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6' 0.4" / 184 cm
Also Known As
The Black Magician
Phantasy Star IV


Zio was an evil magician who devoted himself to the service and worship of Dark Force. He considered Dark Force to be his god and believed he would receive immortality in return for his service.

Posing as a priest, Zio began spreading Dark Force's influence on Motavia in the form of a religion. Anyone that was not willing to convert to Zio's religion was considered an enemy. Some were converted through mind control, while others were eliminated. At least five towns, including Molcum, were destroyed by Zio and his army of followers. Followers of the religion worshipped at a church decorated with Dark Force statues in Kadary.

When Zio began attacking Motavia, he captured Demi and created a fortress on top of Nurvus. She remained his prisoner until rescued by Alys Brangwin and her companions. Zio confronted the group during this rescue. During the battle that followed, Zio fires a Black Energy Wave attack at Chaz Ashley, but Alys jumped in front of her partner and took the full brunt of the attack. She later died from the resulting poisoning.

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