16 Bit Video Gaming is a spin-off of GamePro, focusing on games for 16 bit gaming consoles. It was published as a series of unnumbered special releases. The exact number of issues published is not currently known, but there were at least four. One of them was titled 16-Bit CD-ROM Gaming. The format of the issues was very similar to GamePro, using the same themes for reviews and tips.

Featuring Phantasy Star

16 Bit Video Gaming February 1992
Phantasy Star III is reviewed on pages 38 and 39. The review provides tips for Rhys' portion of the game. On 1 to 5 scale, Phantasy Star III scores 4 in each of the categories of Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Fun Factor, and Challenge.

Release History

Release Title Date Region
16 Bit Video Gaming February 1992 North America