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Princess / Queen
Also Known As
Lann La Mirah
Phantasy Star III
Ayn (Second Cousin, Husband)
Lyle (Father)
Maia (First Cousin Once Removed, Mother-in-Law)
Rhys (Father-in-Law)
Sean (Son, Second Cousin Once Removed)

Biography: Rhys marries Maia

In the sequence of events in which Rhys marries Maia, Thea is the daughter of Lyle and an unknown mother. She was raised in Shusoran, where her father ruled as king. Even though her cousins lived in the neighboring land of Cille, Thea had little contact with them until the two cities were attacked by armies of cyborgs. During one such attack, which forced the castles of both countries to be abandoned, Thea was captured by enemy forces.

The princess remained a prisoner in the castle of Lensol until Ayn rescued her. From that point onward, she traveled with her cousin in his quest for Satellite. During this trip, she was reunited with her father twice: shortly after her rescue and again later just before his death. Thea participated in the battle with Siren and the claiming of Satellite as a home for the survivors of Cille and Shusoran.

After those events, Ayn (and the player) was given the choose either Thea or Sari for a bride. If Ayn chose to marry his second cousin Thea, the couple become king and queen of Satellite. They enjoy a time of peace and prosperity until Satellite is destroyed. The couple choose to remain and die with the ship, rather than evacuate. They have one child, Sean, who is evacuated and the sole survivor of Satellite.

Although this aspect is not explored in the game, Chief Character Designer Toyo Ozaki depicted Thea as becoming very ill after Sean's birth. She remained in a weakened condition for the rest of her life, limiting her ability to care for her son.

Biography: Rhys marries Lena

When Rhys and Lena return to Landen, Lyle's wife and children, if he had any, are not revealed. However, it is known that some events proceed similar to those in the other timeline. Shusoran and Cille are attacked by cyborg armies and abandoned. A woman is captured, held in the same location as Thea, and later rescued. The identity of the woman and her rescuer are never revealed.

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