Game Power was an Italian language console video gaming magazine published in created by Studio Vit. It was a companion piece to that group's computer gaming magazines, K and Zeta. Beginning December 1991, the magazine was published for at least 65 issues, with the last known issue in October 1997.

Featuring Phantasy Star

Game Power 2
A two page review of Phantasy Star III focuses on the battle system. It includes many screen shots of Rhys and Mieu's early adventures on pages 48 and 49. The game scores 80%. The review incorrectly claims the game uses a password system for continuing.
Game Power 21
An index of MegaDrive coverage featured in the magazine's first 20 issues mentions the Phantasy Star III review in issue 2.

Release History

Release Title Date Region
Game Power 2 January 1992 Europe
Game Power 21 October 1993 Europe