Consolemania was an long running Italian language console video gaming magazine. Beginning in October 1991, it was published monthly in Italy until October 2005, for a total of 155 issues spanning 14 years. The magazine was created and published by Xenia Edizioni, who acquired Zzap! and chose to spin off console coverage from that title.

Featuring Phantasy Star

Consolemania 2
A three page review of Phantasy Star III begins on page 42. It includes a retrospective look at Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star II, with screen shots from all three games. Phantasy Star III scores 89 in Graphics, 90 in Sound, 94 in Gameplay, and 91 overall.
Consolemania 4
Page 75 provides tips for Phantasy Star, such as locations of key items and how to find Dark Falz. The cutscene of Orakio and Laya from Phantasy Star III is used as a background illustration.
Consolemania 7
A single page walkthrough is included on page 85. This walkthrough covers the entire game, including all generations, using a hand drawn map with short labels for each location. The repetition of events in the third generation is used to keep the walkthrough short enough to fill only one page.
Consolemania 8
Beginning with a mention of Phantasy Star on the cover, this issue features a few Phantasy Star titles. Phantasy Star IV is announced on page 20 in an article that references Phantasy Star III a great deal, including a Dark Force screen shot from the latter game. The next page, 21, previews Phantasy Star Adventure with two screen shots. Finally, Phantasy Star is reviewed by Gabriele Pasquali on pages 44, 45, and 47. The game scores 90 in Graphics, 75 in Sound, 95 in Gameplay, and 92 overall.
Consolemania 13
A Game Gear article on page 25 includes two screen shots of Phantasy Star. That game is also featured in answers to reader letters requesting help on page 97. The writer describes how to obtain the Roadpass.
Consolemania 100
Phantasy Star Online is previewed with three screen shots on page 31. The short preview covers one-fourth of the page.

Release History

Release Title Date Region
Consolemania 2 November 1991 Europe
Consolemania 4 January 1992 Europe
Consolemania 7 April 1992 Europe
Consolemania 8 May 1992 Europe
Consolemania 13 November 1992 Europe
Consolemania 100 October 2000 Europe