of Nei appears on page 19.
GamePro 67
Phantasy Star IV is featured with a full page advertisement on page 57 and a two page review.
GamePro 68
The full page Phantasy Star IV advertisement from the previous issue is repeated on page 61. An advertisement for game seller Chips & Bits, Inc. on page 157 displays a very different form of the Phantasy Star IV box artwork.
GamePro 83
Phantasy Star IV is awarded second place for Best Roleplaying Game in the 1995 Reader's Choice Awards.
GamePro 141
Phantasy Star Online is previewed in a small article on page 89.
GamePro 171
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II is previewed in a half page article on page 210. A full page advertisement for the game appears on page 61.

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Release History

Release Title Date Region
GamePro 8 March 1990 North America
GamePro 20 March 1991 North America
GamePro 21 April 1991 North America
GamePro 22 May 1991 North America
GamePro 23 June 1991 North America
GamePro 36 July 1992 North America
GamePro 64 November 1994 North America
GamePro 65 December 1994 North America
GamePro 67 February 1995 North America
GamePro 68 March 1995 North America
GamePro 83 June 1996 North America
GamePro 141 June 2000 North America
GamePro 171 December 2002 North America